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Mr. Q has questions... twenty of them. Do you have the answers?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Cat Deeley
Mr. Q Hal Sparks
Creator Robin Burgener (based upon the electronic game)
EP Noah Bonnet, David Hurwitz
Packager Endemol USA for GSN
Origins Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Episode 1
June 13

Welcome to 20Q! 20Q is a real computer that will throw out real questions to the contestants. Hal Sparks gives him a voice, and Cat Deeley gives the computer a direction. But now what we need are contestants. A random row is selected, and the first 3 people in that row that can figure out what 20Q (who's having problems with his hard drive in his search for love) is talking about get to play for $5,000. Here's the clues:

(Nice 1 vs. 100 music, btw)


Read Aloud at Age 3 (No, Mr. Q., Not Jessica Simpson)
Beauty Pageant Winner
Been with beau since 1986

GUESS: Oprah Winfrey....RIGHT!

Lucy, a closet designer gets to play. Next Category...


First Published in 1851
Received Bad Reviews
Starbuck was inspired by the book

GUESS: The Rainmaker...WRONG. We continue...

Moby related to Author

GUESS: Moby Dick...RIGHT!

Fred, a children's theater worker, enters stage left. Last one...


Has blimp parking
Space for Pbservation

GUESS: Empire State Building...Right!

Tom, a theater critic (look out, Fred) is the final player for this round.

So how do they play? They get 2 questions to ask Mr. Q. As long as they get a 'Yes' answer, they continue and can ask either another question listed or ask 2 new questions. Whoever can figure it out first wins $5,000 and moves to the finals.

Category: Food and Drink

Lucy starts us off.

Is it served hot? NO.

So much for that. Fred goes.

Do you drink it? YES
Is it carbonated? NO

Tom's turn.

Is it served for Breakfast? NO

Back to Lucy.

Is it made from grapes? NO

Lots of nos. Fred gets to go again.

Is it caffeinated? NO

Tom gets to play.

Can it make you tipsy? YES
Was it around before TV? YES
Is it a cocktail? YES
Is it made with a blender? NO

Lots of into gleaned with that, though. Lucy gets to play again.

Is it brewed? NO

Back over to Fred.

Can it be shaken? YES

Fred wants to guess. Is it Martini? YES! Fred moves on to the finals.

We need someone to join Fred. But before that, let's test 20Q.

Category: Sports Equipment

Doesn't Win Races
Used Outside
Doesn't Bounce
Not Fragile
Not Made of Leather
Has a Handle
Can use it to hit something

20Q says Tennis Racket. 20Q is...right. It IS a Tennis racket. Mr Q wins nothing but credibility.

Let's go back to the audience and play some more qualifiers.

Category: Famous Person

Born in 1897
Canadian Nursing Corps in WWII

Guess: Florence Henderson (Wha?) No.

Sold Her Clothing Line
Bought her first plane at the age of 23.

GUESS: Amelia Earheart...Right! Teacher Carra gets to play.

Category: Television

Modeled after a British sitcoms
Spawned Multiple Sitcoms
The writer spawned Harry and Sally

Guess...Cheers? (Wha??!!?!?)...No.

Stars sang the show's theme tune.

Guess...All in the Family? Yes! We get Medical Facility Tester Linda from the group. Last category.

Category: Organization

Started the Year the Titanic Sank
Began with 18 people
Martha Stewart Member
1st lesson - how to tie up a burglar
Magazine is called 'Leader'

GUESS: Girl Scouts? Correct! John (the person who gave us the other 2 interesting wrong answers) is a pastry chef. Time to play the elimination round.

Category: Celebrity.

Carra starts us off.

Is the person a man? YES
Is this man a TV star? NO

Linda's turn.

Is this person an Oscar winner? NO

Time for pastry chef John to play the board.

Is this person under 40? NO

Carra gets her second crack at the board.

Did he co-star with Angelina Jolie? NO

Linda gets to test the board some more.

Is he an actor? YES
Did he star in a Steven Slpeilberg Film? YES
Does he live with Callista Flockheart? NO

John gets to cook some more.

Does he have a pilot's license? YES

John wants to guess. Is it Tom Cruise? YES! And the wacky pastry chef goes on to the finals against Fred, who must be spending the bonus money in his head already.

Here's how the finals works. Both people get a list for the same category. The person that needs the fewest clues advances to the bonus round.

Category: Company

Started in 1837
Began as a Stationary Shop
Made swords during the Civil War
$2.68 Billion dollars of sales in 2008
Donald Trump bought the air space above them
Designed Super Bowl (Lombardi) Trophy
Founder's son known for lamps
Truman Capote created a song about it.

Answer: Tiffany & Co. It takes John 8 clues to get the answer. Fred...can't come up with it. John wins! By winning, John gets a 52" HDTV and gets to go head to head with 20 Q for 20 large.

Bonus round time. John must get the answer before 20Q does. If he gets it, he wins $20,000. There will be 2 categories to choose from and 20 questions in each category. John gets 1 chance to answer. If he guesses wrong, he loses. If 20Q gets the answer first, he loses.

Category: Animal

Does it have 4 legs? YES
Is it typically seen in a zoo? YES
Is it dangerous? YES
Does it have horns? NO
Does it live in the jungle? NO
Does it growl? YES

John's thinking either some sort of cat or bear. Maybe because Ms Deeley's next to him for cat. Could it be a Polar Bear? We continue...

Does it swim? YES

John goes with Polar Bear. The answer is...POLAR BEAR! John wins $20,000, bringing his total to $25,000 and an HDTV! Great win for John, and a nice start to the show. Can we get 2 in a row for man? Join us next week to find out.

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