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Maverick engineers have only 48 hours to save a prize from complete and utter destruction.

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN
Host Zach Selwyn
Engineer of Destruction Mike Senese
Creator Brian Knappmiller
EP Glenda Hersh
Steven Weinstock
Brian Knappmiller
Marcia Mule
Packager True Entertainment for Discovery Networks
Origins Southern California
Airs 10p Fri, Science
Available In High-Definition Where Available

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Egg Scrambler
August 14

Big Green Egg. Big metal slingshot. Big amount of trouble if these three don't catch it.

Mike has built what he calls the Egg Shooter. He has built two 20 foot towers and attached seven ten foot strands of bungee cord on each one, all connected to a pocket that will hold this week's prize, the Cadillac of all grilling apparatuses, the Big Green Egg, worth $1600. Stretch it to 20 feet and let it go, and it'll face four Gs of force and one solid concrete floor. The rest writes itself. But then Mike throws in a minefield of 120 psi air cannons.

And these three will have to make something that will have to beat all of that.

- JOE COOKSLEY, flight test engineer and former Marine out of Edwards AFB.
- LISA COTO, a custom fabricator and prop master for the movie industry.
- STEWART BAXTER, set builder for TV and carpenter from Los Angeles.

As usual, the three have to make something that'll stop the slingshot and the air cannons from destroying the Big Green Egg. They can't touch the Big Green Egg OR the slingshot OR the air cannon.

Forty-eight hours... start now!

The team wants to find out weight and distance. It's big and heavy. What they want is a butterfly net or something to deflect the Egg. They'll be using cargo strapping, cardboard boxes, and a mat of foam. They'll try to stop the cannons with chicken wire. Their final build will involve a giant net with a foam base, cardboard boxes, and a cargo net to catch the egg. To block the cannons, they have a wooden frame with chicken wire.

Mike will be creating his own solution as well... More on THAT later.

TEST #1: Cannon Impact. Mike has two of the air cannons in place and live to shoot various ceramic things... The ceramics don't stand a chance. Put some chicken wire round it... And it still doesn't stand a chance. They may have to rethink their plan there.

And they do. They switch it up to corrugated metal.


Lisa wants to change the material of the egg catcher to wood. They're trying to protect the Egg from possibly cracking.

Back to Mike's solution, which is basically a giant spring net which will propel forward once the Egg strikes. The Egg itself will come to rest on foam mattresses and balloons.

Joe is still trying to wrap his head around the ultimate math problem, thus calculating where to place the net. Mike is also trying to place his carriage system. The formula for the trajectory...

d = [(v cos θ)/g]{v sin θ +√[(v sin θ) + 2gvo]}

Basically put, the angle shot is going to be key. Mike has determined... 50 or 60 feet. Joe has figured... 45 feet. This is what you call a game of inches.


And the team decides to put wheels on it, while Joe takes a break from the drawing board to keep the build on schedule. Meanwhile, Mike sees a problem with the cargo net creating a point of impact with eight tons of force. It could also create a recoil effect.

TEST #2: Net Impact. The net has no elasticity or give. First "Egg".. Broke on the frame. Second "Egg"... rebound. Third "Egg"... Breaks through. So the team rethinks the net and reverses the layers with the net around and the boxes and foam inside. But the question remains... where are they going to put the net?

Mike is building a slanted canopy to deflect the projectiles. And just to keep things interesting, Mike has beefed up one of his main cannons... to fit a bowling ball.

Stewart moves the deflection roof, but still.. where are they going to put the net?


... to figure that one out. All they need is velocity and angle. You know the weight, the angle, and the velocity... you know where the Big Green Egg is landing.

Joe keeps landing at the same calculation... 45 feet.


The team has to finish their net, but Joe is still trying to figure out where they have to put it. Joe has no choice but to phone a friend. He finally figures out where he needs to put the egg catcher. 70 feet.


... to fill the net with stuff. Meanwhile, Mike does the same thing, only instead of foam, they have a honeycomb of balloons.


Stewart is making one last build, a bowling ball block.

It's all hands on deck to get everything in place. Will they catch it?

Three... two... one... FIRE IN THE HOLE!... and... Missed it by THAT much. Velocity was 33 miles and hour with an impact force of 1400 pounds. And all for nothing.

BUT Mike's solution is on deck and if THAT fails, then Zach's going to give them a Big Green Egg anyway, only because they MAY have made this challenge a little too hard.

The main difference between Mike's and the challengers' are the materials used and the field using them. But the result... is the same. Mike undershoots his net and the Big Green Egg lands exactly where Joe said it would. So that is a WIN!

Just goes to show you that sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug. That's what happens. Next time, the only thing that stands between three more challengers and a new prize is Mike's twisted imagination. Remember, if they catch it, they keep it.

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