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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...and, quite possibly, even TWO million!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
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Get Your Sexy On
November 4 - Leg 6

Previously on THE AMAZING RACE...seven teams of Americans ran around the capital city of Bangladesh doing things. Things like finding an eggplant vendor in a HUGE produce market, building old-fashioned scales out of wood and rope, "hackling" straw for "juke bags" and hauling long poles of bamboo to a construction site. When they arrived at a museum a short distance outside the capital, James & Abba (Team Hair Metal) triumphed again...despite James' heavy heart about his father's cancer. Josh & Brent (Team Beekman Boys) arrived last but were spared Philimination due to this being an N.E.L. They'll have a SPEED BUMP to overcome...but they're still in the hunt. Seven teams are left...who will be booted home NEXT?!


Another early start for James & Abba. They STILL have a fair lead, but ANYTHING can happen as the "rip 'n' read" the first clue of Leg 6:



Go to Galaxy Travel Agency for tickets and then fly roughly 3700 miles to the largest city in Turkey: Istanbul. You will land on the European side of this bi-continental city (Turkey is one of a few "Eurasian" countries to do that and Istanbul is the only metropolis). Once you land, travel by taxi or metro to the Kabatas Ferry Terminal and find your next clue.

You have $100 for this Leg of the Race.

Abba is still in pain after the slip in Leg 4 that caused his knees to buckle. "I am hurt but I am not slain," Abba quotes St. Barton...and James thinks this means the Race "has taken on Biblical proportions". The other teams' (local) departure times are:
Abbie & Ryan (Team Dating Divorcees): 1104
Natalie & Nadiya (Team Jersey Twins): 1210
Trey & Lexi (Team Texas Two-Step): 1231
Rob & Kelley (Married Monster Truckers): 1253
Jaymes & James (Team Full Monty!): 1330
Josh & Brent: 1504

Everyone seems to be happy to be leaving the hot and humid country. Team Jersey Twins are happy to have such competative (if annoying) rivals as Team Dating Divorcees. Team Full Monty! think of the FOOD turkey when they read of the COUNTRY of Turkey....


6:25am is the time James & Abba are expected to arrive at Istanbul, according to the travel agent. And it seems to be the ONLY flight to the Turk city OUT of Dhaka. So the Great Equalizer strikes; everyone's on even ground when they touch down in the early morning. Ryan sighs deeply, not wanting ANYTHING to do with the rockers and the "twinies" anymore! He drags Abbie to the cab and they head for the airport, not willing to lose any more brain cells by listening to ANY of the other teams. All the others seem just fine with each other as they gather to get their tickets.

But...what's this wad of American money doing on the table? Someone must've left it there. WHO, we're not sure...but Natalie & Nadiya have a simple philosophy for it: finders' keepers! Lexi feels the same way...though Trey would rather they give it back to whoever dropped it. "You don't have a vote," says Natalie as they try to keep it hush-hush from everybody else. As the two teams head for the airport, Team Hair Metal suddenly realize that the $100 that was given to them at the start of the Leg is now gone. They start to think it fell out of the bags in the cab coming over. So...they can GET to Turkey...but how can they get AROUND? Abba thinks it's all over for them...but James tries to stay positive, working out how to get the money before their flight takes off. They decide to beg...which is humiliating given all the poverty around town.

So, they head for the more commercial area of the city and start asking for fundage from anyone willing to give. Fortunately, a woman who seemed to be a bit more well-to-do than others and she seemed willing to spare them a bit of dough. And, with a hug from the lady and smiles on their faces, the two rockers head off to...


Team Jersey Twins decide to divide the left-behind money between them and Team Texas Two-Step, thereby "splitting the guilt". They're fairly sure it's Team Hair Metal's money...though they openly wish it had been Team Dating Divorcees' instead. Of course, James & Abba say nothing about losing their money, not wanting to show weakness. So they stay quiet as they and all the other teams travel on the redeye to...


Y'know, Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it's Ist...ah, you know the song! Anyway, the Turkish Airways flight lands and fourteen Americans file out looking for ways to get to the ferry terminal. Team Hair Metal ask a cabbie if using a taxi is better than using the subway and, given an affirmative responce, load their bags in the cab. Abbie & Ryan and Natalie & Nadiya also take cabs while Rob & Kelley and Jaymes & James take the "metro" subway. Trey & Lexi decide on the taxi as well, with Josh & Brent right on their tails. Who will make it first to...


