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Mr. Q has questions... twenty of them. Do you have the answers?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Cat Deeley
Mr. Q Hal Sparks
Creator Robin Burgener (based upon the electronic game)
EP Noah Bonnet
David Hurwitz
Packager Endemol USA for GSN
Origins Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Episode 3
June 27

"Shall we play a game?" Mr. Q's a little cheekier than that, but still, humans everywhere are looking to take 20Q on for $20,000. But first...


- Founded in 1977
- Headquarters in Columbus
- Makes more selling less
- Mails 350 million catalogues
- "Miracle" product
- Tyra Banks used to work there

Sergio wants in. He goes with Victoria's Secret... Good! Sergio's an insurance salesman.

- Woman
- Born in 1965
- President Obama has read her books
- Welfare mom writer

And we have a guess from Jean-Paul... He goes with JK Rowling... Got it. He's a theme park ride operator.

3) TV

- First seen on NBC
- "Gulliver's Travels"-based
- Series spawned 11 movies
- Star became a "Hooker"

I didn't even know "Star Trek" was based on "Gulliver's Travels." Becky did, and she gets to play. She's a grocery clerk.

Now Sergio, Jean-Paul, and Becky will have to read Mr. Q's mind as they try for $5000 on an ANIMAL.

Sergio: Flies? NO

Jean-Paul: Tail? YES.
Jean-Paul: Legs? YES.
Jean-Paul: Mammal? NO.

Becky: Poisonous? NO.

Sergio: Claws? YES.
Sergio: Edible? YES.
Sergio: Lays eggs? YES. He's going for it... Is it a TURTLE? .... No.

Jean-Paul: Many colors? YES.
Jean-Paul: Weighs over 30 pounds? He thinks he knows it... Is it a LIZARD? No.

Becky: Red when boiled? YES. And now Becky thinks she has it... Is it a LOBSTER? Get some butter, because she's moving on!


1) TOY
- Die cast in 1968
- 10,000 different models
- One sold for $140,000
- Gets pushed around by kids

David, a loan officer, has some Hot Wheels... and the right answer.

- Population of over nine million
- Two Summer Olympics
- Statue of Liberty
- Jim Morrison buried there

As a rock & roller, John would have to know that Jim Morrison was buried in Paris.

- Weighs 8.5 pounds
- First seen in 1929
- Less than 60 are made each year
- Susan Sarandon keeps one in her bathroom

Rebekah wants to play... She'll get an Oscar for that win. She joins John and David to see who'll get a shot at Becky for Mr. Q. But first...

... they'll ALL have to try and discern a mode of TRANSPORTATION.

David: Weighs more than a Grizzly? YES.
David: Carries passengers? YES.
David: Noisier than a vacuum? YES.
David: Travels on tracks? NO.

John: Has an engine? YES.
John: Seen in the sky? YES.
John: da Vinci design? YES.
John: Used by military? YES.
John: Has wings? ... NO.

And Rebekah gets in at the right moment, trying to solve HELICOPTER... GOT IT!

Finals time! Rebekah won the toss, so she'll choose whether to play or pass. She'll pass. Becky gets... a CELEBRITY.

- Singer
- #34 on VH1's rock list
- Has butterfly tattoo
- TV singing debut at age 12
- Also an actress
- Miley Cyrus' godmother
- "I Will Always Love You"
- "Lots of Money To Look Cheap"

Eight clues later, Becky's in with DOLLY PARTON... Correct! Now can Rebekah get it any faster?

... NOPE. Becky's the proud owner of a new HDTV along with her $5000.

But can she beat Mr. Q at his own game? Remember, Becky only gets one guess. If she's wrong, she loses. If Mr. Q beats her to the answer, she loses. If she's right before Mr. Q... $20,000.

She gets a choice of FOOD & DRINK and FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. Becky thinks that since she's a grocery clerk, FOOD & DRINK ought to be a gimme. We'll see.

- Is it in a salad bar? YES.

Mr. Q's already down to 137 possibilities.

- Is it larger than a baseball? YES.
- Is it a fruit? YES.

That drops Mr. Q to 60. She better hurry.

- Was it invented? NO.
- Is it red when ripe? NO.

That leaves Mr. Q with 27 probable answers.

- Can you peel it by hand? NO.
- Does it have a bumpy skin? YES.

Becky's ready to guess... She locks in with PINEAPPLE.

Mr. Q says that pineapple was #2 on his list with a possibility factor of 33%. His top answer was cantaloupe.

The answer is NOT cantaloupe....

The answer....

... is PINEAPPLE! She wins $20,000!

So after a won and a loss, Mr. Q is going back to being rusty. Will this on-and-off relationship between man and machine continue? We'll see next week!

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