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Do you dare to go pipe-cleaner to pipe-cleaner with your fellow arts & crafts brethren for the chance to topple the Craft Lady of Steel? Welcome to Style Network's twisted version of the classic rage in the cage.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Jason Jones
Craft Lady of Steel: Jocelyn Worrall
Assistant ("Amber"): Katie Tucker
Creators: Dan Taberski, Jo Honig
EP: Dan Taberski, Jo Honig, Jenny Daly
Packager: Idiot Box Productions for Style Network
Airs: Wednesdays at 10pm ET on Style Network

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Snack Cake Challenge/Leaf Notecard Challenge - March 23

Decoupage 'til you PUKE, it's time for the third Deathmatch.

Tonight, it's girls against guys as knitter Liana takes on sewer Sam.

Tonight's judges:
Lily Chin (author, "The Urban Knitter"; also the world's fastest knitter)
Khaliah Ali (designer; owner of; daughter of the Greatest)
Karen Bussen (author, "Simple Stunning Weddings")

Tonight's grand prize: a Scrapbook Cruise for two from Days Off Travel. A reminder of the rules: the crafters will be competing against each other and the clock for two ten-minute rounds. Their creations will be judged by each judge on a scale of 1 to 10, based on beauty, creativity, and utility. The player with the most points at the end of round 1 takes on the Craft Lady of Steel in the Bonus Round.

Nothing more to say except RELEASE THE BEASTS!

Round 1: The Snack Cake Challenge. Build a multi-tiered wedding cake using only Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, Twinkies, and maybe a Hostess fruit pie. Nummy! Ten minutes... Go crazy!

Liana is more of the Snoball fan, while Sam like his chocolate. Liana, going for chocolate filling, is a student at FIT studying accessories design. She's never crafted competitively, but she's very competitive. Or so she says. Sam starts with a Cup Cake foundation. He's an actor/graphic artist/interior designer. He is only going to please himself.

Stop the clock, Jason has a bonus. Tallest cake gets a mini-bride-and-groom. Could go a long way in the beauty department.

And believe it or not, a snack cake... cake... is indeed possible. Just create layers and pillars using the icing as glue. Hell, you could even fashion a piping bag from a ziploc baggie if you're cheap enough...

Liana's cake looks like a pink nightmare, while Sam's cake is an architectural masterpiece. He's done this before, hasn't he? While they're crafting, Jason has a piping bag malfunction while trying to squirt cream filling into the crowd. Liana's going for height as we run out of time.

Liana won the height competition, but will not get the figurine on top of the cake. And if you saw the lone snoball on top, and if you know what a snoball looks like and how structurally sound one is... you'd know why. She wanted a non-traditional cake. Lily like the color but not the structure. Khaliah is FAR less forgiving. Karen... even LESS forgiving. One of the rules of the cake: You have to want to eat it.

Sam wanted to mix his two favorite colors, brown and white. He was going for elegance. Lily thinks so. As does Khaliah and Karen.

Liana 8.35 6 5.2 19.55
Sam 8.65 9.5 8.1 26.25

Yeah, fancy use of the decimals, there, Lily. Stop it. Sam wins round 1. Can he seal the deal in round 2?

Round 2: The Leaf Notecard Challenge. Craft greeting cards from autumn leaves. The theme... Halloween for Liana. Christmas for Sam. Each crafter is given card stock and decorating tools, but they must also use the leaves in some fashion. Ten minutes... craft hard!

And leave it to Jason to cause mayhem as he breaks out the leaf blower!

Nothing really complex here. Trim card stock. Trim leaves. Decorate and glue as desired. Today's my mom's birthday, so I made her a nice little card here.

Sam goes for angels, while Liana is still being pressured to "use some damn leaves!", even with 11 seconds to go! That's time! Before we judge, we get some other uses for the leaf: underwear, teas, herbs, herb, tobacco, aiding plant life and making life on earth possible.

Liana was going for a leaf ghost. Lily wanted some more leaves instead of just a leaf ghost. Same with Khaliah. Same with Karen.

Sam wanted to go for an angelic whimsy with his collection of clear leaves. the judges are feeling angelic!

Liana 8.6 5 4.5 18.1 37.65
Sam 9.2 9.8 9 28 54.25

Blowout! Sam's the man today, as he sends Liana back to FIT. By the way, in the way of prizes, Sam takes home a Roarocket skateboard design kit for his nearly perfect designs. But is he perfect enough for the Craft Lady of Steel? A cruise is hanging in the balance.

And the balance is about to be tipped, because here she comes! The professional textile designer and recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts fellowship has 10 years of professional craft stylistics under her belt and is known the world over. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design AND she was once an employee of Martha Stewart. It's David and Goliath for people who like felt.

The final challenge: you're going to make... winter accessories. Embellish scarves, hats and boots to form the ultimate ensemble. The catch: the embellishments are stuffed animals.. or the byproducts thereof. It's the Stuffed Animal Accessory Challenge for all the marbles. The judges are in isolation and.... Ten minutes on the clock... BEGIN!

Sam is going for his stufties while the CLOS takes her clothes first. "I think she met her match." We'll see. Some hints: plan your design before gluing anything. In the end, Sam starts with a hat while the CLOS decorates a scarf. Hint #2: to avoid glue burns, keep a bowl of icewater nearby. The CLOS is killing teddy bears for fashion, while Sam is feeling ears. Time's up, and we go to judge...

We have "roadkill" (a) versus adorable teddy bear heads (b). All three judges give it to... B... the Craft Lady of Steel. Sam played hard, but the Craft Lady of Steel chalks up another victim. Until the next deathmatch, remember the CCDM credo: "It's cheaper and easier just to buy stuff."

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