Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
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Today is

The Twins - June 14

Last time, three geniuses came to play, but between the three of them, they could only muster $25,000.

Next up, two new students... Identical twins playing as a team. Are two heads better than one? Let's find out. Both graduated from EJ Marshall Elementary. One's a workman's comp adjustor. The other's a construction worker. They are CHAD and CORY BAUMGARTNER.

Round 1 begins with Kyle up to play first. Question number one... 

1st Grade Spelling $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The names of how many of the days of the week do not start with the letter "T" or "S"?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Chad & Cory agree on three... Correct for $1000!

1st Grade Geography $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
TRUE OR FALSE? Including Alaska and Hawaii, there are more US states that border the Pacific Ocean than the Atlantic Ocean.

They think FALSE. Pacific border five states. The Atlantic borders 18 states! That's $2000!

Next up to help the twins... Alana.

2nd Grade Vocabulary $5,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
What word can mean both an instrument used to draw circles and also a device used for determining directions.

They're thinking compass... They lock it in... Correct!

Chad & Cory's mom is in the house.

Next question.

2nd Grade Animal Science $10,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Cows exists in herds, while ants live in groups called what?
a) Colonies
b) Communities
c) Clusters

Both agree on colonies... Correct for $10,000!

Next is for the guaranteed $25,000! Helping out... Spencer.

3rd Grade Math $25,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
An isosceles triangle has how many equal sides?

Cory says 2. Chad wants to peek. We... peek. Spencer said... 1.

They go with... 2... Correct... 2!


3rd Grade Life Science $50,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Russet and Yukon Gold are varieties of what vegetable?

Potato is locked in without a question. They're right for $50,000!

Next up, Jacob is center stage to assist.

4th Grade World Geography $100,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
Mount Everest is located in what mountain range?
a) Andes
b) Alps
c) Himalayas

Chad has no idea. Cory thinks that it's B. They go with Alps...

Not right. Correct is C.

So now it's on Jacob... "Himalayas." SAVED!

Next is the $175,000 question. .

4th Grade Social Studies $175,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
According to Article I of the US Constitution, what government official of the Executive Branch also serves as President of the US Senate?

The twins copy their answer. If they had to guess, they would've gone with... nothing. Mom says the Vice President. Mom... is right.

Jacob said... VICE PRESIDENT!

All the cheats are gone, so now it's all on them.

And for the record, when Jeff calls for the Olsen Twins to come out... nothing happens.


5th Grade History $300,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
What former US President was the first American to win the Nobel Peace Prize?

Too big of a risk. They drop out with $175,000! They have no idea. Correct answer... not Franklin Roosevelt. It was Theodore Roosevelt.

Next student to transfer into class is a 31-year-old waitress from Lakeside Elementary in Indianapolis. Please welcome JENNIFER LUCKETT!

First classmate to help is Marki.

3rd Grade Social Studies $1,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
The sentence "Alana always ate anchovies." is an example of which of the following?
a) Alliteration
b) Future tense
c) Compound sentence

Jennifer doesn't remember alliteration. Fun fact: she was a spelling bee champion. She locks in alliteration.. Correct for $1000!

Karl goes TRUE. Answer... FALSE. Vermont was #14.

Kyle said... False! SAVED!


2nd Grade Measurements $2,000 PEEK COPY SAVE
If Jacob stands on Spencer's shoulders, they are 2 1/2 yards high. How many feet is that?

Jennifer has no idea (judging by her answer and Spencer's face) how many feet in a yard are. Jennifer wants to take a ... wait, no... Okay, she'll take a PEEK. Marki said... 78.

"There's 352 feet in a yard!" No. She goes with 78 for her answer...

ALSO wrong. It was 7 1/2 feet. Jennifer flunks with zero.

New student next time. 


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