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Maverick engineers have only 48 hours to save a prize from complete and utter destruction.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Zach Selwyn
Engineer of Destruction Mike Senese
Creator Brian Knappmiller
EP Glenda Hersh
Steven Weinstock
Brian Knappmiller
Marcia Mule
Packager True Entertainment for Discovery Networks
Origins Southern California
Airs 10p Fri, Science
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Game Over
September 4

Imagine your favorite fiery driving game on the Xbox 360... Sorry, imagine a fire and a car on an Xbox 360. Well in two days, that's what about to happen unless three builders can save the day.

The three builders...

- BRIAN WARRINGTON, a mechanic and video game designer who restores cars and motorcycles.
- SUNNY TRINH is an engineer and entrepreneur for an electronics company who makes surfboards.
- JIM MYERS is a metal fabricator who remodels homes and builds artistic unicycles.

The MOD this week, something that hits hard and fast. Imagine a 2000-pound sledge hammer hitting at 15 miles an hour... an 8-pound sledge hits at 1200 psi. A 16-pound sledge... 2400. And the launch speed... not 15, but 40. Do the math, and it adds up to 106,000 foot-pounds.

If that wasn't enough, Mike has surrounded the prize with flaming cauldrons in a pool of accelerant. We're basically playing "Gears of War" for real.

The prize once again, an Xbox 360 Elite system with accessories and games including "Scene It" and "Lips" valued at over $1000. Remember, you can't touch the prize or the MOD if you want to win it.


After the hour of planning, here's what the contestants come up with... a four layered approach. First, the living room set up will have a cage made of 4x4s and covered in plywood. They'll build supports for the cauldrons so they will not ignite the room as well. Then there's a metal guardrail on the front of the game cube (heh), followed by trash cans filled with water to absorb the initial impact.


Jim's not thinking that wood will stop a car, but the guardrail just might. And for the record, no Mike doesn't think that it's structurally sound. As for the rails? The car's not going to hit the area in front of the room... the car's going to hit the room. Lots of oversights. Mike's more concerned with this plan than with any other in the short history of this show.


The team decides to build the guardrail needs to be taller. How much taller remains to be seen, but the team decides to eyeball it.

Meanwhile, Mike has decided, as he usually does, to stop the problem at the source, building a blockade as close to the ramp as he can, ten feet by eight feet. It's hard to anchor into asphalt, so he decides to spike in rebar. Mike will also build a barrier to block the fireballs. That's an easy score.

Daylight fades fast, and the team is putting their focus more on the rail that will, maybe, stop the car. Sunny finds materials for the box but decides to call it a night (it's a school night, after all).


Looking at distances, it's very likely that the car will go over the blockade on the team's design. What they think about doing is increasing the height and the distance of the guardrail from the box. They finally decide... hey, let's use the tape measure. The guardrail goes outside for a test fit... and then Jim & Bryan jump back into the metal work, namely the anchorage for the guardrail.

Meanwhile, Mike's solution has steel spikes attacking the car where there is no downward momentum.


The team starts working on the wooden Xbox box. But will it be enough to protect the setup? After all, there's nothing about bracing or anchoring the box.

TEST #1: Structural Rigidity. What happens with a car that launches right over the metal blockade and the water barrels? It hits the house like a ton of bricks... literally. The box is smashed to pieces. The impact force is 36.4 tons. Taking it down a notch... and half the weight at half the height... produces the same result.

The end result: more support on the cross members, AND the metal cage is going to have to extend to the back of the cage. The team makes immediate modifications to the plan to that effect. Still, the ends of the post need to be cut at a precise angle to fit. What that is proves to be a big challenge.

No math problems on Mike's team. The frame of the tower is already built. As for the firewalls, well, Mike's already working on that.

Night falls, and the team's build is looking a little skeletal.


The crossbars don't fit. The team abandons math and science and goes with the rustic approach... scrap lumber reinforcement. Jim feels a sense of urgency, but Sunny is going to trade in some turbo time for some family time.

Back to the rail, as Jim and Brian take it on as a two-man team. They call it a night with no boards in place, thinking that that's something that Sunny can do.


And we're far from finished. The team gets back into overdrive as they work feverishly to finish the build... On the other hand, Mike's build is working so nicely, that he's actually decorating it. He finds a way to anchor something into the asphalt. While Sunny's stock is plummeting as a carpenter, he decides to fireproof a cauldron. That... doesn't work, so he moves onto duct taping the frames. Meanwhile, Jim has an idea... fire melts a plastic bag filled with water, which extinguishes the system.


It's starting to get crazy.


It's REALLY starting to get crazy.


The guardrail is going into place... and the piece de resistance... a single 2-inch schedule-40 pipe.

And with less than four minutes, the team realizes that they forgot the water barrels.

Everything is in place with two minutes to go and it's time for all humans to move out... and time for a car to move in. The cauldrons have been lit. The accelerant is doused. And the car is ready to launch. If the build doesn't hold... a giant bonfire.

We countdown.. three... two... one...

Car is launched... and miraculously, it drives RIGHT OVER THE BOX! But there still could be a firepit inside. Let's take a look... and... a little dish, but that's a CATCH!

And speaking of catches, let's see if Mike's will do the same thing. And it does. Two ways to solve a problem.

Next week, more destruction... more prizes... more headaches. Remember, if you catch it... you keep it.

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