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Season 10
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Today is

Oh, Wow! It's Like One of Those Things You See on TV! - October 1
Leg 3: Terelj, Mongolia - Hanoi, Vietnam


We kick off the third leg of the race in  Mongolia. Peter and Sarah are the first team to receive this clue...
Fly to Hanoi, Vietnam, and find the prison known as "the Hanoi Hilton". You will not receive any money to start this leg, nor are you allowed to ask for any.

The teams must now travel over 2,300 miles to Hanoi, Vietnam. Once they arrive they'll find their way to a prison infamously known as the Hanoi Hilton, where they'll find their next clue. However, they learn of another twist, they will receive no money for the start of the leg. And the teams are not allowed to sell anything or beg for money.

While the teams get their taxis to the "Hanoi Hilton", Duke and Lauren get help from a few Vietnamese the former knew in the past. Unfortunately, they miscalculated the distance from the airport to the prison and they could be setting themselves up for their own roadblock. However, they did luck out after Duke told him he had $11 to his name and the taxi driver understood the situation.
Then an argument over line placement between Tom/Terry and Dustin/Kandice ensued before the teams arrived in Hanoi. where at 8 A.M., they entered the prison nicknamed the "Hanoi Hilton" and search for John McCain's flight suit. Some of the teams choose to stop briefly for a moment of silence out of respect for the veterans of Vietnam. Tom and Terry were the first team to read the next clue...

Make your way to Hanoi's Old Quarter and find the marked flower shop.
The teams now have to make their way 1 1/2 miles to the Old Quarter at an intersection, where they'll find a flower shop. Over there Tom and Terry get there first, one member of each team will participate in a Roadblock that requires them do the following...
Team members must choose a bicycle with a basket of flowers and sell enough of them to make at least 80,000 Vietnamese dong.

After a team completes the aforementioned task, they are allowed to keep any of the money they've made. The teams at this point who've completed the task got their next clue...

Travel by public bus to the Village of Vac.

The teams then travel thirty miles by public bus to Vac Village. After Erwin and Godwin left the bus, one Vietnamese wanted to give them a one-kilometer ride on his motorbike, but they refused. Then Phil (via voiceover) mentions that for safety reasons teams are strictly forbidden to ride or operate on motorcycles while in Vietnam. Upon arriving in Vac, the teams run into a Detour after witnessing a Vietnamese performance...

FUEL: Teams must travel on foot to a workstation where they must press coal to correctly create 30 coal bricks which are Vietnam's common fuel source.
FOWL: Teams must travel on food to a courtyard and then construct a single birdcage.

Erwin and Godwin complete "Fuel" first and they get the final clue...

Make your way on foot to Danh Dong Dig, which is the Pit Stop to this leg of the race.

WARNING: The last team to check in may be eliminated!


After Tom and Terry completed "Fuel" they made a critical error in not following a clue's instructions by riding a motorbike as was mentioned in an earlier voiceover by Phil. This could cost them dearly as when they've got to the mat and has been given the news of their aforementioned event has given them a 30-minute penalty. They now must wait for the said timeframe before returning to the mat. Then a few more teams complete their leg without incident. In the end, here's how they stood.
| #1.|Erwin and Godwin  |Up from #8   |
| #2.|Tyler and James   |Same Position|
| #3.|Rob and Kimberly  |Up from #6   |
| #4.|Dustin and Candice|Up from #5   |
| #5.|Peter and Sarah   |Down from #1 |
| #6.|Lyn and Karlyn    |Up from #9   |
| #7.|David and Mary    |Same Position|
| #8.|Tom and Terry     |Down from #4 |
| #9.|Duke and Lauren   |ELMINATED    |

For Erwin/Godwin's first-place finish, they won a home entertainment system. Tom and Terry were in second place, but their mistake sent them down to 8th place, almost knocking them out of the race. As for Duke and Lauren, apparently they should have done the "Fuel" Detour task instead of the "Fowl" task. As a result, they've been Philiminated.
The 4th leg starts next time here on TAR 10.


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