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September 30 - Leg 1
October 7 - Leg 2

Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...and, quite possibly, even TWO million!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
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Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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There's No Crying in Baseball
October 14 - Leg 3

Previously on THE AMAZING RACE...ten teams left Shanghai to hit the "City of Heroes": Surabaya, Indonesia. There, they raced bulls (on mopeds), made kids happy (by pedalling a ride and making balloons), built fish stalls and moved 650 pounds of ice. By a minute or two, Natalie & Nadiya (Team Jeresy Twins) made it to the PIT STOP and received the EXPRESS PASS, allowing them to bypass any task of their choosing through most of the rest of the Race. Sadly, the team that placed second in Leg 1 - Amy & Daniel (Team Adaptive Action) - had a REALLY pathetic cabbie who got them lost and landed them in last, sending them back to Colorado on a Rocky Mountain low. Eight teams remain in the hunt for a million...and one in the hunt for TWO million...who will be kicked out NEXT?!



At this 24-hour market on the isle of Java (west of Krakatoa), the Jersey-born, Sri Lankan-raised sisters tuck their EXPRESS PASS in their bags and rip 'n' read the first clue of the third Leg:



Make your way to Antika Jaya Pandang Restaurant. Your next clue is waiting outside.

You have $1 for this Leg of the Race.


They leave...and then are told that the restaurant is the OTHER way. The other teams' departure times (local zone) are:
Trey & Lexi (Team Texas Two-Step): 0612
Jaymes & James (Team Full Monty!): 0616
Abbie & Ryan (Team Dating Divorcees): 0619
Josh & Brent (Team Beekman Boys): 0626
James & Abba (Team Hair Metal): 0634
Caitlin & Brittany (Team Besties): 0708
Rob & Kelley (Married Monster Truckers): 0722
Gary & Will (Team Sub Teachers): 0732

As Natalie & Nadiya re-pass the PIT STOP, they wave to their alliance-mates to follow them. After consulting map, Nadiya says that they should wait for the other teams to see what they're doing. The Ja(y)mes boys decide to join them to find the restaurant. As they look, Abbie & Ryan catch-up...but pass them by as they struggle to find someone who speaks English. When Team Jersey Twins find out the restaurant is a long way away, Team Texas Two-Step find a cab and head off, leaving the alliance behind. The other three teams get cabs and the sisters and dancers follow the cab of Team Dating Divorcees.


The Clue Box awaits Trey & Lexi outside (along with a fair number of motocycles). They open the clue to find a:



One team member must go inside this restaurant and serve up twenty (20) plates of food "Padang style". This means that you must balance the twenty plates on your arms and deliver them - all at once - to a designated table. Should even one plate drop, you must go back and start again. Once you have served the plates to the awaiting customers, the restaurant manager will hand you your next clue.

Lexi decides to give it a whirl and they enter the building. Just SEEING the servers walking around with double-digit plates over one arm gives her the willies. But she tries piling them all on ONE plate held by ONE hand. As she builds a potential shattering reverse pyramid, three other teams arrive. The 'BLOCKers are: Brent for Team Beekman Boys, Ryan for Team Dating Divorcees and Jaymes for Team Full Monty! But...where're Nadiya & Natalie? Ut oh...I think they found Amy & Daniel's cabbie from the LAST Leg; they're lost. They get out and try to find a SMARTER cabbie.

While Lexi's thumb is being pinched (causing her to make adjustments), the males get to stacking the dishes on their big arms. Lexi finally manages to get all twenty dishes and bring them to a (thankfully) nearby table. But as she starts to put them on the table, a plate slips and they all come a-tumbling down. And I had NO idea the tradition of customers applauding a server who dropped a plate comes from Indonesia, did you? As Lexi goes back, Ryan comes forward. As does Jaymes, who had waitering and serving experience and, thus, KNOWS how to handle a lot of food. Brent gets distracted asking customers if he's doing all right and drops a plate, forcing HIM to start over.

Both Jaymes and Ryan finish the task within seconds of each other. They get the clue from the manager and then run out to James and Abbie to read it:



Make your way to the Surabaya Gubeng Train Station where you will hop a train to the town of Bangil. During the trip, take a seat and keep an eye out for your next clue.

