The Amazing Race
Season 10
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Today is

I Know Phil, Little Ol' Gorgeous Thing! - October 8
Leg 4: Hanoi, Vietnam - Sol Sim Island, Vietnam


It's now time for the 4th leg of TAR 10, and this one begins in Danh Dong Dig, Vietnam. But first, we get word that Rob collapsed from heat exhaustion in the previous leg and required medical attention. Eventually, he's well enough to continue the journey. Erwin and Godwin checked in first on the previous leg, so they'll check out and be the first to read this clue.
Travel by Taxi to Hanoi and make your way to the Southeast corner to find the Ly Thai To Garden, once there listen for the next clue. You have 588,000 Vietnamese dong. Pick up your Vietnamese dong from the man at the table.

After that, the teams pick up 588,000 dong from an elderly person before riding the taxis. When the teams have reached...they hear a rare audio clue telling them to taxi across the Red River to Ben Xe Gia Lam and then take a bus to Ben Xe Bai Chay and find the Hydrofoil Harbor. Though some teams had difficulty with taxis, all teams were eventually bunched together when the bus left at 5 A.M. in the morning.

The teams then face this roadblock...

"Who's got strong arms and legs?"

In this RB, one person has to summon the guts and stamina to power through a potentially frightening challenge. That person must use mechanical ascenders to climb 90 feet up the sheer face of this rock. There are three ascenders and it's first come, first serve. Once at the top, they'll receive their next clue.
Teams were required to wear all of the safety gear provided. Rob, David, Terry, Sarah, Karlyn, Godwin, Tyler, and Dustin decide to complete the Roadblock for their teams.

Rob and Kimberly get the task done first and are also the first team to get this next clue.
Teams must travel 1.2 miles by motorboat to the Sung Sot Cave and search inside for their next clue.

Rob and Kimberly get their first to reveal a Detour.

DETOUR: Over or Under
OVER: Teams ride a "junk" (or boat if you will) to a marked buoy, then row a sampan to the supply boat where they load supplies, deliver supplies to two addresses and then return with an invoice to the boat captain.
UNDER: Teams ride a "junk" to a marked buoy at a different location, then row a sampan to a pearl farm where they haul thirty oyster baskets and deliver them to a pearl farmer.

All of the teams except for Lyn and Karlyn completed the "Under" task. However, both David/Mary and Dustin/Kandice initially opted to complete "Over," but switched after being faced with stiff winds. The difficulty in navigating the boats and problems with wind will lead to a suspenseful conclusion. Rob and Kimberly complete the "Under" task first and get this final clue of the leg.

Teams must now row their sampans back to their junks and travel approximately nine miles to this beach on Soi Sim Island. This rocky island, one of 3,000 in the area, is the pit stop of this leg of the race.

WARNING: The last team to check in may be eliminated!


And now the results...

| #1.|Rob and Kimberly  |Up from #3   |
| #2.|Peter and Sarah   |Up from #5   |
| #3.|Tyler and James   |Down from #2 |
| #4.|Erwin and Godwin  |Down from #1 |
| #5.|David and Mary    |Up from #7   |
| #6.|Lyn and Karlyn    |Same Position|
| #7.|Dustin and Candice|Down from #4 |
| #8.|Tom and Terry     |ELIMINATED   |

For winning this leg, Rob and Kimberly have won a jet ski. But Tom and Terry's fate has been sealed.

Seven teams are now left, but who'll be next to be dropped off the S.S. Keoghan? You'll have to watch and find out.


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