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Big Brother Bother
September 7

I don't know who all of my fans are "Big Brother" watchers, and of those who noticed this, but I wanted to buzz in on several of the goings on this year First, during the "shopping spree" competition one of the women complained about having to be naked while covered in soap bubbles.

Is it just me, or did these people not ever watch the show before? I continue to be flabbergasted by people who are dropped into these games, and then carry on about everything. Big Brother is a game where we all get to watch the proceedings, and sometimes those proceedings involve bizarre challenges. Anyone who would put themselves in a position to be videotaped for all hours of the day should not be surprised to find out that one challenge will involve nakedness.

I would like to give a big finger wag to the casting director, who has deprived Big Brother watchers from being able to watch Evil Dick for two years. Apparently the guy made it to the final rounds of casting in the last two years. In all of the years of the show, we haven't seen someone so up front about everything; from strategy to their personal life. It's refreshing to see someone who doesn't worry about what others will think about him, and Dick joins the small list of Favorite Reality Contestants.

And while the finger wags are going out, how about one for whoever decided that we should be subjected to the egocentric Jen, the insufferable moist-eyed Amber and the squeaky Jessica all in one year? It makes me want to reach for the earphones or the fast-forward button. That's just bad programming.

Since we're over the halfway point, if you're not a viewer you aren't missing a whole lot, and if you are, you're probably thinking exactly what I am. America's Player was a good add, and I hope it comes back, but the summer's guiltiest pleasure is now guilty of nearly being unwatchable.

Travis Eberle still has eight more fingers to wag. Give him some suitable targets at