As the two teams leave, James & Abba pull up in 5th. Abba decides to even-up the team's 'BLOCK count and serve it up. Lexi gets it right the second time and she and Trey head for the station in third. Right behind her is Brent (who asks the costumers to enjoy their dinner); he and Josh leave in 4th. Abba nails it the first time; he and James depart still in 5th.

Start in first, arrive in sixth...that's the nature of the Race. Unfortunately for Team Jersey Twins, that means needing to HUSTLE. Nadiya decides to carry that weight on her shoul...er, arms.


Before Team Sub Teachers even leave the PIT STOP, the top four teams arrive at the station and grab tickets to Bangil...which leaves at 7:36...which means "HURRY UP!" They head to the plaform with time to spare...while Team Hair Band arrives at 7:25 to get THEIR tickets.

Back at the Restaurant, Nadiya makes a messy pile out of her plates and, like Lexi before, drops them as she delivers. But, UNLIKE Lexi, she gets ANGRY at how this day has started out! Natalie, outside the restaurant, shouts "Chataranga!"", their code word for "relax". As Nadiya uses yoga breathing to chill out, Brittany from Team Besties starts HER attempt. The shout from Natalie helped; by keeping calm, Nadiya was able to bring the plates to the table and set them down without incident. The sister depart for the station in 6th...but will they make the train? As THEY leave, Married Monster Truckers arrive and Rob decides to do the task. Brittany finishes and the best friends go in 7th followed quickly by the big-armed Rob; he & Kelley leave in 8th. When Team Sub Teachers arrive, Gary gives it a whirl.

It ain't leaving for Anaheim, Asuza or Cuc...amunga...but the train is the first to leave for Bangli. Teams Full Monty!, Dating Divorcees, Texas Two-Step and Beekman Boys hop on and get ready to go. James & Abba run briskly and make it. Nadiya & Natalie get their tickets and run...but the train pulls off without them. The teams on the train ask a local when the next train will depart Surabaya and local says it'll be around 10:505am. SWEET! They now have a nearly three-and-one-half-hour lead! Great for them... STINKS for Team Jersey Twins and the rest of the teams.

En route to Bangli, the teams sit around, wait for the clue to appear...and discuss strategy. All teams but Team Hair Band (who say they're lone wolves) believe they should NOT use the U-TURN on each other when it shows up. The eight Racers shake on that. Of course, James & Abba made no such agreement. Interesting...

Back at Surabaya, the other teams (Gary finished the ROADBLOCK) realize that the first train is gone and that they are now over three hours behind the leaders.

Snack tray! Get your snacks here! Sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, sweets, clues, beverages...CLUES! The five teams all but jump on the girl carrying the clues and get their next:



LION'S HEAD: Join a parade! Make your way by becak to nearby Alun-Alun Park to join a Javanese procession known as a "reog". Choose a parade team and don costumes and 40-plus-pound lion's head masks. Then parade down the streets to the rythym of the band. The band leader will stop you at certain points to have you perform a sequence of steps. If you miss a step or drop the head, you must go back to the park and start over. Once you return to the park, the band leader will give you your next clue.

EGG HEAD: Fry an ege on your head! Go to the included vendor and grab four eggs. Then make your way by becak to nearby Alun-Alun Park. A local magician - performing an Indonesian art form known as "debus" - will place coconuts on your head and light them on fire. The magicians will use the fire to fry two eggs over each head. Once cooked, both team members must completely eat the eggs before the magician can hand you your next clue.

Everyone but Josh & Brent choose LION'S HEAD; Team Beekman Boys probably don't think they can balance such a hug head so they decide on EGG HEAD instead. A little while later, the front pack arrives at...


The place isn't as crowded as Surabaya, but it IS fairly populated. And the population just grew by ten Americans. The eight doing LION'S HEAD hop on the rickshaw-like becak get shipped like blocks of ice to the park. The other two hop in a DIFFERENT becak in search of the store giving away the eggs.


(Yes, I know it's the same name as that stadium in the last Leg...must be a popular name, Or maybe it's a company that SPONCERS them, like American Airlines who has an Arena AND a Center named for them)

The four teams head over to the park and get their costume on (cringing at someone using a whip nearby). The "heads" are rather tall and are held up not just by head and shoulders but with a mouthpiece. Abbie & Ryan seem to have an easy go with it...but the visibility is so short that it makes Ryan worry. Jaymes is more worried about how many mouths his mouthpiece has been surrounded by before HIM, claiming he could TASTE the other people who have used the mask. Lexi is having a tough time as well but she keeps going with Trey's encouragement.

