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Do you dare to go pipe-cleaner to pipe-cleaner with your fellow arts & crafts brethren for the chance to topple the Craft Lady of Steel? Welcome to Style Network's twisted version of the classic rage in the cage.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN


Jason Jones
Craft Lady of Steel: Jocelyn Worrall
Assistant ("Amber"): Katie Tucker
Creators: Dan Taberski, Jo Honig
EP: Dan Taberski, Jo Honig, Jenny Daly
Packager: Idiot Box Productions for Style Network
Airs: Wednesdays at 10pm ET on Style Network

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Utensil Wind Chime Challenge/No-Sew Jean Makeover Challenge - March 16

"Craft! Craft! Craft! Craft!" Let's give'm what they want, Jason!

Tonight, It's Kyrst - specialty: costume design - vs. Sandy - specialty: knitting.

Tonight's judges:
Stephanie Kheder (owner,
"Mean Jean" Railla (editor of, author of "Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec")
Frank DeCaro (star of Sirius Radio)

Tonight's grand prize: a Dick Blick portable painting studio. A reminder of the rules: the crafters will be competing against each other and the clock for two ten-minute rounds. Their creations will be judged by each judge on a scale of 1 to 10, based on beauty, creativity, and utility. The player with the most points at the end of round 1 takes on the Craft Lady of Steel in the Bonus Round.

Home ec was never this lethal, let's make like the Black Eyed Peas and get it started.

Round 1! The Utensil Wind Chime Challenge. Craft chime based on everyday kitchen utensils. Remember, it must be solid, sturdy, and make that annoying tinkling noise. You have ten minutes, and these babies aren't going to craft themselves... GO!

Kyrst is the first one out of the roughage with her utensils - a few spoons,a  couple of forks, and a key. Let's take a moment and meet our manic crafter. Kyrst's strength is in designing costumes with a glue gun. "I have a very quick brain, I'm very creative, and I'm absolutely insane." Oh yeah, and she also has metal nipples.

Does Sandy have metal nipples? Judges... Yes, she has the metal nipples. Sandy has never crafted competitively before. But she is very resourceful. Let's see how resourceful she is on national television.

So while they're going at it, we're going at it to the "Create your own wind chime segment." You can use tines to curl up your forks into a baroque design. Then suspend your forks and other objects on a vegetable steamer using ball chains. But make sure that you don't plan on eating with these forks. And if you're a child reading this, adult permission and supervision is not only necessary, but expected.

Remember, sound quality will also be judged... Kyrst is trying to test hers for balance while Sandy's still threading! and that's time!

Kyrst tried to use different types of spoons, with one fork added "for whimsy". Stephanie likes spoons. Jean isn't wild about the sound. Frank is reminded of "Carrie".

Sandy wanted to create a multi-tier effect, and we have sound. Stephanie calls it a smart move. Jean likes to keep it simple. Frank likes symmetry.

Kyrst 6.4 7.6 7.2 21.2
Sandy 7 8.8 6.7 22.5

Sandy wins round 1. But it's a close game indeed. Next up, round 2: The No-Sew Jean Makeover Challenge. Both crafters are given free reign over the scrap table and an iron. But that's it. No needles around here, because they're sharp, and the last thing we want on a game show is a needlestick. What they are given is fusible interface, a special material that makes anything an iron-on. Got it? Get it on!

Sandy has patches, ribbon and fabric. So does Kyrst. Sandy is going to "keep it simple" with one color scheme.

And believe it or not, if you had scraps, a worn pair of jeans, an iron, and some fusible interfacing, you too can have some stylist jeans. Just cut the pattern and the interface into matching patters, iron on, and voila.  I have the GSNN logo running down the side of the leg here... Think it'll fetch about $4 on eBay.

Midway through the battle, Jason is throwing a monkey wrench. "You must use... MY PANTS!" "Take his pants! Take his pants! Take his pants!" As if Sandy didn't have enough problems with the interface. Now she has to use Jason's pants.

Okay... time's up! Time for Amber to do a little modeling. Kyrst had some iron difficulties, so she went with country. Stephanie would've expected something more from a costume designer. Jean likes the snaps, but hates the peeling. Frank likes the snaps, but felt generous.

Sandy decided to go with scarfing. Stephanie likes the detail and the shift. Jean likes the incorporation. But ribbons? Frank likes it.

Kyrst 5 6.3 7 18.3 39.5
Sandy 8 7.3 7.6 22.9 45.4

No contest here, as Sandy takes the game! So while Jason gets a new pair of pants, Sandy wins a Rowenta professional steam iron with an Omnigrid sewing package. As well... as a rendezvous with the Craft Lady of Steel for that portable painting studio.

Release the beast! The professional textile designer and recipient of the National Endowment for the Arts fellowship has 10 years of professional craft stylistics under her belt and is known the world over. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design AND she was once an employee of Martha Stewart. Are you scared yet?

The final challenge: you're going to make... a watch... out of one face and a band made from only hot glue. It's the Hot Glue Watch Challenge for all the marbles. The judges are in isolation and.... Eight minutes on the clock... only eight? BEGIN!

Sandy goes with gold, purple, and blue, while CLOS takes red, silver...a nd more silver. If you plan on doing this, remember: use multiple guns to avoid mixing colors. CLOS is back to the cart for more embellishment. She's going for a loop motif. Seventeen seconds to go, and Sandy is going for a clasp! Another tip: make sure your glue is dry before you attempt to lift.

Time's up! To the double blind test. We have loops (a) versus Mardi Gras (b). Stephanie and Frank think that A is more sophisticated looking... But in the end, it's a group decision... for the Craft Lady of Steel. But for every victory, there's another challenger waiting in the wings, so don't relent just yet. Until the next deathmatch, remember the CCDM credo: "It's cheaper and easier just to buy stuff."

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