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January 11

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Well Isn't That Special...
January 18

So last week, we had the debut of a bunch of shows with nice numbers. Well now its's week #2, and we get to see if the numbers stay nice or drop like a stone. With 'special' events threatening the calendar, you can rationalize some of the falls...or can you? Let's see this week if that indeed is the case...

Monday, January 10, 2011
College Football Championship Game (ESPN)
January 10: 27.8 million Viewers / 8.5 for A18-49

Well, this was a monster game. According to ESPN, this is the biggest audience on their network ever for a college football championship game. We'll take their word for it...

The Bachelor (ABC)
January 3: 9.7 million Viewers (#2 in it's time slot) / 3.3 for A18-49 (#1 in it's Time Slot)
January 10: 8.4 million Viewers (#2 in it's time slot) / 2.8 for A18-49 (#1 in it's Time Slot)

...but will we take the word from the ABC spin machine that the college football game is the reason why The Bachelor lost almost 15% of last week's audience? You could say yes, but I won't. Why? Because I highly doubt that the same audience was more enthralled with a college football game as Brad Womack. We'll see next week, but I think that 1.3 million people would have been more interested seeing paint dry than endure another episode of Brad Womack.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

With a lot of people stuck in their homes, you would expect more people to be watching TV.

The Biggest Loser: Couples 4 (NBC)
January 4: 8.95 million (#2) / 2.8 for A18-49 (#1)
January 11: 8.67 million (#2) / 3.1 for A18-49 (#2)

You'd be right, as the numbers on TBL stayed consistent from last week. The executives had to have loved the jump on the 18-49 numbers. It will be interesting to see how much of an effect Barack Obama and his State of the Union address will have next week.

Million Dollar Money Drop (FOX)
January 4: 3.71 million (#4), 1.2 for A18-49 (#4)
January 11: 5.13 million (#4), 1.8 for A18-49 (#4)

Apparently, a lot of people had nothing better to do, because there was a nice jump on this show. So which week was the aberration - this week or last week? We'll find out next week...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tucson Memorial (All Stations)

Of course, this live event played havoc on all of the schedules and time periods, so it's not really fair to gauge the numbers. But since when is TV actually fair?

Minute to Win It (NBC)
January 5: 6.82 million Viewers (#4) / 2.2 for A18-49 (#2)
January 12: 5.05 million Viewers (#3) / 1.4 for A18-49 (#2)

Before people panic on the numbers, let me point out that this show would have been at 9pm, so the fact that it got pushed out would attribute to the decline. However, Idol shows up next week, and that's really bad news to MTWI.

Live to Dance (CBS)
January 4: 10.25 million Viewers (#1) / 2.5 for A18-49 (#2)
January 5: 7.79 million Viewers (#2) / 1.8 for A18-49 (#3)
January 12: 6.22 million Viewers (#2) / 1.3 for A18-49 (#3)

See what I wrote for MTWI? You can write the same here, but the move really hurt the show, because this is a show where the audience participates in and you could have natural erosion if the audience couldn't see the first set of acts. Idol showing up next week isn't going to help its prospects.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wipeout (ABC)
January 6: 11.58 million Viewers (#1) / 3.7 for A18-49 (#1)
January 13: 10.53 million Viewers (#1) / 3.6 for A18-49 (#1)

Not as good as last week, but the numbers show that last week wasn't a fluke. But like I've said 18,000 times in this column, let's see what happens when Nigel Lythgoe's baby comes a'calling.

Million Dollar Money Drop (FOX)
January 4: 3.71 million (#4), 1.2 for A18-49 (#4)
January 6: 4.24 million (#3), 1.3 for A18-49 (#3)
January 13: 5.66 million (#3), 1.6 for A18-49 (#3)

At least with Idol showing up is that this show no longer gets to hang out on Thursday nights - if the brain trust over at FOX is smart enough to realize it.

You don't have to be a brain surgeon to guess the theme of next week's article; Idol, Idol and more Idol. Join us in 7 days as we process the numbers.

Source: Nielsen Media Research

When Nigel Lythgoe's baby comes a'callin', Gordon Pepper will be there with the forceps to snip the cord. E-mail him at gordon@gameshownewsnet.com.