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Do you dare to go pipe-cleaner to pipe-cleaner with your fellow arts & crafts brethren for the chance to topple the Craft Lady of Steel? Welcome to Style Network's twisted version of the classic rage in the cage.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Jason Jones
Craft Lady of Steel: Jocelyn Worrall
Assistant ("Amber"): Katie Tucker
Creators: Dan Taberski, Jo Honig
EP: Dan Taberski, Jo Honig, Jenny Daly
Packager: Idiot Box Productions for Style Network
Airs: Wednesdays at 10pm ET on Style Network

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Mosaic Challenge/Gift Wrap Challenge - March 30

It's time to kick the craft out of somebody in our next Craft Corner Deathmatch.

Up to the crafting tables are cosmetics designer/mosaic sewer Gillion Shirley and yoga teacher/quilter Karen Sevanoff.

Tonight's judges:
Judy Gold (host, "At the Multiplex with Judy Gold")
Khaliah Ali (designer; owner of; daughter of the Greatest)
Jean Railla (author, "Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec" and

Tonight's grand prize: a fully-loaded Viking sewing machine. A reminder of the rules: the crafters will be competing against each other and the clock for two ten-minute rounds. Their creations will be judged by each judge on a scale of 1 to 10, based on beauty, creativity, and utility. The player with the most points at the end of round 1 takes on the Craft Lady of Steel in the Bonus Round.

Are you scared yet? I sure as hell am... Let's get it on!

Round 1: The Mosaic Challenge. Create a mosaic out of fine china dinnerware to embellish the picture frames. Protective goggles on at all times, ladies... Ten minutes... Ready! Set! Hulk smash!

Gillion goes small, while Karen goes big. It's neck and neck at the start of smashy-smashy time.

Karen specializes in costumes and performancewear. "My crafts are the funkiest, coolest crafts I've ever seen."

Gillion has done this before, you can tell. She has been crafting as long as she can remember and comes from a long line of crafters. Wonder if they ever did something like this before.

From competition we go to the semi-educational moment of the battle. All you need are dishes, a wooden frame, and a tile adhesive. Of course it would help if you had a smashing instrument and a pair of safety goggles and gloves. We're all about the safety at the Net... Just smash your plates in a towel and get all creative and stuff.

Karen is going for an Asian motif, while Gillion is going for a French motif. Karen has the upper hand as time runs out.

Karen had a great time making the frames. Judy likes the way Karen planned everything in advance. Khaliah punnily calls it a knockout. Because her dad's Muhammad Ali and... yeah. Mean Jean also thought it was great.

Gillion wanted to make it a little more abstract. Judy didn't think it was as neat. Khaliah likes the yin-yang. Jean thought it was creative, but all three judges thought it was messy.

Karen 9.3 9.2 9.1 27.6
Gillion 7.2 8.9 7.6 23.7

Karen wins round 1. Can she seal the deal in round 2?

Round 2: The Gift Wrap Challenge. Use kitchen utility drawer items and newspaper to wrap oddly-shaped items. And Jason even throws in a paper shredder. Karen chooses a soccer ball (or a football for our non-American friends) for Gillion, while Gillion gives Karen a cowboy hat. Ten minutes... ready, set... Amber, switch the gifts, please... Jason: "I'm a sonuvabitch, ain't I?" WRAP!

Gillion plans to make a pyramid, while Karen plans to make a star.

You too can wrap items using only things from the kitchen such as plastic wrap, aluminum foil, twist ties, and duct tape. Time makes a perfect bow, and tin foil, when properly shredded, can protect just about anything.

Karen is the first to the shredder, while Gillion crafts a volcano... Okay, time's up!

Entertaining moment: Richard Drew's invention of Scotch tape as a lab assistant for 3M.

Karen thought she was "almost glamorous". I think it looks like almost puke. Judy thought she was incredible. Khaliah and Jean thought it was outstanding and "kinda (^_^)ed up".

Gillion liked Egyptian art. Judy thought it was an animal. Khaliah thought it was a dinosaur. Jean thought it was a pyramid with a blue thing.

Karen 9.6 9.7 9.3 28.6 56.2
Gillion 8.5 9 8.6 26.1 49.8

Close, but no, it's Karen with the W today, sending Jean to the island of lovely parting gifts. Karen, meanwhile, wins an Urban Decay cosmetics prize package. And you're going to need those cosmetics to dress your face up real nice when you get killed by the Craft Lady of Steel...

Or not. The professional textile designer and recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts fellowship has 10 years of professional craft stylistics under her belt and is known the world over. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design AND she was once an employee of Martha Stewart. Karen... prepare thyself...

The final challenge: you're going to make clothes for a doll that we can't name here for fear of being sued. Let's just say her name rhymes with Schmarbie. Themes are based on a draw from Jason's pocket. Karen will design 60s Schmarbie, while the CLOS will design crime-fighting Schmarbie. It's the Doll Clothes Challenge for all the marbles. The judges are in isolation and.... Ten minutes on the clock... BEGIN!

Karen is "quite terrified and hoping that she doesn't cry." She makes a halter out of "silver stuff" and a mini skirt out of "pink stuff". Hint: use pinking shears so unhemmed edges won't fray. CLOS is using camo. Very American.  But having trouble with the scissors. They're too big. Hint #2: choose fabric patterns that represent your desired persona. Time's running short... and that's it. Shears down. Karen's done...

We have 60's (a) versus crime-fighting (b). Judges love A.. They're worried about what happens when B is kicked.  They give it to.... A! The challenger wins it! Do you believe in miracles! Karen is the big winner today as the CLOS goes down in glorious defeat. Until the next deathmatch, remember the CCDM credo: "It's cheaper and easier just to buy stuff."

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