A mere quarter-mile or so away from Asia, James & Abba arrive in their cab and easily find the Clue Box. Their next clue reads as such:



Across this body of water called the Basra Straits is Asia. Travel by ferry across the straits to the Asian side of the city and country. Once there, search Uskadar Terminal for your next clue.

Team Hair Metal board a ferry and wait for it to depart, which it does without any other teams arriving. As they crosse the invisible line between Europe and Asia, Team Jersey Twins and Team Dating Divorcees arrive at the terminal, taking the clue 3rd and 2nd respectively. Team Texas Two-Step arrive in fourth, Team Beekman Boys in 5th. So I guess the metro was not the best idea this time. The four teams board the same ferry and start off trying to catch up..and actually ENJOYING the trip.

Team Full Monty! are NOT enjoying it...because a local just informed them that the taxi would've been faster and there is very little traffic this early in the morning. They and Married Monster Truckers have just been relagated to the back of the pack. But the Ja(y)mes Boys decide to bail out at a station and take a cab the rest of the way, leaving Rob & Kelley behind. The truckers don't mind; they "follow their own way".


James & Abba see the Clue Box even before they depart the ferry. They hop off the boat and run to the Box where they find this:



Make your way by taxi to Misir Carsisi (The Spice Bazaar) in the Fatih Municipality. Once there, search for Shop #14 and your next clue.

As they look for another cab, the next four teams arrive, deciding to work together to find the clue. When they DO find it, they break off to separate taxis.

Back in Europe, Jaymes & James arrive at the terminal and are disappointed that they didn't beat the other teams...but they're PRETTY sure they beat Rob & Kelley. And, as they take off for Asia, Married Monster Truckers are STILL "riding on the Metro" (as the group Berlin would put it).


At the second-largest covered shopping complex in the city, several cabs arrive. James & Abba arrive first, but Trey & Lexi are right behind them. They run into the bazaar and spy the electric sign with the "SHOP # 14". As Abba is slower due to the knees, the young Texas couple get their clue first (given to them by the vendor). It's in a golden box and it has...some kind of food inside the vendor calls "Turkish Delights". It also has a standard clue which is the next:



SIMIT: Use your head! Head for the nearby Yakut bakery and transport bunches of simits - Turkish bagels - to three different addresses in the area. But you must carry them the old Turkish way: on a plate balanced on your head. (You'll have a ring-cloth to put on your head to help.) First you need to stack the right amount of simits on the plate in the right way. Then you carry the plate on your head and walk through the streets of Istanbul to your locations. Once you deliver them all, return to the bakery where the master baker will give you your next clue.

SCRUB IT: Take a bath! Go to the nearby Shop #41-1 and pick up bathing equipment. Then head to a nearby Turkish bathhouse, choose an attendant and be lead to a marble room to be cleansed like NEVER before! When you are cleaned-up, another attendant will hand you your next clue..

The two teams decide together to SCRUB IT (mostly because Abba doesn't think he can do the walking with his knees). They get their gear and head off for the bathhouse just as Natalie & Nadiya and Abbie & Ryan arrive at Shop #14. They both decide to SCRUB IT as well. As they leave, Josh & Brent arrive. But they CAN'T choose a DETOUR yet because they have hit their...



Find the marked Maras ice cream stand next to the New Mosque. Once there, each of you should order a cone with at least two flavors. You must eat the ice cream - cones and all - before returning to the Bazaar and continuing on the Race in the hopes of making up lost time.

The trouble is...they can't FIND the stand...even though it's out in the wide open. They eventually find one and ask for a double scoop. The vendor plays around with the two goat farmers, flipping the cones around like he works at a TGIFriday's(TM) on the side. Josh actually DROPS a cone before they are properly served. It seems a bit lewd to Brent...but it IS a sweet way to be penalized. But, when they finish and return to Shop #14, the vendor says they didn't pass it properly. Y'see, it wasn't the MARKED ice cream stand as the clue states. Oh, "lanet olsun!"

Team Full Monty! arrive and get the clue to the Bazaar in 6th. Jaymes breaks the fourth wall in the cab and tells the viewers that THEY don't know where they are in the Race...but the VIEWERS can look below their faces to see for themselves (which CBS obliges).

Aaaaaaaand NOW Married Monster Truckers arrive at Kabatas, hopping the ferry in last and HOPING that they can catch up. They are still fairly behind when they arrive in Asia and get the clue to the start of the DETOUR.

The four teams on the DETOUR look and look for the bathhouse before FINALLY arriving at it. The teams pick attendants and get stripped down to the towels. They're shoulders and upper chests are scrubbed gently...and James feels "Bacchanalian" as the eight Americans relax. Ryan even comments about the attendant washing his feet: "Abbie would never do that for me."

