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Mr. Q has questions... twenty of them. Do you have the answers?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Cat Deeley
Mr. Q Hal Sparks
Creator Robin Burgener (based upon the electronic game)
EP Noah Bonnet
David Hurwitz
Packager Endemol USA for GSN
Origins Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Episode 4
July 11

Cat & Mr. Q hope you enjoyed your 4th of July. But now it's back to business as a ragtag group of humanity's finest rise up against the machine for $20,000.


1) TV
- Comedy
- Premiered in 1998
- More than 50 Emmy nominations
- Made into a movie

Shawn's up to play with "Sex and the City."

- Man
- Born in 1942
- Self-taught: Sketch & sew
- "Makeup to look natural"
- Controversial ads

Correct answer... Calvin Klein. Stephen Gatta, owner of a gourmet jam & mustard company, joins up with Shawn.

- Held annually
- Over 3 million have attended
- 1st one had a "Starr"
- U2, Stones & Springsteen
- First held in 1967

And the "Starr" in question was "Bart". That gives us (and swimming teacher Melanie) the Super Bowl.

So what's on Mr. Q's mind? Shawn, Stephen and Melanie will have to give him the right questions if they want to win $5000 and a pass to the final round. His category... COMPLEX MATHEMATICAL PARADIGMS.... "Just kidding!" It's a CELEBRITY.

Shawn: Man? NO.

Stephen: Singer? YES.
Stephen: Married? NO.

Melanie thinks she has an answer...  Is it KELLY CLARKSON? ... Nope.

Shawn: Actress? YES.
Shawn: Older than 50? YES. He's going for it... QUEEN LATIFAH, up there? ... Nope.

Stephen: Performed at VMAs? YES.
Stephen: Famous husband? YES.
Stephen: Plastic surgery? YES.
Stephen: Vegas performer? YES. He thinks he has CHER... and Mr. Q... has Cher as well! Stephen wins $5000 and will take on our second-half winner...


- Took 22 years to build
- Needed 20K+ workers
- Eternal love's erection
- 28 kinds of jewels on it
- 1000 elephants on crew

And Jessica thinks she has it with Taj Mahal... She does. She's an archivist.

- Based on a book
- Star won Tony
- Broke box office records

Michelle is totally "Wicked" to move forward. She markets nuts and bolts, but does she have the nuts and bolts of this game?

- First published in 1974
- Australian version called "Who"
- Teen version ended in 2006

Brooke goes with "People"... and she's number three to play with Mr. Q as they try to solve a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

Jessica: After hula hoop? NO.

Michelle: Greek myth? NO.

Brooke: On TV? YES.
Brooke: Sweetheart? YES.
Brooke: Male? YES.
Brooke: Animal? NO.

Jessica: Crime fighter? YES.
Jessica: Works for paper? YES. She's going for it with Superman... GOOD!

Both Jessica and Stephen have won $5000, but now it's about an HDTV and a date with Mr. Q in the bonus round faceoff. First, though. They'll have to face off against each other. Jessica won the toss, so she's got the honor. The category we're dealing with is a PLACE. Jessica... decides to pass.

- Purchased by Jefferson
- Gold Rush in 1859
- Government owns 1/3 of the land
- 1st rodeo held here
- "Mork & Mindy" lived here
- Name means "colored red"
- Nickname: Centennial State
- Air Force Academy here
- Place to ski and be seen

Stephen gets COLORADO in nine (C-Note: had it after six).... but Jessica has it in eight to win!

But can she beat Mr. Q at his own game? Remember, Jessica only gets one guess. If she's wrong, she loses. If Mr. Q beats her to the answer, she loses. If she's right before Mr. Q... $20,000 for a total of $25,000.

She can choose between FOOD & DRINK or ANIMAL. She goes with... FOOD & DRINK.

- Is it hard? YES.

And Mr. Q has 1607 answers.

- Is it chewable? YES.

Make that 1038.

- Can she put stuff in it? YES.

Cut in half almost, 513.

- Is it a fruit? NO.

Down to 443.

- Is it found in pies? NO.

... and now Mr. Q has 332 from which to choose.

- Is it served fried? NO.
- Is it from South America? NO.
- Does it taste sweet? YES.

Mr. Q has 87 possibilities... but after this question...

- Does it have different colors? NO

... he only has one. Mr. Q beats Jessica to the punch with FORTUNE COOKIE to send her home with $5000 and a new TV... and not much else.

So Mr. Q quickly rebounds from last week's loss. The question is... is he really that good? Yes. Will he find a worthy adversary that will give him a challenge next week? Tune in and see.

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