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June 13

Mr. Q has questions... twenty of them. Do you have the answers?

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN
Host Cat Deeley
Mr. Q Hal Sparks
Creator Robin Burgener (based upon the electronic game)
EP Noah Bonnet, David Hurwitz
Packager Endemol USA for GSN
Origins Hollywood Center Studios, Los Angeles
Airs 8p Sat, GSN

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Episode 1
June 13

Another $20,000 could be awarded tonight if someone can outsmart Mr. Q and his out-smarty-pants.


- Man
- Born in 1975
- College nickname was Urkel
- Shared the screen with Bob Hope at the age of 2
- Given name is Eldrick

Phillipe, a census taker, goes with TIGER WOODS... and it's good to get on board.

2) TV
- Drama
- Rejected by ABC
- First aired in 2000
- Dakota Fanning appeared in Season 1
- Creator was a casino tram driver

And there goes Melissa, a jewelry designer... and her guess of CSI was correct!

- Made of limestone
- Believed to be more than 4,500 years old
- Appeared in "The Mummy"
- Replica of it can be found in Las Vegas

And stop on Ryan with The Sphinx.... and he's good! Ryan runs a pro wrestling school.

Now Phillippe, Melissa, and Ryan take on Mr. Q for $5000 and a shot at the faceoff round. The category is a CELEBRITY.

Phillippe: Woman? YES.
Phillippe: TV star? YES.
Phillippe: Fashion model? NO.

Melissa: Released album? YES.
Melissa: Stand-up comic? YES. She's ready to guess. Is it KATHY GRIFFIN? .... NO.

Ryan: Cast of "SNL"? NO.

Phillippe wants to guess... ELLEN DeGENERES? YES! We'll see him in the finals. But right now, he needs an opponent...


- Woman
- "Born" in 1959
- Middle name Millicent
- Bill to ban her in West Virginia
- Ex-boyfriend is Ken Carson

And that's Racquel with Barbie. She is an executive assistant.

- Released in 2003
- 1st Disneyland premiere
- Spawned two sequels

And Tiffany's in with "Pirates of the Caribbean". She's an SAHM.

- Established 100 years ago
- Started as a hat shop
- Nicole Kidman was its spokeswoman
- Little black dress

And that's Jenni with Chanel... GOT IT! Jenni's an actuary. She'll join Racquel and Tiffany in the next round for the right to take on Phillippe. The subject we're working with is a FOOD & DRINK.

Racquel: Eat it? YES.
Racquel: Single serving smaller than venti coffee? YES.
Racquel: Came from US? NO.

Tiffany: More than 1 ingredient? YES.
Tiffany: More calories than pecan pie? NO.

Jenni: Sliced? YES.
Jenni: Healthy? YES.
Jenni: Served on plate? YES. She goes with QUICHE as her answer... It's not quiche.

Racquel: Uses rice? YES.
Racquel: Vegetarian dish? NO.

Tiffany: Uses seafood? YES.
Tiffany: California variety? YES. And she thinks she knows it... Is it SUSHI? YES!

It's time for the finals, and Phillippe won the toss. He chooses to go second, so Tiffany will play... a FAMOUS PERSON.

- Woman
- Nicknamed "Lilibet"
- Speaks fluent French
- Army mechanic & driver
- Over 1 million people attended her parties
- Born in 1926
- Married her cousin
- Dog breed: The "Dorgi"
- One of richest women
- Amazing collection of jewels
- Helen Mirren won Oscar

Tiffany goes with QUEEN ELIZABETH... And she's right! She got it in 11 clues. Phillippe will have to beat that in order to win that HDTV and a date with Cat & Mr. Q in the bonus round.

Phillippe does it... in 11 clues as well, but it takes him longer timewise to get to the answer, so Tiffany wins!

Now she gets to play 20Q for 20 large. Remember, Tiffany only gets one guess. If she's wrong, she loses. If Mr. Q beats her to the answer, she loses. If she's right before Mr. Q... $20,000.

The category will be either RECREATION or TRANSPORTATION. She picks... RECREATION.

- Is it used for entertainment? YES.
- Is it used at night? YES.
- Does it hold water? YES.
- Can you switch it on or off? YES.

At this point, Mr. Q is down to 191 possibilities.

- Is it inflatable? NO.

Mr. Q has 93 guesses... right before Cat puts him to sleep. Tiffany still has no idea... so we wake up Mr. Q to play some more.

- Does it provide shade? NO.
- Is it slippery? YES.

Mr. Q has 36 in his brain...

- Can you jump on it? NO.

And now we're down to single digits... Only nine possibilities. Tiffany better hurry.

- Does it fold up easily? NO.

... Eight possibilities...

- Does it have lights? YES.

And Mr. Q has an answer... He gets hot tub. Tiffany gets... shafted. But she does leave with the HDTV and $5000.

So Mr. Q is batting .500. Can he extend his winning streak to two or will humanity rise and overcome? Find out next week!

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