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Eleven teams of two, joined by family or relationship, follow a path of twists and turns in a frenetic race around the world for $1 million...and, quite possibly, even TWO million!

Who will be the first to cross the finish line?

Recaps by Chris Wolvie, GSNN

Host Phil Keoghan
Creator Bertram van Munster
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Chill Out, Freak
October 28 - Leg 5

Previously on THE AMAZING RACE...sixteen Americans travelled from Indonesia to the capital city of Bangladesh. While many of the Racers fixed up the side of a bus before going to either hammering spikes or stuffing mattresses, James & Abba (Team Hair Metal) decided to collect dead rats in order to win the FAST FORWARD and finish the Leg in first. Unfortunately for Gary & Will (Team Sub Teachers), their luck ran out and they were sent back to Michigan. Six teams are still Racing for a million...and one for TWO million...who will be Philiminated NEXT?!


At the outskirts of the "City of Mosques" (where 90% of the locals are Muslim), the two rockers ready themselves for Leg 5. But,...two hours before they start, James gets some bad news from home. His father, who has been fighting cancer for years, is not doing well at all. In fact, he doesn't have long as the cancer has no chance of remission. James is sad...but he vows to continue the Race, thinking of his dad and using him as motivation. Abba, of course, is there for his friend.


And so, with a heavy heart and a tear in either eye, James & Abba start the Leg with this clue:



Make your way on foot to Sadar Ghat (and the marked taxi stand) and then by taxi to Jatrabari Boro Bazar, the largest fresh produce market in Dhaka. Once there, find the "begun" vendor and he will hand you your next clue.

You have $1 for this Leg of the Race.

(They don't know that "begun" (pronounced be-GOON) is the local word for "eggplant". And having only $1 usually means you're STAYING in the area so...hope everyone likes Dhaka)

Through the crowded streets of the capital city Team Hair Metal push their way to the taxi stands. The next time they want to see ANY other team is among the eliminated teams applauding them as they run up to see Phil proclaiming them the million-dollar winners. They have a sizable lead to start with (just over two hours), so they are still alone on the course as they arrive at...


As the Geico(TM) commercials would say, Gallagher would have a FIELD DAY here. The team asks around for "begun" and get pointed the way to the eggplant vendor. The vendor pulls out of his shirt the clue to their next destination:



Make your way by taxi to Ferry Ghat Road under Demra Bridge. Once there, search for your next clue.

As THEY start to head towards the bridge, the other teams start to leave the PIT STOP. Their departure times (local) are:
Abbie & Ryan (Team Dating Divorcees): 0941
Natalie & Nadiya (Team Jersey Twins): 0942
Josh & Brent (Team Beekman Boys): 1053
Rob & Kelley (Married Monster Truckers): 1059
Jaymes & James (Team Full Monty!): 1110
Trey & Lexi (Team Texas Two-Step): 1134

Winning the two mil is nice...but Ryan wants Abbie & he to tie or set the record for most Legs won set by Rachel & Dave in the previous Race, thus making THEM the "strongest team ever". The twins are happy to not only be the last two-girl team left but to be BEATING many of the other teams (especially the two remaining two-guy teams)! they ask they're cabbie to "beat the goras"; "goras" means "white people" though they claim it's NOT derrogatory. Josh & Brent are less comfy with being together 24/7 as Brent usually works in the city and helps farm with Josh on weekends. Did you know that Kelley is also a rodeo barrel racer? Keen.


James & Abba arrive at the bridge, find the Clue Box and read their next:



In Bangladesh, people use scales to put value to the goods they sell. One team member must build a rudimentary Bengali scale out of ropes and sticks. Then they must USE the scale to balance four heavy stones on one side with an equal weight of wood on the other. Once the scale is in balance, a nearby worker will hand you your next clue.

James decides to give this a whirl, since Abba has had problems with his knees from the last Leg. James was a Boy Scout and remembered building tents with the same tripod of bamboo...but by now has forgot the exact process. After a few falls, he gets the big tripod to stand. He starts to hook up the scale proper. But when he asks for a ruling about it, he gets a 'no'. He looks again at the "control" scale...and realizes that there are small "lashing ropes" on the top. He can't find said lashing ropes, though (but, of course, the CAMERAMAN does). He finally DOES find them hanging up on a wooden pole.

