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September 30 - Leg 1

Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...and, quite possibly, even TWO million!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
Worldrace Productions
Amazing Race Productions
CBS Television Studios
ABC Studios
Web www.cbs.com/amazingrace
Airs 8p Sun, CBS

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Long Hair, Don't Care
October 7 - Leg 2

Previously on THE AMAZING RACE...eleven teams travelled from Pasadena, California to the most populous city in the world: Shanghai, China. Once there, they played ping pong with a junior champion and ate frog fallopian tubes (a Chinese dessert). Thanks to an act of kindness by Amy & Daniel (Team Adaptive Action), Abbie & Ryan (Team Dating Divorcees) passed them on their way to winning the Leg. because of this, the team is eligible to win TWO million dollars instead of the usual ONE million. In a foot race, Jaymes & James (Team Full Monty!) edged out Rob & Shiela (Team Over-The-Hill Engaged) by 15 seconds, sending the couple home. Ten teams remain in this race 'round the world...who will be Philiminated NEXT?!


Team Dating Divorcees wait on the mat to start their trek for two million bucks. At the given time, they rip 'n' read the first clue of Leg 2:



Fly over 2700 miles to the "City of Heroes": Surabaya, Indonesia. Upon arriving, travel by taxi over the Suramandu Bridge to the Alun-Alun Stadium in the town of Bangkalan. You'll find your next clue on the grounds.

NOTE: The winner of this Leg will receive the EXPRESS PASS!

Ah...just when we thought it was retired (since it wasn't the prize for the FIRST Leg), it has returned:


The EXPRESS PASS will allow one team the opportunity to bypass ANY task. If you cannot or will not perform a task, simply hand the presiding local your EXPRESS PASS, and he or she will give you the next clue, no questions asked!

You may only use the EXPRESS PASS once, up to and including the 8th Leg, so you must determine when it is in your best interests to use it.

Abbie & Ryan know they have a target the size of the average logo on a Target(TM) store on their backs now...but that just makes them want to work extra hard...especially with a "Get Out Of Task Free" card awaiting them in Indonesia. One by one, the other teams depart the PIT STOP...and the fact that I'm not giving departure times usually means one thing...


The first five teams arrive and rush to the ticket counter, looking for flights across the South China Sea. Rob & Kelley (Married Monster Truckers) went to a separate counter than the others and got a ticket on Cathay Airlines via Hong Kong that leaves at 8:20am. Other teams get tix on a Garuda Airlines flight via the Indonesian capital of Jakarta that leaves at 10:05am and they think it's the one EVERYONE will be on. The truckers stay apart from everyone, not wanting the others to get a clue about the earlier-leaving flight.

They might regret it because, when James & Abba (Team Hair Metal) ask the counter girl if the Jakarta flight is fastest, she confirms that it will as there is a four-hour layover in Hong Kong. Everyone from Natalie & Nadiya (Team Jersey Twins) to Gary & Will (Team Sub Teachers) to Jaymes & James seem happy about this, thinking the Great Race Equalizer has struck again. Which makes them all curious when they board the plane and not see Rob & Kelley on it. Have they been duped?


After waving down at the Survivor tribes in the area that they fly over, the front nine hit the ground in Jakarta. Team Hair Metal finds a flight to Surabaya that leaves one hour earlier than their scheduled flight. The flight's full right now...but the layover is long enough to risk going on stand-by. Trey & Lexi (Team Texas Two-Step) likewise get on the list while others just decide to stick with their original plans. James & Abba get the good news: they're on the earlier flight, and they'll be first to touchdown in Surabaya.


Meanwhile, at the city that became fully Chinese 15 years ago, Rob & Kelley wait...and wait...and wait. They start to think that maybe this WASN'T such a good idea. But they're "running their own Race" and they will perservere, be they first or last to...


This isn't the "City of Heroes" whose MMO servers will shut down at year's end; the Battle of Surabaya was an important step towards getting Indonesia independence from the Netherlands in three months after World War II ended. However it's called, James & Abba land there around sunset. They hop a cab and head out to the stadium, preferring to be "lone wolves" in the Race. An hour later, eight other teams arrive, shout for cabs and shout even MORE for them to hurry to...


Doesn't look like much of a "stadium" in the traditional way...but, hey, this is the supposed "third world" so...let 'em name it what they want. :) Team Hair Metal arrive and look around. They come across red-and-yellow flags (though not the traditional TAR flags) surrounding ten numbered whips and a sign saying "TAKE A NUMBER"...and another saying "BULL RACES: 08.00". Huh. Well, the boys take the #1 whip and looks for a place to crash for the night. The other teams soon arrive and look for the clue. It's Amy & Daniel who locate it first and take the #2 whip. The other teams follow suit in this order:
3. Abbie & Ryan
4. Jaymes & James
5. Trey & Lexi
6. Natalie & Nadiya
7. Josh & Brent (Team Beekman Boys)
8. Caitlin & Brittany (Team Besties)
9. Gary & Will

Of course, that means Married Monster Truckers will get the #10 whip...and, at that point, "Ma & Pa" are taking off from Hong Kong THINKING they might be in the lead. When they finally arrive at the stadium, though, they learn the truth: they're dead last. They join the other teams at a nearby trailer (which apparantly was set for the teams in advance) and greet everybody else. Rob is STILL optimistic, though; it doesn't matter who's first at a task but who's first on the PIT STOP mat.

Cock-a-doodle-doo, Racers! Time to get racing! No paper clue this time...but an explanation which, WERE it a paper clue, would go like this:



You will now witness the Karapan Sapi, the traditional Maduran sport of bull racing! In the numeric order of the whips you have grabbed, teams will ride on the back of motor scooters (driven by professionals) alongside racers on wooden sleds pulled by two young champion bulls. Once you and the bulls cross the finish line, you will receive your next clue.

Note: You get the clue whether you beat the bulls or not.

iWell, given that this seems a rather quick task and the races happen more-or-less one right after the other, THIS appears to be the Great Equalizer. So Team Hair Metal (who I'm sure COULD'VE driven those mopeds well themselves) hop on the backs and await the starting signal. They get it...and the bulls run like someone was waving a red flag in front of their eyes. The bulls easily beat the scooters...but everyone seems happy about seeing this spectacle anyway. And, though they lost, James & Abba dismount the scooters and are handed this clue by the bull racer:



Make your way to Genteng Kali Bridge back in Surabaya and search for your next clue.

As they take off for a cab, Team Adaptive Action takes off after the bulls. And on it goes...won't bore you with details. Suffice it to say that, within about a half-hour, everyone is out of the stadium and off to...


The clue's not that hard to find: there are red-and-yellow balloons hanging above it on the bridge. Team Hair Metal stops the cab, heads onto the bridge and hits another...



One team member must go to the nearby birthday party and operate a pedal-powered amuesment ride called an "odong-odong" and give four little children a ride. While pedaling, you must make a balloon hat and a balloon animal for each child on the ride (you'll be shown how by an expert). Once each of the children have a hat and an animal, you may stop pedalling and one of the children will hand you your next clue.

James decides this party is his. They arrive at the party and asks for four children who eagerly volunteer. They get on an odong-odong that looks like one of those coin-operated horse rides you used to see in front of grocery stores. As he starts to pedal, he grabs a balloon and a small bike pump and gets to work on the objects d' art...and promptly pops the balloon. As he tries again, Amy takes the 'BLOCK from Daniel and heads to join them. Even with her protestic legs, she's one tough cookie and pedals the device quite well. Abbie of Team Dating Divorcees joins them on the Tour d' Odong-odong, followed closely by Jaymes of Team Full Monty! (whome the children seem SCARED of for some reason) and Lexi of Team Texas Two-Step.

Soon balloons are popping all over the place as the 'BLOCKers try their best to make the hats and animals. But Lexi, a self-procliamed "multi-tasker", seems to be doing the best, soon reaching 3 out of 8 balloon art pieces done. Amy is right on her tail, though. James has a problem; his legs are too long and his knee keeps hitting the handlebar. As Jaymes gets his second hat on a child, in comes Nadiya of Team Jersey Twins and Josh of Team Beekman Boys. By the time Lexi is past her fifth, Amy her fourth and Nadiya her second balloon piece, James FINALLY finishes his FIRST! Caitlin of Team Besties now shows up. And rounding out the 'BLOCKers are Will of Team Sub Teachers and Rob of Married Monster Truckers.

