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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...and, quite possibly, even TWO million!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
Elise Doganieri
EP Jerry Bruckheimer
Bertram van Munster
Jonathan Littman
Elise Doganieri
Mark Vertullo
Packager Jerry Bruckheimer TV
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Funky Monkey
October 21 - Leg 4

Previously on THE AMAZING RACE...nine teams continues their trek across the Indonesia archipelago. After holding 20 plates of Padang food all at once in Surabaya, they hopped trains to Bangil. There, they paraded around with giant lion masks and had eggs fried on their heads...literally. Abbie & Ryan (Team Dating Divorcees) continued their quest for TWO million bucks as they won their second Leg. A Blind DOUBLE U-TURN sent Gary & Will (Team Sub Teachers) back to do both DETOURs...but Caitlin & Brittany (Team Besties) had the worst...driver...EVER and took a wrong turn during a neck-and-neck race to the PIT STOP...and they were sent packing. Eight teams remain on this circumnavigation of the globe...who will be sent home NEXT?!



At this prestigious school, Abbie & Ryan begin Leg 4 (and continue their hunt for twice the bucks) with this clue:



Travel more than 2600 miles north to the capital city of Bangladesh: Dahka. Once you land, make your way to Rubel Model Auto Mobiles - a bus repair shop - where your next clue awaits in a bucket.

The daters are happy to have the lead again...even if it's just for two minutes ahead of Trey & Lexi (Team Texas Two-Step). At a nearby travel agency, Team Dating Divorcees try to get the earliest flight to the country almost completely surrounded by India. The flight they are recommended for is one that leaves at 10am the next morning. AI-YA! The Great Equalizer strikes again! Close to 12 hours later, all sixteen wacky Racers board the plane. Of them all, Team Sub Teachers are the most-relieved...and they're PRETTY sure it was Rob & Kelley (Married Monster Truckers) who U-TURNed them before (which they did... but you'd be hard pressed to make Rob ADMIT it to them). Without a hitch, the palne and the Racers take off (with a layover in Singapore) for....


At the sister city of Kolkata, India, and one of the major metropoli of South Asia, the teams touch down, run out and look for English-speaking cabbies. Well,...except for the Married Monster Truckers. See, THEY go to a taxi STAND in the airport and sign-up to GET their own cab. Sure enough, their cab hauls them out of the airport in the lead. Getting a cab out in the BUSY streets of Dhaka is nigh-on-impossible. It's by sheer luck that Abbie & Ryan get one before everyone else does (though theirs needs to stop for petrol). Natalie & Nadiya (Team Jeresy Twins) LIKE the aggressive driving of the Bengali cabbies. Jaymes & James (Team Full Monty!) listen to the cacophony of car horns like they were enjoying a symphony. James & Abba (Team Hair Metal) liken the ride to a roller coaster. Josh & Brent (Team Beekman Boys) like the goat herders on the streets, feeling that they're "among their peeps" at last.

Gary & Will's cabbie says they're taking a "short cut" to their destination...and the two Michigan boys are just praying the man is right. Rob & Kelley, however, arrive at a landfill...and thus must turn around. But it's Abbie & Ryan who arrive first at:


Right behind the couple is Team Jersey Twins. They both hit the next:



Over 15,000 buses do battle on the streets of Dhaka every day...and, sometimes, they get dents and holes. One team member must go inside this bus repair shop and help fix a bus. First, you take some "body putty" to fill in damages and sand it smooth (by hand) to prepare it for re-painting. Then, help a partner remove three pairs of seats and haul them to the refurbishing center. Once the job is done right and the seats are brought to the center, a worker will hand you your next clue.

Ryan and Natalie decide to do this 'BLOCK, both dismissing the FAST FORWARD clue that is ALSO in the envelope. As the two run in to fix the buses, Team Full Monty! arrive. They, likewise, pass of the FF and James runs in to do the task. Ryan is doing well with the putty and Nadiya is proud of Natalie and how well SHE'S doing...though she shout that they need to get this done first because they are "the only 'brownies' here!" (HER words, NOT mine!). James...can't get the lid off the small bucket of putty. Rob & Kelley show up, with Rob a) not even CONSIDERING the FF and b) taking the task (Kelley's now THREE 'BLOCKs behind...which might lead to trouble in later Legs). This is PERFECT for Rob: he & Kelley fix the bodies of their monster trucks all the time!

