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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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February 14, 2005

Ryan: Big bucks! No Oscar de la Hoya! Annnnnnnnnnnd... STOP!
Chico: Friday, Friday,...
Gordon: Saturday Death Slot against Wickedly Perfect.
Chico: That way I have an excuse to be out of the house.
Gordon: Whaaaa - whaaaaaaaaaa
Ryan: What? No Law & Order?
Chico: Woo-hoo!
Chico: Could be worse. Could've stopped on a Mystery wedge.
Gordon: So it's time to play doctor
Chico: Okay, as we've said before, one of you is going to be giving advice to those in need. And that one is... *opens envelope*... Jamie Foxx?
Chico: Oh man, we got the Oscar envelopes mixed up AGAIN.
Joe: Jackass.
Travis: I guess I won Best Actor...
Joe: lol
Chico: Speech! On second thought...
Joe: With my luck, it'll end up being me.
Chico: Okay... It's time to Ask Dr..... Ryan!
Gordon: Whooo!
Jason: Boooo
Joe: Vickers gets to give advice.
Ryan: Yippee!
Travis: Huzzah!
Jason: I wanted to be doctor :-)
Mike: I'd like a nurse ;-)
Chico: Hello nurse!
Gordon: Everyone gets to ask the doctor a question, but using a different name and base it on a game show situation.
Jason: For example?
Chico: Example please, Gordon.
Gordon: I will go first.
Ryan: Yes, go ahead...
Chico: Wait... Ryan, you have to put on the moustache and the Papaya Hat
Ryan: And... done.

Dear Dr. Ryan -

I am a striving sportscaster and I am appalled that ESPN will be bringing in non-talented athletic hacks for Dream Job 3. How can I stop ESPN from doing this?


Joe: lol
Ryan: Well Zach, thanks for the letter. You see, you really can't. At some
point or another, every "reality show" has to do a "stunt" episode or season
(see All-Stars, Survivor; Mole, Celebrity; Fear Factor, Couples). It was bound to happen. The best thing you can do is try to do your job the best way you know how. Or, just give up and see if they'll take you on Fox Sports. Which isn't that bad as Fox News.
Gordon: It worked for Max Kellerman.
Joe: No it didn't.
Jason: I have one...
Chico: Ask away.

Dear Dr. Ryan,

I have been trying to get a game show in syndication for three years, but the market is saturated with failed talk shows and dating shows. Any advice as to why we haven't seen a new game show in the past three years and will we see any more?

Signed, Steve B.

Chico: Sorry, but... LOlK
Joe: lol
Ryan: LOIK?
Mike: Line of the day!
Chico: LOL
Joe: )salebigwin
Travis: The hell is LOIK?
Chico: Laugh on.. I kid... Sorry, I got nothing.
Ryan: Thank you for your letter. Unfortunately, the syndication market is not as game show friendly as we have seen in the last few years since the fallout of the network game shows. True, all of the dating and talk shows seem like the same thing, but many people at this point in the television landscape like mindless entertainment. Here's a thought: why not make a game show based on a talk show? You could quiz people on their knowledge of Dr. Phil and as long as you don't call it "Love Buffet", I'm sure it'll work. Signed, Dr. Vtown.
Joe: OMG. A quiz show based on a talk show. Just wrong.
Travis: Bad Ryan! Don't give the suits any ideas.
Joe: Word.
Chico: Bad Ryan! No cookie.
Travis: MY EYES!
Ryan: I didn't say it was good... I just offered suggestions. What my readers choose to do is their issue :-)
Jason: Ok Travis...:-)
Ryan: Although I think now I might be stripped of my license...
Travis: Chico, I just got a letter third class, postage due. May I?
Chico: You may if you believe you may.

Dear Dr. Ryan -

Instead of putting out good programming, like more runs of The Amazing Race, my network churns out crappy 'reality' ideas that flounder in their first episode. Then we move them to Saturday night, or remove them entirely. Should we stick with what works, or try to expand, even though the shows might be completely lame?

Signed, Les is Less at CBS

Ryan: Hello Les is Less. You see the problem is that you milk too much of a good thing. You have good shows in "Amazing Race" and "Survivor" and a long summer run with "Big Brother", but it stops there. Your problem is that you didn't learn when "Cupid" flunked, and you ran "Star Search" into the ground quickly. You need to stick to your quality shows, and then round out the schedule with comedies and dramas. At least you learned by not following through with the "Culture Shock" pilot after a contestant sued. If you insist on doing something like "Wickedly Perfect" (which employs the services of a wonderful Marc Summers), please do it in a "short burst" series that lasts for a month, tops. Otherwise, you'll be making your "Will" pretty quickly. Signed, Dr. Vtown.
Jason: Very nice Ryan.
Chico: Very nice. Okay, I've got one.
Ryan: Thank you, I was trying to redeem myself.

Dear Dr. Ryan

I am afraid that being associated with a failure of a show (namely its title sequence) might have an adverse effect on my career. What do you suggest I do to assuage this fear?

Signed, Leann.

Ryan: Well Leann, as a performer, one often has to take risks. Yours was to associate yourself with a new reality show, one which hasn't really broken out of the gates - it's stuck at the starting line. What you need to do is make the best of a bad situation. Clean up the manure that the show has made and when the final episode arrives, make sure you're in the winner's circle. And then, and only then, you'll become a Nashville Star. Signed, dr. vtown.
Chico: Very nice work, Ryan :-)
Ryan: I try :-)
Jason: Excellent job.
Gordon: Ryan - How can I live without you?
Joe: lol
Ryan: I want to know!
Chico: Can't fight the moonlight, but you can fight the Big Finish. That's
Joe: Please don't continue that line of thought.
Gordon: Come visit me in Jersey so we can make sweet
playing together.
Ryan: YOWZA!
Joe: I want Amy Jo Johnson to visit me in Anaheim so we can make sweet know.

(Brought to you by Ben & Jerry's newest flavor, Llama Mama!)

Gordon: Did Joe Rogan approve that flavor?
Joe: ROFL! I can't possibly guess what that would taste like.
Chico: Not a clue.
Joe: In fact, I'm not sure I want to know.
Jason: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite.
Chico: YES!
Jason: high fives Joe.
Joe: WHOO!
Chico: LOIK!
Gordon: Loik??? with that out of the way, we progress to...THE BIG FINISH!
Ryan: Sweet lovin... bring on the big finish!
Jason: Lets do it.
Chico: Okay, time for quick questions and quicker answers! Family Feud, do
losers work too hard for $5 a point? Just satisfying curiosity here.
Jason: No...its not a big deal.
Joe: Yes. Needs to be $10 or $20 a point.
Ryan: It's been 30 years... let's throw them a bone and give'm $10 a point.
Gordon: Based on some of the answers given, I think they should pay the
audience $5 a rotten answer for having to sit through it.
Ryan: I love it when we... DOUBLE THE MONEY WOOOOOOOO!
Joe: 9_9
Chico: LOIK!!!!
Ryan: *smacks self silly*
Travis: $995 or $20,000. Leave it.
Joe: NEXT!
Gordon: Next up... Amazing Race 7 - How long will Amber and Rob last?
Travis: I hope they trip and fall at the start line.
Jason: To the final episode and lose at the end.
Chico: I give'm two rounds. Tops.
Travis: I'm going to concur with teh Block.
Gordon: I agree with Jason
Ryan: I'm thinking midpoint.
Joe: Amber and Rob = teh suck.
Chico: On that same token... Amazing Race: Freddy & Kendra. Did they deserve to win?
Travis: It's not about deserving.
Ryan: Freddy, maybe. Kendra, not a chance.
Jason: It’s about how you play the game.
Travis: I crown Kendra the first "Miss Ghetto Africa".
Gordon: None of them 'deserved' to win, per se, but at least they didn't say that G-d selected them to win.
Travis: They got to the finish line first. They won. It's over. Deal.
Gordon: And yes, Amazing Race DO have African American winners who were in a positive light and deserved to win.
Chico: Apprentice: both commercials sucked. Which one sucked less.
Travis: The one where Donald/Carolyn show the ACTUAL one - The non-cucumber one.
Chico: Agreed.
Jason: yup
Travis: Too much of a sucky joke in that one.
Gordon: Sex sells - cucumber should have won
Chico: Too much info! Well, I saw the commercials... And they both really
Joe: Word.
Chico: I mean, there's sex, and then there's low-budget porn.
Ryan: Easy... the suits will get ideas...
Travis: The porn could have been done for less money.
Joe: And we might have gotten something out of it.
Gordon: We had reality horseracing. next UP, Celebrity...Pool. Will you be
watching it?
Chico: Why not. I like pool.
Ryan: If I'm surfing, maybe
Travis: If I had cable, I could watch me some 9 ball.
Mike: I guess I'd have to get GSN to watch it.
Chico: Rotation, dawg.
Travis: What? Rotation is the game? What that be?
Ryan: What about Celebrity... Pool... Antics? There's an interesting concept.
Travis: Ok, I watched 9 ball before, so I'd have reason to watch Celebrity
Billiards '05.
Chico: Rotation is basically all 15 balls, one by one.
Joe: Only if I get to be in the pool with Amy Jo Johnson.
Chico: Okay, back into the contestant pool with you, Joe. If we had free WLTI shirts, we'd be giving you
one. And if you have a question or just want to send some love our way, make like Nike and just do it.
Gordon: E-mail address is That’s all I got - you?
Ryan: We should get WLTI shirts.
Chico: I'll look into it.
Joe: That would be nice.
Chico: Big thanks to Mike Klauss, Joe Van Ginkel, Ryan Vickers, Jason Block,
Alex Davis, and Travis Eberle!
Travis: SCHLITZ!
Mike: Thank you, sir.
Joe: Didn't get to do much this time did I? lol
Chico: Next week on the best damn web-chats-based, game-show themed,
talk-radio-style show in the history of everything ever... We tear into Survivor Palau.
Joe: Survivor = teh suck
Jason: 3 quit after episode 1.
Ryan: AHHH!!!
Jason: Maybe.... :-)
Ryan: I just want to go dive Palau... supposed to be gorgeous.
Gordon: Maybe the Donald will get to the island and fire them all.
Chico: Out of a cannon and into the sun.
Travis: How many more will leave after that...?
Chico: Save it for next week, dudes! Until then, He's Gordon Pepper...
Gordon: And he’s Chico Alexander, and until next time, don't quit your game until it's...
Group: Gaaaaaaaame Oveeeeeeeeer.
Chico: Peace out!
Travis: Game Over!
Mike: Klauss out!
Ryan: The end!

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