So all ten teams are at the party, pedalling around 40 kids and making balloons. But it's Lexi who finishes the task first, hugs the children and receives this from one of them:



Make your way to Wijaya Motor Shop. Ask one of the workers there for your next clue.

Right behind Trey & Lexi are Amy & Daniel and behind THEM are Natalie & Nadiya. This bums James, the fact that THREE teams that arrived BEHIND them are now in FRONT of them. But James DOES finish the task in fourth so he & Abba can hit the road. Jaymes & James leave in fifth, Abbie & Ryan in sixth, Josh & Brent in seventh. Will...is having troubles with his balloons tying up right. Rob and Caitlin seem to be flying by the substitute teacher.


Teams hope the cabbies have the right sense of direction as they are driven through the streets of Surabaya. Both Team Texas Two-Step and Team Jersey Twins find the place first and get the clue from the worker. And, it's the Race's first:



ICE: Deliver ice to market! Go to the nearby ice factory (Pabrek es Tirta Maya) and deliver ten 65-pound ice blocks to a fish market. First, take a block (using hands or hooks) from an ice-making machine and carry it to the edge of the factory, where your partner will load it onto a truck. Once all ten blocks are loaded, board the back of the truck and it will head to Pasar Pabean Market. Once there, use a special cart called a "becak" to carry the ice to a marked still. When you have unloaded all the ice, the truck driver will give you your next clue.

FISH: Stock the fish market! Go to the nearby fish store and bring two barrels of fish to Pasar Pabean Market and a marked market place. Sort through thousands of fish by hand and use blocks of ice (the same ice used in the other DETOUR task) to properly stock them. Once don, you must set up a stall at the market. When the vendor believes it has been set up properly, he will hand you your next clue.

Since Trey has the "guns", he & Lexi choose ICE while the twins decide on FISH. It's decided that Lexi should use the hooks to push the ice through to Trey, who will then carry it in his hands to the truck. The blocks ARE a bit on the heavy side form Lexi, but she starts shoving them through for Trey to haul. Meanwhile, Natalie & Nadiya find the fish store and find the barrels they're to transport, on foot, to the nearby market. The barrels are quite heavy, too, but nothing these two "tomboys" can't hack. Then the two get to cracking ice, calling themselves "the most bad-a$$ Sri Lankans you've ever seen!"

Back at the ROADBLOCK, Will is sweating profusely, still unable to get his balloons tied. Caitlin finishes HER balloons and she & Caitlin leave for the DETOUR in eighth. And close behinf them are Rob & Kelley. Will is physically shaking, sweating on his fingers and having his glasses fog up. But Gary tells Will to stop for a minute, calm down and take some deep breaths. This gave Will some confidence...and he finally starts tying the balloons properly and making the balloons. Will figures that, is Gary thinks he can do it, he CAN do it.

Team Adaptive Action's cabbie is SO lost...and he doesn't seem to be getting any help from the locals. Rob & Kelley's cabbie is having the same issues as HE pulls over to ask. As does Team Hair Metal's; he took them to Wijaya TIRE, not Wijaya MOTORS.. But Team Full Monty!'s cabbie was spot on; the Ja(y)mes boys reach the DETOUR in third and choose ICE. Team Dating Divorcees arrive right behind them and choose ICE as well.

Back at ICE, Trey & Lexi make easy work of the ten blocks of ice. They hop into the truck and it heads for...


Team Jersey Twins, having cracked some ice, make notes as to how the fish stall is supposed to look. Natalie continues with the ice-breaking while Nadiya opens the barrels and starts arranging the fish (and slipping on the ice once or twice).

By this time, Will FINALLY finishes the ROADBLOCK with shouts of confidence from the kids and the parents nearby. Gary & Will are in last...but Will is grateful to Gary for never letting him quit.

As the on-and-off daters and the married truckers argue with their cabbies, Team Beekman Boys arrive at the DETOUR in fifth and - despite it being "slippery" - choose to haul ICE. As they START, Jaymes & James FINISH loading and their truck pulls out, heading for the market, with Abbie & Ryan right on their tail. AT said market, Natalie & Nadiya make sure all the fish are facing the right way (though I doubt the vendor will be quite THAT strict)...and up pulls Trey & Lexi just outside. They load the blocks onto the becak (which is a cart pushed by a bicycle, essentially) and head for the market. They stop their cart more-or-less RIGHT BEHIND Natalie & Nadiya and start unloading. It's a race to see who can finish first: the twins and their fish or the lovers and their ice.

The vendor gives the thumbs-up to Team Jersey Twins...just before the truck driver does the same for Team Texas Two-Step. They both read this important clue:



Make your way on foot through the "alleyways" of Pasar Pabean Market and find the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race. The first team to check-in will receive the EXPRESS PASS!


Through the twists and turns of the busy marketplace, two teams weave and bob past customers and vendors, searching frantically for Phil and the...


Well, THERE's a sight. Phil is waiting with a man with WICKEDLY long fingernails on his right hand! It would take more than clippers to trim THOSE; more like a HACKSAW! And the two Americans who hit the mat first take note of it. Phil takes note of the SMELL rubbed over him through hugging before he gives them the great news:

"Natalie & Nadiya...you stick like fish...but you are Team # 1!"!

And, of course, that means the EXPRESS PASS is theirs! A few minutes later, Trey & Lexi arrive and are checked-in as Team #2. They're bummed about missing out on the EXPRESS PASS...but they're happy that Natalie & Nadiya got it, even hugging that team and getting the stink on THEM as well!

Ah, THERE's Wijaya Motors! James & Abba finally exit their cab and get the DETOUR in sixth, choosing ICE. Team Besties arrive a few minutes later and choose the same (though a BIT reluctantly). As they start loading the ice, Jaymes & James start UNloading onto the becak and Abbie & Ryan pull up beside them. The dancers nearly LOSE a block en route but manage to catch it before it falls off. they finish the DETOUR in third and look for the PIT STOP with the possible two-million-dollar winners on their tail in fourth (even after COMPLETELY overturning the becak). the Ja(y)mes Boys are Team #3 and Team Dating Divorcees are #4. Team #5...Josh & Brent.

Aaaaaaaand Amy & Daniel are STILL lost! Aaaaaaaaaand so are Rob & Kelley! It sucks more that the local number for "411" in Indonesia...is non-existant. But one team it DOESN'T suck for...is Team Sub Teachers, who arrive at the DETOUR in eighth and choose ICE. Rob & Kelley arrive at the SAME TIME and likewise choose ICE.

As James & Abba check-in as Team #6, Caitlin & Brittany take it VERY carefully with their becak and get stuck on a bump. They free themselves much to the delight of the locals and continue to the market. Meanwhile, Will feels bad that his screw-up will lead them to being Pihliminated...totally unaware that Amy & Daniel are only NOW showing up at Wijaya Motors, taking the DETOUR clue and choosing ICE.

Team #7...Caitlin & Brittany.

Team Monster Truckers ride their becak to market...as Team Sub Teachers overturn their cart...as Team Adaptive Action ride to the market. Team #8...Rob & Kelley.

Who can get their becak to the market, unload and get ot the mat first? Well, Gary & Will unload first and WALK...but Amy & Daniel are right behind and RUN!

"Gary & Will," says Phil, "you are still in the Race! You are Team #9! " Shock and relief exude out of the teachers as they hug and scream in delight!

After giving away a possible two million dollars in the last Leg, the prostetic-legged lady and her business partner/dater have lost the entire Race due to a piss-poor taxi driver. Phil informs them that they're last and they're out. Tears flow from their eyes, so disappointed that it had to end this way. But they compliment each other and tell each other they're proud and that they love each other. At least it's proof that ANYONE - even someone who lost their legs, spleen and a kidney to Neisseria meningitis and STILL finds a way to be a world-class snowboarder - can run The Amazing Race!



1) Natalie & Nadiya* (+3) - EXPRESS PASS
2) Trey & Lexi* (+7)
3) Jaymes & James (+7)
4) Abbie* & Ryan (-3) - $2M Chance
5) Josh* & Brent (+2)
6) James* & Abba (EVEN)
7) Caitlin* & Brittany (-4)
8) Rob* & Kelley (-3)
9) Gary & Will* (-1)
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Amy & Daniel (-8)
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Rob & Shiela

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner
BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT IN LEG: Trey & Lexi and Jaymes & James

To see this episode in its entirety, or to apply to be a contestant on "The Amazing Race", visit the official website at www.cbs.com/amazingrace