When James & Abba show up, they DON'T ignore the green slip of paper tucked in with the 'BLOCK. They decide to give it a go on the Race's first:



To win this FAST FORWARD, teams must take part in a vital service to the people of Dhaka. Rats destroy between 1.5 million to 2 million tons of food a year. Each team member must travel with a pest control agent and collect a bag-full of dead rats from three different locations. Once the city has been (ahem) e-rat-icated, the agent will hand you the clue to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

As the rocker and the lawyer depart for the agent's location, Team Beekman Boys arrive and Josh opts to do the deed. Trey comes in for Team Texas Two-Step and, in last (AGAIN), Gary goes for Team Sub Teachers. Everyone is puttying sides (with Nadiya shouting the loudest, much to the chagrin of the other teams)...except for "Big Hair Don't Care". But it's Ryan who finishes puttying first. Uh,...there's one problem, though; their clue is muddy and they're not sure what else to do. Ryan asks James for help with the clue in exchange for HELPING him with HIS 'BLOCK. Not sure if that's against the Rules of the Race or not...but I guess we'll find out at the PIT STOP, right? The next step is to wait for the putty to dry (not for too long) and then SAND it flat. Trey asks for a ruling...and the worker gives it a thumbs-down, much to his ire. James is getting frustrated and starts to scrape off the bad job he's doing, but Jaymes and Abbie calm him down. Rob finishes the putty second, with Natalie close in third as Ryan starts to sand.

Speaking of "Big Hair Don't Care", Team Hair Metal arrive at the pest control shop and get the route from the agent. They, of COURSE, grab the gloves and ask for directions from locals to their first stop, the New City Restaurant. It's hard to find, especially in the heat of the Bengali summer. They hope for "disaster" for the other teams. They finally arrive and open up the pails where a dozen or so dead rodents are piled up. James & Aba don't mind too much; they say they look like ones they KNEW in the touring business. With that spot done, they head for the next location.

Both Josh and Gary get the "negative" and Gary, like James before, scrapes off the putty and tries again. Trey has laid it too thick so HE has to start over as well. Nadiya just will NOT shut up, and it's getting on EVERYBODY's nerves as she cheers on Natalie! Ryan finishes the sanding first and now heads to another bus to remove and carry the seats. As he delivers the first pair of seats, Rob gets the OK to stop sanding and start hauling. And haul he does...as in TWO pairs at once!

But, of course, it's Ryan who finishes first. Abbie & he get this clue from the worker:



Make your way to Kawrana Bozar Shootkir Market and search a marked bag of dried fish for a Race "fish" (a dried fish with the red-and-yellow Race colors on them). One team per bag, please. Once found, have the shopkeepper exchange it for your next clue.

As they leave with Ryan panting heavily, Rob brings the third pair of seats to the refurbisher so he & Kelley can leave in second. Natalie finishes HER sanding and gets to the seat...and she grabs a pair and hauls it out the front door (not even BOTHERING with the helpers). As such, she finishes the task in quick order and she & Nadiya leave in third...much to the pleasure of the other teams' eardrums, I'm sure. Josh gets the puttying done and starts sanding like crazy. James is next to get the OK to sand, leaving Trey and Gary to try to catch-up.

Back on the streets, the "rat Racers" (ha-ha) find a dump nearby where more Black Plague ancestors are waiting for them. As they scoop up the rats (Aba actually saying "trick or treat" as he does), they prep for the final leg...and Abba steps in a puddle of raw sewage. He gets concerned about hepatitis or other diseases...but James says that it's "only water". Abba MAY have hurt his knee as well with that mis-step.

Josh gets the thumbs-up to stop sanding and get to seat-dragging. Gary gets another thumbs-down for the putty while James gets a thumbs-UP for the sanding. As the goat farmer and the dancer/guitarist carry that weight, Trey FINALLY gets the go-ahead to sand. Gary & Mike are in last AGAIN! But they can still hope for another miracle. Gary FINALLY gets the nod and starts to sand...just as Josh & Brent leave the ROADBLOCK in fourth, James & Jaymes right behind in fifth (yes, I know the titles on the screen say 5th and 6th...but, until the FF is completed, I'm sticking with what I put down).


Team Dating Divorcees halt their cab at the market and see the red-and-yellow-striped fish bags. The dired, smelly, fly-ridden fish do NOT look appetizing to either of them...but in they dig. After a few minutes, they yank out a red-and-yellow fish. The shopkeepper takes the fish and gives them their next:



POUND THE METAL: Grab a hammer! Both members must use sledgehammers to pound an iron rod into a sharp spiked tool known as a "sant". Should the iron get to cool, you must use the bellows to heat the rod up again so you can "strike while the iron is hot". Once you make your spike, a blacksmith will hand you your next clue.

POUND THE METAL: Make a mattress the Bangali way! Use bamboo rods to beat the clumps of cotton into a fine, feathery consistancy. Then stuff a mattress with the cotton and sew it up. Once the mattress is sewn up completely, a craftsman will hand you your next clue.

Abbie & Ryan decide to POUND THE COTTON, not sure if they can weild the 10-pound sledgehammers well enough and more confident with this task since Abbie's made clothing in the past. They arrive at the nearby crafting spot, grab the battans and get to whacking! Well, RYAN whacks...Abbie spreads it out onto the mattress bottom as he does. As they continue, Team Jersey Twins get to digging into the bags 'o' fish as Married Monster Truckers get lost in the market. The girls get the DETOUR clue in second decide to POUND THE METAL. Rob & Kelley FIND the fish at last and LIKEWISE go for the METAL. While they look for the blacksmith, Abbie directs Ryan in the intricities of mattress-making after the cotton is pounded enough. They get the cotton into the mattress as Abbie starts to sewing.

Ah, there are our ratcatchers-in-training. They're at a brickyard to collect the rest of the rodents. As they finished filling it up, a "parade of people" filed behind them, like they've never seen two long-haired, pale men collect rats before. But they appreciate it, because it shows a side of the Race that is usually overlooked: the local populace and how happy they can be from the simple things. They return to the agency, dump out the rats and the agent gives them this LOVELY clue:



You are now free to bypass all other tasks on this Leg and proceed directly to the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race: Shyambazar Chan Mia Ghat, across the Buriganga River via ferry to Swarighat Old Dhaka.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Of course, winning the FAST FORWARD in NO way gaurentees they'll win the Leg...or even stave off Philimination. So the friends get to a cab and haul to the ferry...with Abba pouring copius amounts of hand sanitizer all over the foot he stepped into the sewage.

Meanwhile, back at the ROADBLOCK, two guys are STILL sanding the bus sides...but it's Trey who gets the nod first. Will is still optimistic, though and, as Trey brings his second pair of seats to the refurbisher, Gary gets the OK. Trey & Lexi may be leaving in seventh and Gary & Will in dead last again...but stranger things have happened to the teachers in this Race already. And, sure enough, Team Texas Two-Step's cab breaks down! So Team Sub Teachers pass them by into 7th, getting fresh life YET AGAIN! But, after a little cooling down (with a little Sprite(TM)) and a push-start, Trey & Lexi get back into the Race!


In this riverside bazaar, two men who have travelled extensively while on tour find themselves on the world-map-covered mat with a Bengali in white (and a rockin' orange beard) greeting them. Phil is there as well and proclaims James & Abba as Team # 1! And the Travelocity Roaming Gnome(TM) is sending them to Antigua and the secluded St. James Club for seven nights, including a private yacht ride and full spa treatment! Team Hair Metal have come to win the Race...and this is the next step towards it!

Back at the DETOUR, the teams are now fighting just to NOT get eliminated. Team Dating Divorcees ask the craftsman for a ruling...but he notices that not all the cotton has been placed in the mattress. Ah, Bistha! (Look it up...) So they have to open it up a bit and get all that cotton into it. As they work on that, Team Jersey Twins bang the rod hard with Marrie Monster Truckers getting close as well. But it's Natalie & Nadiya's blacksmith who tells them to stop as they are finished. Now in second place, the girls get this important clue:



Head for the Keranigonj Kholamora launch ghat on the Buriganga River and travel by ferry across to Swarighat in Old Dhaka. Then travel on foot to Shyambazar Chan Mia Ghat, the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

Rob & Kelley get THEIR spike done less than a minute later so, though they leave in third, it's far from over.

The Ja(y)mes Boys arrive at the market and start digging into the fish for the elusive Race-fish. As they struggle (with both the search AND the smell), Team Beekman Boys arrive and start digging themselves. Strangely enough, Josh & Brent find the fish first and enter the DETOUR in fifth, choosing COTTON. A second later, Jaymes & James find it and choose to do the same for their DETOUR. As they head for the craftsman, Abbie & Ryan finish their mattress properly and leave the DETOUR in fourth. The boys then start to whack their cotton into oblivion.

Team Jersey Twins get into their cab and haul to the ferry...while Married Monster Truckers get lost, both in translation and literally, in the market. Meanwhile two OTHER cabs ride TO the market, with Team Texas Two-Step's cab passing Team Sub Teachers' one en route. Both those teams arrive at the market close together and dig for fish. When they find them, Trey & Lexi POUND THE METAL while Gary & Will POUND THE COTTON with the other all-male teams.


Team Dating Divorcees arrive at ferry launch and hop on a small boat who says they're the ferry to Swarighat. They leave in one minute...and no other teams are around. But here comes Natalie & Nadiya, who jump on the boat just before it pulls out of the ghat. Rob & Kelley finally find a cab and head for the ghat themselves.

Back at POUND THE COTTON, the mattresses are ready for sewing. Team Full Monty!...don't know thing ONE about it and struggle. Team Beekman Boys have a better time as Josh (who was once a drag queen) sewd quite often. As such, they get the clue from the craftsman and leave for the PIT STOP in fifth. Jaymes & James ask for a ruling and the craftsman replies by bringing more cotton over with which to stuff it. As they re-stuff and re-sew, Team Sub Teachers arrive and begin THEIR mattress...just as Team Texas Two-Step start to pound on the rod.

Swarighat! All ashore that's going ashore! Women and Racers first, please! The four Americans heft up their bags and start to run to the bazaar. Through the mess of carts and tents, the teams search for Phil and the greeter. And, in the Race for second, Abbie & Ryan edge them out as Team #2. Natalie & Nadiya are officially Team #3. So the three Leg winners are now 1-2-3 in the Race.

Rob & Kelley arrive at the ghat and board another ferry. As they start to sail off, they see Josh & Brent at the riverside. When the goat farmers ask the truck drivers about it, Rob claims to be lost. This doesn't deter the men, though; they find the ghat and board another ferry.

Trey & Lexi pound on that spike like Grant connecting the Transcontinental Railroad. They eventually make it work and leave the DETOUR in sixth. After re-sewing and pounding the mattress for good measure, Jaymes & James leave in seventh...again leaving Gary & Will alone in last.

Married Monster Truckers arrive at the PIT STOP...but Phil does NOT proclaim them Team #4. The clue CLEARLY said to get off at Swarighat...and they DIDN'T. Hence, they must go TO Swarighat VIA ferry before they can be checked-in. The couple find their ferry captain and demands he make this right. The captain has no problem with that.

As Team Beekman Boys arrive at Swarighat they run into...Team Texas Two-Step?! The couple took a cab to Old Dhaka...but the life partners clue them in that they need to go BACK to Dhaka and catch a ferry like they did. Oopsie. So they board the ferry Josh & Brent were just ON for a round trip across the river. This allows Josh & Brent to become Team # 4.

As Team Full Monty! board a ferry, Team Sub Teachers finish the DETOUR in last. But these TAR superfans REFUSE to give up yet.

Rob & Kelley arrive at Swarighat and Rob yells at the captain that this might have cost him a million dollars. ("La-di-flippin-da", the captain seems to say.) As they run to be checked-in as Team #5, Trey & Lexi arrive at the ghat, confirm it is where they should be and then rejoins the ferry for the trip back. Jaymes & James are Team # 6.

Team Texas Two-Step are back at Swarighat and they run into...Gary & Will? Oh, no...not again! When Team Sub Teachers get the bad news...it must feel like Appalachian State all over again. They get on a ferry back to Keranigonj Kholamora, CERTAIN they're out this time.

Trey & Lexi dropped five spots...but they're Team #7 and still in the Race.

Back and forth goes the two friends across the river. They felt they were representing ALL the fans of the show...and they let them down. They hit the mat and Phil tells them they are the last team to arrive. No miracle this time: they have been eliminated. Will shrugs and says they gave it their best shot. The greeter gives them a "Aabar dekha hobe (good-bye)" as the the friends head back to Michigan, disappointed for their placement...but happy to have tried. Hail to the Victors, baby.



1) James & Abba (+3) - Antigua
2) Abbie & Ryan* (-1) - $2M Chance, Fiji
3) Natalie & Nadiya* (+3) - EXPRESS PASS
4) Josh* & Brent (+1)
5) Rob*** & Kelley (+2)
6) Jaymes* & James (-3)
7) Trey & Lexi* (-5)
ELIMINATED IN 8th) Gary & Will (EVEN)
ELIMINATED IN 9th) Caitlin & Brittany
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Amy & Daniel
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Rob & Shiela

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner
BIGGEST IMPROVEMENT IN LEG: James & Abba and Natalie & Nadiya

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