Team Beekman Boys find the RIGHT ice cream stand (with the Race Flag on the front) and get ANOTHER helping of brain-freezing ice cream. Of course, they get the same theatrics as the previous vendor, even though the two partners BEG for him to just hand them the cones. But they finish...and RUN back into the Bazaar to get their Turkish Delights and their DETOUR clue. They decide to work off the calories of the four cones with SIMIT, figuring "the more physical, the quicker". They leave JUST as Jaymes & James arrive and choose SCRUB IT.

When Josh & Brent arrive at SIMIT, they watch how the bagels are stacked and placed on the head. They decide that Brent (having a flatter head) should carry while Josh directs and clears the path. As Brent holds the plate upon his head (the rules of the clue doesn't say he can't hold it) Josh asks a local for directions...and doesn't understand a word the local says, much to Brent's chagrin. That's bad because Rob & Kelley arrive at the Bazaar and choose to SIMIT.

Back at SCRUB IT, the four teams are doused in suds and given the deep-tissue massage of a LIFETIME. James likened it to an attendant pulling his heart out and showing that it's beating too slow. Trey & Lexi are the first to finish the treatment, with James & Abba right behind. They each get this clue:



Make your way on foot to Kapali Carsi (The Grand Bazaar) and search for the marked fountain inside the bazaar for your next clue.

Right behind them leaving (after getting dressed, of course) are Abbie & Ryan. Natalie & Nadiya are enjoying the room to themselves for now. They can't wait long because Team Full Monty! arrives. As Team Jersey Twins leaves, the Chippendales start their own treatment (I'm certain feeling QUITE comfy with nothing but towels on) and enjoy the attendants "washing all of Bangladesh off" of them.

Back at SIMIT, Josh & Brent are, essentially, lost. What's more, Brent's neck is starting to hurt. As Josh tries to make heads or tails out of directions, Rob & Kelley arrive at the bakery (and Rob does a dance for the musicians awaiting). Of course, Rob carries the plate while Kelley navigates. Finally, Josh finds an English-speaking local and gets the right directions to their first address.


At the FIRST-largest covered shopping complex in the city (and one of the largest in the world), the teams start to arrive and search the 61 covered streets for the fountain. Team Texas Two-Step and Team Dating Divorcees arrive seconds apart and they hit their next:



One team member must serve "Turkish sherbet", widely regarded as the world's first "soft drink". Dress as a Turkish vendor and carry on your back a long-spouted brass teapot called a "ebrek". Then walk around the Bazaar and sell and serve 40 cups of this popular refreshment at 1 Lira (about 50 US cents) apiece. Once you have earned 40 Lira, return here to the sherbet vendor and her will give you your next clue.

Lexi and Ryan choose this task and get dressed as Team Hair Metal arrives. Abba thinks it's easy enough DESPITE his weary kneecaps (maybe I shoulda named them Team Wounded Knee II, eh?). Soon, three Americans are pouring from the not-so-little teapots, not short but still stout. But...they have foibles. See, they have to lean forward to tip the pot over and pour the sherbet out. When Ryan does that, the top of the teapot falls to the floor. And he does this more than once. Lexi, however, looks like an old pro. Abba...he's taking his time, it seems.

Back at the DETOUR, James is trying to keep a scream contained during the massage. But Jaymes & he finish in 5th...just as Team Beekman Boys find the first stop to deliver their simits. As they take off with a fraction of the burden off Brent's neck, they pass by Rob & Kelley and (stupidly) give them directions to the same address.. The two teams go to their second addresses without issue...but have to return to the bakery to get the 120 simits for their final run.

Natalie is chosen for Team Jersey Twins "because she's single" to take on the ROADBLOCK. Ryan is at 14 Lira while Lexi is at 22 (and being an always-cheerful cheerleader helps her get more customers). She even gets someone to just GIVE her a Lira (just so she'll go away). Ryan is smart, though; he asks a customer to HELP him sell more glasses...for a small "commission", of course. Abba...he's having issues. He asks customers to help with the POURING of their own drink. Natalie...she begs for customers more-or-less.