Meanwhile, Josh & Brent finally find the market and grab four brownish eggs. Then they continue towards the park...

...where Team Dating Divorcees arrive back having completed the reog. They get the heavy masks off and get this clue first:



Make your way (by becak) to Perliman Pos I (a guardhouse) where Dorang, Cucut, Hiu, Sepat and Musing meet.

James does a little Chippendales-style dance to end HIS team's parade. They leave the park in second, followed closely by Trey & Lexi and James & Abba.

As they leave, Team Beekman Boys arrive and have a seat. The magicians rip open a coconut, set one half on each of the men's heads, set the meat on fire and hold up a frying pan with two of the eggs cracked open into it. Needless to say, having a flaming coconut on their heads do NOT make Josh & Brent too comfortable. But the manage to get through it. With eggs fried and topped with hot sause, the coconuts are put out and the men chow down the eggs (good thing they ain't vegans). With the debus done, they exit the DETOUR in fifth.

Meanwhile, back at Surabaya, the second train pulls in and the four back teams get on board, now just fighting to stave off elimination. They start their one-hour journey...and await their DETOUR clues.


Ah...the five names were STREET names. And they all meet at this old guardhouse. The teams arrive in their becaks at it...and there it is:


A DOUBLE U-TURN forces two different teams to do BOTH parts of a DETOUR instead of one or the other. Teams may be U-TURNed more than once during a Race, but may only UTILIZE a U-TURN once. Normally, a team using a U-TURN must use the touchscreen interface to put two pictures up: one for the team they are U-TURNing, and their own so that said team knows who U-TURNed them. But, as this is a BLIND U-TURN, the team making the U-TURN will remain anonymous.

(Y'know...I'm starting to think there are no further SINGLE U-TURNs on TAR. Seriously, when was the last Race WITHOUT the 2xU-T?!)

TAbbie & Ryan opt not to U-TURN anyone this time and grab this clue:



Make your way by becak to SMAN Negeri 1 Bangil School, Bangil's top high school. Once there, search the grounds for Phil and the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

As the becak carries them off, Jaymes & James and Trey & Lexi likewise stick to the plan and do not U-TURN anyone, earning their PIT STOP clues in second and third respectively. Despite Team Hair Band not being part of this pact, they likewise forgo the U-TURN and leave in fourth towards...


For a smaller city, Bangil has some nice high schools. Phil waits with one of the...I want to say "students" since I doubt the faculty is quite so big as they showed in the preview clip. Two Americans hit the mat, get greeted by the student and hear the good news:

"Abbie & Ryan...once again, you are Team # 1!"

And, unlike the FIRST Leg, they actually get something TANGIBLE for winning this Leg: a five-night trip to Fiji, complete with massage and snorkeling, courtesy of (who else?) The Roaming Gnomes(TM) at Travelocity!

As they are being congratulated by the crowd, Trey & Lexi run in and become Team # 2. Lexi secretly sees Team Dating Divorcees as a threat (given that they're the only team running for TWO mil instead of ONE) and, should another U-TURN present itself,...damn STRAIGHT they'll use it on the opposing couple!

Jaymes & James...they are Team # 3. But only because James & Abba took a wrong turn INSIDE the school grounds. "Big Hair, Don't Care" are Team # 4.

I'm sure everyone on the train en route to Bangil will be happy to know that Josh & Brent choose not to U-TURN anyone there and just head for the PIT STOP. But Rob & Kelley are pretty much dead-set on using it should they beat ANYONE to it.

Josh & Brent...they are Team # 5.

The DETOUR clues get handed out to the teams..and they all decide to do LION'S HEAD. So, when the train pulls into Bangil, the four teams all board becaks and head for Alun-Alun Park...with Gary & Will, who were in a car further to the rear than the others, in dead last AGAIN. Add to that the fact that they forgot what a "becak" is and they start losing hope again.

At the park, Team Besties argue with their driver over the fare for a number of minutes, with Brittany yelling an "OMG" at the poor guy. This allows Team Jersey Twins and Married Monster Truckers to get a lead on them in the reog. Nadiya & Natalie have little trouble with the task, comparing it to "CrossFit with lion's heads instead of dumbells." Of course, the BIG problem with the heads is Will. An under-five-footer wearing a mask taller than HE is? Yeah...a bit tough on him. Needless to say, the twins leave the DETOUR in sixth and head for the 2xU-T. Rob & Kelley finish in seventh, Caitlin & Brittany in eighth and Gary & Will in last. Now...it's all a matter of a) who gets to the 2xU-T first, b) if they USE it and c) if so, who they use it AGAINST!

There's the guardhouse...and there's Team Jersey Twins. They opt not to use it (and Natalie runs into the cameraman) and head for the PIT STOP instead. This puts the bottom three out of the previous PIT STOP in the bottom three to arrive at the NEXT one.

There're Married Monster Truckers. They SAID they were going to use it...and, by Granny, they WILL! But they THINK the only ones behind them are Team Sub Teachers...and, so, they U-TURN them before heading for the PIT STOP in seventh...hoping that slowing down ONE team will help them should they have trouble finding Phil at the school.

Back at the park, Team Besties finish the DETOUR right ahead of Team Sub Teachers, so it's a becak race to the 2xU-T. Should Gary & Will reach it first, they can still U-TURN Caitlin & Brittany and it'll come down to who does EGG HEAD faster. If Caitlin & Brittany arrive first...it's all over.

Nadiya & Natalie...THINK they're Team # 7...but they're actually # 6 (though Phil offered to MAKE them # 7 if they wanted to...uh, no thanks). They promise to get back on top the next Leg. Rob & Kelley are the ACTUAL Team # 7.

Two becaks...two teams of friends of the same gender...two different directions? Ut oh...Caitlin & Brittany's driver went the wrong way!! They hop on ANOTHER becak to head back the way they came.

Even from the street, the two Michigan school teachers can see...



The question is...do they know that there's another team now BEHIND them? And, if so, WHICH team? Mark doesn't care at this point which one they U-TURN. They choose...





They shrug and head back to do EGG HEAD...unaware that they just blew their best chance to stay in the Race. They head for the market and grab their eggs, hoping for the best.

And they could not POSSIBLY be so lucky! Caitlin & Brittany arrived back at the park at the SAME TIME as THEY do!! And THEY think they're where the U-TURN should be!!! Around and around the park they go, looking for that touchscreen...and failing to realize that they're in the same park they were before! As the eggs are cooked for Team Sub Teachers, Team Besties finally decide to return to the becak and see if THEY know WTH is going on! As as the girls board the rickshaw, the men finish their eggs and the U-TURN. So it's BACK to the guardhouse.

Then the teachers' luck apparently runs out. Caitlin & Brittany FIND the U-TURN and, since both have been used, they cannot use it themselves. Their driver, however, rides them around in circles at first and Gary & Will reach the PIT STOP clue. They seem optimistic as they shout that they're "going on" in the Race.

Team Besties' driver finally gets a clue and heads for the school...and RIGHT BEHIND Team Sub Teachers' becak!! They draft them..and PASS them. Then Will gives THEIR driver some more money and he kicks it into fifth gear...and the two then go in DIFFERENT directions!!

(Enough excitement, CBS! I'm not as young as I used to be!)

As it is...Caitlin & Brittany...went the WRONG WAY YET AGAIN!

And Phil shocks Gary & Will (again) by proclaiming them Team #8! Just goes to show you: NEVER give up during a Race!

They went from third...to seventh...to dead last. Now the blonde best friends finally jog their way to Phil a minute ahead of the school teachers. Phil proclaims them the last team to arrive...and sadly Philiminates them. They KNOW they are better than some of the other teams...including the ones that just barely beat them today. But, hey, what can you do, right? With a final "Selamat tinggal" from the greeter, the girls head off...Brittany giving one last snorting giggle.



1) Abbie & Ryan (+3) - $2M Chance, Fiji
2) Trey & Lexi** (EVEN)
3) Jaymes** & James (EVEN)
4) James & Abba (+2)
5) Josh & Brent (EVEN)
6) Natalie & Nadiya** (-5) - EXPRESS PASS
7) Rob** & Kelley (+1)
8) Gary & Will (+1)
ELIMINATED IN 9th) Caitlin & Brittany (-2)
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Amy & Daniel (-8)
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Rob & Shiela

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner
BIGGEST DROP IN LEG: Natalie & Nadiya

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace