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Maverick engineers have only 48 hours to save a prize from complete and utter destruction.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Zach Selwyn
Engineer of Destruction Mike Senese
Creator Brian Knappmiller
EP Glenda Hersh
Steven Weinstock
Brian Knappmiller
Marcia Mule
Packager True Entertainment for Discovery Networks
Origins Southern California
Airs 10p Fri, Science
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Steel Blockbuster
August 28

An Open Air Cinema... Twelve tons of steel... And three renegade engineers trying to keep this multiplex from becoming a miniplex, because if they catch it... they keep it.

Today's players are...

- MATTHEW ORTH: Inventor, entrepreneur, and jack-of-all-trades raised in a Harley repair shop
- LUIS VASQUEZ: structural engineer who specializes in wood-frame structures. He one day hopes to build a 100% green residence that leaves zero carbon footprint.
- SCOTT WEBSTER: Custom motorcycle fabricator and entrepreneur originally from Ohio. He works out of Leroy Thompson Fabricators.

The prize: an Open Air Cinema with screen, high-definition projector, and speakers, well over $2000 in prizes.

The MOD: a triple feature of destruction... a barrage of steel... 400 pound battering rams... and 12 tons of steel rods... and a paint gun. If any component gets smashed, crushed, or splattered, they go home with nothing. As always, you'll be DQed if you touch, manipulate, or otherwise fool with the MOD. And you'll have 48 hours to protect your matinee.

And the time... starts.... NOW, good luck!

The team comes up with a system of deflecting rollcages. They'll also construct a spring-system that will stop the battering rams. And the paint guns will be blocked by a plywood screen. They'll add boxes to catch the paint at its source. But can car springs stop 8000 pounds of force?

The guys will start with the paint catching shield. Then they try to stop the battering ram with more force, like stopping a train almost. It's the same idea, but it's a more compact design. In fact, at the end of day 1, the team has done a LOT of designing, but not a lot of building.

Day 2 begins, and it's all about business. But with little more than 25 hours remaining, Matthew and Luis are back to the drawing board. They scrap their pyramid in favor of a ramp. Matthew gets on it, but Luis can't build anything steel to save his life. No better time to learn.

Mike has decided as his solution to stop the battering ram at the source with a lasso, use a ramp of his own to stop the steel, and use tarp to stave off the paint.

TEST #1: Impact Force. One pipe is worth 400 lbs of weight falling, hitting with an impact force yet to be determined. When the dust settles... 19,000 lbs of downward force. That's four SUVs. A popcorn cart... doesn't stand a chance. Quarter-inch box steel? That works. It has a yield-strength of 14,000 pounds.

Now they're onto the frames that will stop the battering rams. Meanwhile, Scott has to stop the other two from talking and start building. There's a game plan, but Scott's starting to get a little annoyed.

TEST #2: Paint Cannon Force. Replica of the paint shield is rigged to a 120-psi paint cannon. Lots of backspray. Thirty-two square feet of plywood... not enough. Four gallons of paint? Goes right through it. Zach says that time is of the essence. Time to stop redesigning... and start building something.

Scott's idea... trash can to contain the paint. Anything to keep them from talking and start building.

Day 2 is just about finished, and the paint shield is half-way finished, the ram stoppers are yet to be mounted, and the steel ramps are still steel pieces. It's time for Scott to nip it in the bud. He calls Matthew & Luis for a time out with only 17 hours left.

Meanwhile, Mike's ramp is almost done.

Now that Scott has separated the two chatterboxes, work is actually getting done. The first of two ramps is finally completed. The shield... also completed.


Luis pads his deflector with foam, while Matthew helps Scott with the second ramp. Exhausted, Scott calls it a night, while Matthew & Luis decide to work some more on the paint catchers.

Day 3 dawns.


They are running out of time. The build is inside, while the MOD is outside. On this, they decide not to bolt down the ramps that will protect their speakers and player. Will this cost them?


Ramps are getting last minute supports while the paint shields are being put in place.


The ramps are being put in place. Everything is done, but rather haphazardly.


The battering ram stoppers are put in place, but will they be anchored to the ground?


It's a fight... And with minutes left, they are forced to stop on their stoppers. Let's see what happens.

Remember, no rips, no damage, no splatters... that's a win... in three... two... one...

The screen is protected by the battering rams... but NOT by the steel rods. But Zach might've found the problem. If it is indeed with the fan that inflates the screen, it's still a win, BUT if the screen goes up and it is damaged, it's a loss.

Unfortunately, it was a major rip in the screen... It's a LOSS.

BUT if Mike's solution doesn't work... it's still a win. Mike's solution... works picture perfect. So it's still a loss.

Well, you can't win them all, unfortunately, but there's always next week. Remember, if you catch it... you keep it.

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