Meanwhile, Abbie & Ryan and Natalie & Nadiya arrive at the market and search for the "begun" vendor. They eventually find him and leave for the ROADBLCOK in second and third. And the fourth, fifth and sixth teams leave the PIT STOP.

THIS time, James gets the nod and grabs four heavy stones to place on one side of the scale. He then grabs a big log and a number of sticks. With careful manipulation, he gets the scale's needle to point straight up...and the worker gives him the thumbs-up, as well as the next clue. And from the ROADBLOCK, they run right into the next:



STRAW DOGS: Have it in the bag! You must help a local company great an eco-friendly "juke bag" out of straw. First, take strands of unprocessed juke (straw) and whip it on a plate of tall nails to untangle the strands. Once 20 bundles are hackled, you must bring one large bundle to the production line (at Mill No. 2) used to make the bags. Once you reach the end of the production line, a worker will hand you your next clue, which is ON a juke bag.

BAMBOO JUNGLE: Haul bamboo! Head for the bamboo plant and haul 40 bamboo poles of various lengths (10 tall, 10 medium, 20 short) from a marked rack through the plant, loading them onto a freight rickshaw. Then bike the rickshaw through the congested streets of Dahka to a construction site where they will use it to make scaffolding. Once all 40 poles are delivered, the foreman will hand you your next clue, which is on a piece of bamboo.

Either way sounds like heavy lifting, but Team Hair Metal decide to negotiate the BAMBOO JUNGLE and grab their cab to make their way.

Some time later, Team Dating Divorcees arrives at the ROADBLOCK. Upon reading the clue about it, they think it's something Abbie could handle since "it ain't heavy". Oops...it IS heavy! What's more, Abbie's NOT good with her hands...so she's pretty clueless. As she starts, Nadiya of Team Jersey Twins gets started...and, of course, Natalie is cheering her "twinie" on LOUDLY. This irks Ryan to no end and he demands to know if she's gonna be doing this the whole time. Ryan decides to SHOW how annoying it is by shouting similar encouragement to Abbie. Nadiya and Abbie themselves aren't very fond of each other...but they keep things civil as they work.

Back at the market outside the PIT STOP, Team Beekman Boys are lost in the crowd. This allows Married Monster Truckers to move into fourth and Team Full Monty! into fifth. They start to panic as time goes on (and the last team leaves the PIT STOP), looking and praying for someone to speak English so they can get on the right path to the taxi stand. When they FINALLY reach it, Team Texas Two-Step is there WITH them...so it becomes a race for last.


James & Abba arrive at the bamboo market, pick out a rickshaw and look at the "control" cart to figure out how many they need to haul of what length. Then they enter the maze of bamboo, looking for the marked rack. It takes some time but they manage to find it. Between the two, they take four medium poles and work their way back to their rickshaw. As the day's heat and humidity gets stronger (this IS straddling the Tropic of Cancer, after all), Abba can feel it more than any strain on his knees. The tall poles give them the worst problems as they kept knocking into everybody like an old clown routine. But they get all their bamboo and tie it up to transfer to the construction site.

Back at the ROADBLOCK, the girls keep at it. Abbie seems to have issues while Nadiya takes her time (and Natalie gets a local child to cheer her twin on as well). Nadiya gets the thunbs-up to start weighing...while Abbie gets the head shake as the scales are hanging too low.

Jaymes & James arrives at the produce market and searches for the "begun" vendor. It doesn't take them long to get their next clue and leave for the 'BLOCK in fourth. Right behind them are Rob & Kelley. Some time later, Josh & Brent get the clue in sixth, but Trey & Lexi are right on their tails.

As Nadiya starts to put the wood on her scale, Married Monster Truckers (who somehow beat the Ja(y)mes Boys) arrive and Kelley elects to do the task. As she starts to build, Nadiya balances out the scale and gets the thumbs-up, sending them on the DETOUR in second. They choose BAMBOO FOREST and leave as Jaymes & James arrive, with Jaymes deciding to get up to scale (so to speak). Before the dancers arrive, though, Abbie gets the thumbs-up to start weighing. But, as she gets the wood and stones on, the worker tells her it needs to be still higher off the ground. After a quick readjustment of the poles and replacing sticks and stones, Abbie gets the thumbs-up and she & Ryan leave in third to do STRAW DOGS. As they split, Brent and Trey opt to do the 'BLOCK for their respective teams.

Again, it's long poles that cause the most to-do for Team Hair Metal, swinging wide left and hitting anything (and anyONE) in the way (and not paying attention). Needless to say, they are NOT making friends with the locals here. But a few DO help keep the bamboo steady as they walk through the narrow streets to the construction site.

Four teams are at the 'BLOCK, and it's Jaymes who (though unsuccessful in getting the crowd to cheer for him) finishes his scale first. And, though the rocks and wood are mere INCHES off the ground, they ARE off the ground and balanced, so Team Full Monty! leaves in fourth and choose BAMBOO.

Which, by the way, is at where Team Jersy Twins now arrive. They take some small poles and haul them to the rickshaw (knocking someone in the head en route) as they start the task...which James & Abba are now FINISHING as they arrive at the site. The foreman counts the poles to confirm the right amount and then hands them a wide block of bamboo with a picture on it. It's a picture of a house, from the looks of it. The DETOUR clue says that the clue given them will lead them to the next PIT STOP. So, essentially, it is saying THIS:



This is a picture of Lok Shilpa Jadughar, a folk art and craft museum in Sonargaon originally built over 100 years and the PIT STOP for this Leg of the Race. Travel to it.

WARNING! The last team to check-in MAY BE ELIMINATED!

The instructions to their cabbie are dirt simple: "You know where it is? Drive us there!" Looks like another easy win for the rocker and his lawyer friend. Meanwhile, Natalie & Nadiya have a trial with the tall bamboo poles...even smacking into the cameraman once.


When Abbie & Ryan arrive at the straw mill, a group of ladies lead them (and the bunches of jute) to the "hackling" area. The mill is HUGE...not to mention rather WARM! Ryan realizes how good they have it back home. They watch a worker whack the strands on the bed of nails five times before twisting them and folding them in half to make a bundle. So the two divorcees get to whacking. Did I mention it was hot in there? As they continue, their skin shines with sweat.

Back at the 'BLOCK, Trey gets the OK to weigh. As he piles up the rocks, Brent gets told it's wrong (the stick holding one of the weight-sides is tied OUTSIDE the hook instead of INSIDE). As he looks for what's wrong, Kelley finishes HER scales and gets to weighing. Trey gets things level and he & Lexi hit the DETOUR in fifth and go to the BAMBOO JUNGLE. Right behind them, Kelley gets HER wight right, allowing Rob & he to split in sixth and choose BAMBOO as well. This leaves Team Beekman Boys in last and still struggling.


It was an easy road for James & Abba today as the head up to Phil and the lovely local at the mat. Having a two-hour lead and never seing another team helped matters immensely. After a "Shagotom" (hello) by the greeter, Phil proclaims them as Team # 1...again. And this time, Travelocity is sending them to the Malaysian rainforest complete with kayak tour and Malay massage. They talk about James' father and James hopes papa's proud of how well they're doing on the Race. But his family told him to keep going...and so he did...and he will.

Back at STRAW DOGS, Team Dating Divorcees continue with the hackling until they have twenty bundles. But the workers there say that half the bundles need to be hackled some more. Ah, well...a-hackling they will go. After a while, they notice how the bundles are to be laid out straight and correct their mistake. This seems to do the trick as the workers OK their hackling job. Ryan then hefts a larger bundle onto his shoulder and Abbie directs him through the mill to the drop-off point. A guard then directs them to the end of the production line where they pick up the jute bag with the picture of the museum on the front. They leave for the PIT STOP in second and tell the driver to haul buns.

Back at BAMBOO JUNGLE, Jaymes & James arrive and run to find the bamboo they need, passing Natalie & Nadiya en route. After the girls direct the guys to the poles, the guys hustle to catch up, hauling six, seven or eight poles at a time. While the two teams work, Team Texas Two-Step arrives. The twins tie their bamboo down (busting Nadiya's blister) and the dancers re-hydrate after hauling many, MANY sticks. Trey & Lexi try to carry poles by THEMSELVES instead of together...and carrying them horizontally is NOT a good idea in these tight quarters. And here comes Married Monster Truckers...and Rob carries TEN of the small ones HIMSELF (with Kelley lending support)! They start to cruise...despite Lexi accidentally thwacking Rob with part of a medium pole.

Aaaaaaand Brent is STILL having issues putting the scales together. And the heat is getting to him. Josh is getting QUITE concerned about his partner and wonders if this is worth it. Brent has worked with dehydrated people before...but him actually FEELING it is a first for him. But, after a few bottles of water, he's back in it...and THEN he finds out what he's doing wrong. He fixes it, gets the OK, puts on the sticks and stones and Team Beekman Boys FINALLY hit the DETOUR, choosing BAMBOO JUNGLE.

Abbie & Ryan...they are Team #2...again. Abbie seems all right...but Ryan is upset that they can no longer take the record for Most Legs Won set last Race. But Abbie just tells him to smile. And he SHOULD. After all, they can STILL win more than any other Racers before them!

Team Jersey Twins finish the tying-up and (after a brief dance with an older gentleman) head off to the construction site. Just like Team Hair Metal, they have issues with the long poles going around tight corners. Meanwhile, Jaymes & James start to tying, despite getting weaker by the minute because they don't eat to save money. Trey & Lexi haul the long poles like troopers, but Rob & Kelley are next to start tying-up their poles thanks to Rob's strength. Nadiya & Natalie arrive at the site, get counted in and get the PIT STOP clue in third. Back at the market, though, Jaymes & James untie and toss some medium poles, feeling they are on the wrong side...and Trey & Lexi think the poles were THEIRS since they landed on top of their long ones. A bit of confusion quickly worked out...we hope. Married Monster Trucks have the same hard time with Kelley biking and Rob yelling. But they get the bamboo clue in fourth. Oh, and Team Beekman Boys show up to TRY to catch up.

Jaymes & James start to pedal off with their bamboo...not knowing they left three medium ones behind! this might (inadvertantly) be the break Josh & Brent are looking for. And finding a small black goat raises their hopes considerably. Team Texas Two-Step get ready to head off...and notice the three left behind by Team Fully Monty! Too late to warn them now as they run into a convoy of trucks.

Nadiya & Natalie...they are Team # 3...again. They're a bit bummed, but they like Muumuu (the greeter) and say that, since they're Sri Lankan, the three are "sisters".

And here's where Jaymes & James get the bad news: they're three poles short. Oh, NOT good. As they turn their rickshaw around, Trey & Lexi arrive and clue them in. Jaymes, however, is exhausted from the heat of the day and the (obvious) lack of food. James isn't much better. But, as they say, "If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough!" After dousing themselves with copius amounts of water, they stand up and take the rickshaw back. Meanwhile, Team Texas Two-Step get the PIT STOP clue in fifth. Meanwhile, Josh & Brent DRAG the poles, two-by-two, through the maze and hope against hope that they can catch up.

Rob & Kelley are checked-in as Team #4. And there was much rejoicing. (Yeah...)

TThe Ja(y)mes Boys arrive back at the bazar and, after a quick breath-catching, grab the three forgotten poles to re-tie onto the rickshaw. Team Beekman Boys have not given up yet, dragging and carrying the poles. They saved their farm after losing their jobs...they can save this Race for themselves.

Trey & Lexi are Team #5.

Two teams of men move their rickshaws through the narrow streets, carefully avoiding everyone as they are trailed by locals of all ages. Team Full Monty! get their clue in 6th, but Josh & Brent are a few minutes behind...

But a few minutes isn't enough. Jaymes & James are officially Team # 6...despite Jaymes tripping mere feet from the mat.

Josh & Brent roll up to the PIT STOP where they get the bad news they knew was coming: Phil proclaims them the "last team to arrive".


Ayup...took five Legs, but we finally arrived at the first of three Non-Elimination Legs (N.E.L.s) in the Race! The life partners are STILL Racing...although they'll have a SPEED BUMP to overcome at some point in Leg 6. They're happy...not just that they're still in it but because they each have the greatest partner they could ever wish for. Awwwww...



1) James* & Abba (EVEN) - Antigua, Malaysia Rainforest
2) Abbie & Ryan (EVEN) - $2M Chance, Fiji
3) Natalie & Nadiya (EVEN) - EXPRESS PASS
4) Rob** & Kelley (+1)
5) Trey & Lexi (+2)
6) Jaymes** & James (EVEN)
7) Josh & Brent (-3)
ELIMINATED IN 8th) Gary & Will (EVEN)
ELIMINATED IN 9th) Caitlin & Brittany
ELIMINATED IN 10th) Amy & Daniel
ELIMINATED IN 11th) Rob & Shiela

* = One ROADBLOCK more than partner

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