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Grand Final on Grand Slam
September 14

With the final episode of GSN's all-star tournament in the books, I wanted to relay a few of my thoughts about the whole exercise, and a wish list if the show comes back next year.

Obviously, the series was a game show fan's dream. Fourteen of the biggest winners in all of game show history were joined by two also-rans, and while Victor Lee displayed a massive amount of pop culture knowledge in the 2007 VH1 World Series, Amy Kelly was completely out of her element. A single fluke won her more money than anyone else on Lingo, and a ticket to a format that did not suit her talents at all. This was proved when Brad Rutter, her competition in the first round, did not even have to dip into his free minute for the last round.

Perhaps the most interesting contestant out of the entire slate was Ogi Ogas, who famously won $500,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, walking away from a $1 million question that he nearly played. Where many contestants barely leave a mark on the landscape of the genre, Ogas's exit from Millionaire was a memorable one, and he continued to be just as memorable throughout Grand Slam. Who among us is going to forget "Brad does math like a little girl!" and his celebrations with every victory? Not me. 

It's easy to be polite, to shake hands after your win, or congratulate the other guy after a loss. But Ogi gave us a good show. And after all, isn't that what we're all here for? He met with possibly the most memorable man in all of game show-dom since Charles van Doren in an extended match, for all of the money and glory. And for three rounds, it was an epic battle.

Unfortunately for Good TV, the Contemporary Knowledge round sent Ogi into a tail spin that he never got out of, and Ken carried a huge advantage into the Mixed final round.

The format is almost bulletproof as it is, but there's too much non-game per half hour. I'd like to see more rounds per half hour contest. And while we're at it, less of Dennis Miller, and his tired and labored attempts at humor. But really, as long as you keep Pat the Questioner, and bring back some of the biggest winners of all time, it's hard to go wrong. It would even make for a decent weekly series. Anything to see something good on Game Show Network.

Travis Eberle needed a shower after the Grand Final; it was so intense. Switch back to him at