Lexi finishes her 40 Lira crusade first...but is a bit of a stretch from the starting point. Ryan is nearly finished (thanks to his "business partner"). But it's Team Texas Two-Step who get their Lira counted first and get handed this vital clue:



Travel by taxi to the marked park and find the Savarona, an American-built luxury yacht that was bought for the founder of the Republic of Turkey (who only spent six weeks on it before dying a few months later) and the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As they haul for the ship, Team Full Monty! arrive at the Baazar...and Ryan finishes the ROADBLOCK in 2nd. As they leave, Abbie tells Ryan that Team Jersey Twins wanted Trey & Lexi to win rather than them. Ryan, under his breath, says the girls can...well, if you've ever seen WWE's D-Generation X, you should know the "two words for them". As James gets started, Abba gets finished and the rockers leave in third. Natalie finishes her rounds as James gets a lesson in how to hold the teapot properly. The twins leave in fourth.

Back at the DETOUR, both Josh & Brent carry simits to the final location. After getting checked-out, Brent says, "We're old hats at this now." They pass Rob & Kelley who confirm this being the last one (and Rob still doing this solo). Team Beekman Boys depart for the Grand Bazaar and the ROADBLOCK in 6th. A few minutes later, Married Monster Truckers leave in last.


It has a swimming pool, a Turkish bath, a gold-trimmed staircase and a movie theater. It is one of the longest boats in the world at a length of 446 feet. But only the four-by-two-foot square in the shadow of the bow matters to the American couple who run (and skip) up to Phil and the Turk band behind him. After the band leader welcomes them with a "merhaba" (hello). Phil says:

"Trey & Lexi...you are Team # 1!"

And, for their first time at the front of the pack, Team Texas Two-Step has earned a five-night stay in Australia, complete with scooter tour, spa treatment and delicious native cuisine, all courtesy of Travelocity(TM). They say they were DUE for this first-place win.

Not so great news for Abbie & Ryan. For the third straight Leg consecutively in a row, they are Team # 2. (Hey, maybe they can break the record for most SECOND-place Legs. :) )

Josh & Brent arrive at the ROADBLOCK and Brent decides to do it, having sales experience. And he does pretty well at the start, even talking someone into buying a glass for someone else just because he had TWO Lira out. Good thing, too, because Rob & Kelley arrives at that point, Kelley choosing to peddle. Jaymes knows they're in trouble since Team Beekman Boys and Married Monster Truckers have been in the back perpetually...so they're fighting to stave off last now. James seems to target the ladies...and is getting nowhere. Shame he can't strip down. PLUS, he keeps dropping his cups. Fortunately, he runs into some tourists who are MORE than happy to buy from a handsome man.

The teams seem to have fun doing the task, though they know they have to hustle. Team Full Monty! finally reaches the 40-Lira mark and departs in fifth.

Team Hair Metal fall out of the top spot on "TAR's Top 40", down to Team #3. But they still have their feet on the ground while they keep reaching for the stars...even WITH bum knees and a brush with bankruptcy. Team Jersey Twins aren't too happy with Team #4 status, vowing to get back to the top soon.

Josh & Brent get their fortieth Lira and depart in 6th, leaving Rob & Kelley opening praying the goat farmers get lost en route to the ship. Sure enough, as Kelley pours the last cup, Team Beekman Boys' cab gets stuck in Istanbul traffic. Married Monster Truckers leave in last...and Josh drags Brent out of the taxi to direct traffic so that they can get moving! The issue was a van without a driver, so they find said driver and tell him that it's an emergency and he needs to get out of the way. As such, traffic starts to flow again and Josh & Brent can breathe again.

Jaymes & James are FINALLY making headway: they are Team #5.

Two cabs...two couples...a race half-way around the world could end for one of them. One couple, panting and sweating, arrives at the ship and gets the news from Phil:

"Josh & Brent...I am pleased to tell you that you are still in this Race and you are Team #6!" They put it simply: "We don't quit!!"

The large monster trucker and his relatively svelte wife hit the mat in front of Phil...and they get the bad news: they're last...and they're going home.

"Without Kelley," the big, bold Rob says, "I'm nothin'." And having her on this journey was worth WELL more than a million bucks ever could. The couple gets in a nice dance with the band before the greeter tells them, "Hoscakal" (good-bye) and they head back to crushing cars with eight-foot tires.



1) Trey & Lexi* (+4)
2) Abbie & Ryan* (EVEN) - $2M Chance, Fiji
3) James* & Abba (-2) - Antigua, Malaysia Rainforest
4) Natalie & Nadiya* (-1) - EXPRESS PASS
5) Jaymes & James* (+1)
6) Josh & Brent* (+1)
ELIMINATES IN 7th) Rob & Kelley (-3)
ELIMINATED IN 8th) Gary & Will (EVEN)
ELIMINATED IN 9th) Caitlin & Brittany
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Amy & Daniel
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Rob & Shiela

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace