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Maverick engineers have only 48 hours to save a prize from complete and utter destruction.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Zach Selwyn
Engineer of Destruction Mike Senese
Creator Brian Knappmiller
EP Glenda Hersh
Steven Weinstock
Brian Knappmiller
Marcia Mule
Packager True Entertainment for Discovery Networks
Origins Southern California
Airs 10p Fri, Science
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Steak Sled
August 21

All cows may want to avert their eyes for this one, as today, our maverick engineers will have 48 hours to save a year's supply of steak before it gets tenderized... the HARD way.

The prize today, a year's supply of steak from the Chicago Steak Company worth over $2000. They're going to have to save it from over 300 gallons of boiling water... AND a steamroller that exerts over 7.5 tons of downward force, enough to flatten anything in its path. Yes. ANYTHING. The three who'll be trying to engineer for their supper...

- CRAIG MUMMA, a welder and hot rod fabricator who can take a car that has been left for dead and resurrect it into a 400-horse beast.
- CHARLES ARNONE, a movie studio mechanic and off-road enthusiast
- JESSE ESCOBEDO, a trained mechanical engineer who pays the bills by being a high school math teacher.

Remember, they cannot touch the meat, the drums, the "road" or the steamroller. You have one hour to design something and 47 to build it.

Time... starts... NOW!

The water is easy... The Vibromax... not so much. The team thinks about a ramp that will send the roller up over top. As a backup, they think about something that scoops the steaks out of danger's way. The final design (for now)... using a coffin to protect the steaks, and as the roller comes up, you're using it to push the steaks out of harm's way, using your opponent's energy against him. The sled will be made of wood covered with tarpaper, and the pushrod that will push the steak out of the waterfall.

BUT they have another hidden enemy... the "road" is already over 160 degrees, well over the freezing point of meat. Right now, they're thawing and cooking and perhaps even growing. They need to think of a way to keep the steaks frozen, or at least below 40 degrees.

At least the steaks are put there RIGHT before the MOD is triggered. Too bad that will force them to rethink their build. They add eight wheels to sheet metal, four on each side, that will allow them to roll the sled into place before the MOD is triggered.

As for Mike's solution, he's going to go with separate lids with dry ice to keep everything cold. Then counterweights lift the pallets and Mike is using leverage to eat dinner. It's ambitious, that's for sure.

Craig, meanwhile, has enough confidence to start a pet project... the grill with which to cook the prize.


The frame of the steak push is already built with eight wheels for maneuverability, but what would happen if the sled fails?

TEST #1: Materials Resistance. They're going to press some plywood on a powered press... and it goes from a 3/8" to a 1/4" in 100 psi. And a crate similar to the sled... is crushed. Steel? Crushed. Metal box? Crushed.

Craig decides to work extra hard on the cart handle that will hopefully push the steaks to safety, while Mike's crew is working on his solution. He's also working on...

TEST #2: Heat Exposure. Mike has put a steak in a box for 15 minutes in the hot California sun. If any of the steaks start congealing... it's a loss.

Charlie meanwhile has put only four of the eight wheels on the box. The rest of the team is worried that the wheels would buckle.

Back to the test, though.. The platforms have been removed... and the steak is no longer frozen. You have the rig. Now you have to figure out how to keep these steaks cool.

The guys think liquid nitrogen, pumped through a hose in the box. The team thinks that it's a crap shoot. The metal fittings are getting cold, but it's not freezing the prize fast enough. Meanwhile, Mike has to figure out how to rig his lever solution.


The challengers put the final touches on their build. The final step is to safely secure the 141-lb nitrogen tank.

And Craig is still making his barbecue.


The team reconsiders their wheel placement and adjust accordingly. And wheels begin to tweak... and buckle. With 20 minutes to go, they decide to double up on the wheels or at least reinforce them with angle iron.

Now the moment of truth is nigh. The steaks are being laid out. Now they have three minutes to move the steak sled back down. With a last minute lift, they're covered, but wheels need to disappear.

Thirty seconds... and it's all in place. All we can do now is pray... in five... four.. three... two... one... WATER! And steamroller! Everything works as it should! But are the steaks still frozen. It's 9 out, and it only take one steak to lose it.

And ... they're all frozen! That's a CATCH! And we're cooking today! But what about Mike's build? It... also works! Two different solutions to the same problem.

So while the guys start carving steak, we look forward to next week's MOD, next week's prize, and next week's people trying to separate the two. Remember, if they catch it... they keep it.

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