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Today is

Double Shot - January 20

Last time, riding still proved to be a challenge, and the slicks swore they would do something about it. But the question remains... Will it work?

Day 8, 6:45a. Just a reminder that tomorrow, one person will be eliminated. Rocco wants to see everyone try. "Don't make the decision easy for us." Anthony asks everyone who thinks they have the possibility of being eliminated... Everyone raises their hands.

Day 8, 9:30a. Calf dressing. It's simple. Rope a calf, then drag him into the circle and put panties on him. "I borrowed these from Rocco, so don't rip'em." The slicks have three minutes.

Ryan and Kalia are first. "Come on, you little (^_^)!" Ryan gets the calf roped, while Kalia gets one leg into the panties before... Kick! No time, but good effort. Ryan didn't get ANY help.

Dan and Gina are next. Gina tries to lure the calf with hay... Doesn't work. It's like offering someone a hamburger while they get beat up. The calf's down.... dressed....and across the line in 1:56! Excellent.

Joe and Trish are up next. Joe let's go of the rope, but reclaims him. Joe gets him down... or the other way round. They're across the finish line in :52. "I see a fire in Joe. He's trying harder than anyone here."

Anthony's got the rope, while Kimberlie tries (and fails) to get the kit on. Anthony gets the cow in again, and Kim gets the kit on, while Anthony leads the calf across the line in... 2:46. Joe & Trish win! Kimberlie whines about it. Judd: "In Cowboy U, you're either whining or winning." Everyone says that Kimberlie's a big chicken for what she did. Kalia says she can be motivational, but at other times, not so much. Ryan's being honest: "If a girl goes tomorrow, it'll be you."

So much for the motivational speaker.

Day 9, 8:30a. Buffalo Doctoring. That's a lot of game meat right there. These guys have a lot of power behind them. Kimberlie's first to stick a needle into these giant creature. Trish, meanwhile, gets to look for parasites. Dan, meanwhile, forgets the fundamental difference between male and female.

Day 2, High noon. Today, we're going to illustrate the proper use, safety, and discharge... of firearms. "And I'm going to teach this, because I'm the fastest pistol arrow at Cowboy U." So says Rocco... "Hey Rocco! You yellow-bellied city slicker, I'M the fastest gun at Cowboy U." So says Judd...

So begins a gunfight at the GSNN Corral... The victim... 12 sad balloons. Winner: Judd. Today, they're using black powder fired from a Colt 45. We don't want anyone to go shooting off these babies, so we won't illustrate. Meanwhile, everyone feels an adrenaline rush.

Now we're going to go on to cowboy mounted shooting, and Outlaw Annie's back!

And once again, it's a sordid tale of bad performance. Trish herself looked like they were sleepwalking. But at least she shot a balloon. Ryan... is slower than Trish. And he called Outlaw Annie "dude"... What the hell...

Ryan, who seems to be totally fine with a ranch that hates him and a horse that wouldn't run if his life depended on it, comes up with another excuse for his work... blaming his horse. Annie tries riding his horse... and seems not to have a problem with it. Anthony also has no problem with it.

Night 7, 9p. Rewards/Elimination. First up... Reward goes to Joe, who's been kicking butt in the past two days. He gets a phone call home to his family.

But for every good, there's a bad. Who wants to be here the most?

"Ryan, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You don't seem to have a temperament for being a cowboy. A man's greatest strength is knowing his limitations, and I respect you for that."

And it's not over yet. For the first time in Cowboy U history, another person is to be cut. "Kimberlie, we're going to have to ask you to leave also. You set a limit on how far you're going to go."

So sooner than expected, we're down to six. No one saw the double elimination coming, and this competition is getting pretty ugly. And the eliminations continue until we have four...



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