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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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January 31, 2005

Jeff: I said "Hey! Hey, hey! I've got your money."
Chico: Can you dig it!!!!!!!1111oneone
Joe: Caaaaaaaaaan yoooooooooou dig iiiiiiiiiiiiiiit?
Jason H: Guys.......please tell me he was just putting them on....
Jeff: I think some people really talk like that. But he's certainly got a diagnosable personality disorder.
Joe: Yeah. Boneheaditis.
Chico: Heh. Well, welcome back. This is the thing and we're the guys.
Gordon: Just when we think we can't add any more people, Travis Eberle is here to join us.
Travis Eberle: I brought donuts for everyone.
Jeff: [Homer voice] Ooh...donuts.
Jeff: Are we doing that "thing" with the "stuff" and all?
Chico: Yeah, the thing with the stuff and... someone say Krispy Kreme?
Travis: The 7/11 down the street just got a Krispy case.
Jason H: w00t
Jeff: Coffee?
Gordon: Where's the coffee, Travis?
Joe: So good you'll...never mind.
Gordon: He didn't bring the coffee. Rookie.
Travis: I...don't drink coffee. Sorry, everyone.
Jason B: Krispy Kreme=Donut Crack.
Jeff: Got that right
Joe: Word.
Jason H: I can dig it
Jeff: Donut Crunk?
Dan: Krispy Kreme=Donut Crunk
Chico: Anywho, up next, Dan, we have 20 Questions for you. It's a little thing we do with our special guests. Pecking order is as follows: Gordon, myself, Jason H, Jason B, Joe, Travis, and Jeff.
Jeff: Seems I've got the short end of the stick.
Joe: Huh-huh-huuuuh-huuuuh
Jason B: You said stick.
Travis: The three basement guys. :)
Joe: No wait, that's Beavis' laugh. I was going for Woody Woodpecker.
Jeff: Pecking order...leads to peckers...or pepper.
Gordon: That would be Pepper - and yes, he's up.
Chico: We've done lost control =p
Dan: There was control???
Chico: Oh. Good point.
Gordon: Here we go, Dan - 1) We all know about your run in Greed, but you have another game show appearance happening in April. Please tell us all about it - Or all you can tell us about.
Dan: Well.....Meredith and I will be on WWTBAM together. I win somewhere between a thousand and a million. No Llama Mama here.
Travis: Meredith is on everyday. :)
Jeff: Co-hosting gig, Dan? Awesome coup there.
Jason B: Awesome you have a date?
Jeff: The poor llama baby is an orphan?
Chico: No llama mama.
Jeff: No llama mama. That's sad
Travis: Lord knows there's plenty of $0 losers already.
Dan: I asked Annette Bening, but she said she was busy on April 13-14.
Jason B: Noted.
Dan: 30 days later will be more exciting
Gordon: 30 Days later, eh? Hmmm.....noted as well.
Chico: 2) Even though we know your history, for the audience who may not, did you have any quizzes under your belt before Greed or was this something you just came into?
Dan: 1974...Jokers Wild with jack barry. Also - Break the Bank, $ale
of the Century, Hollywood Connection, Jeopardy!...
Joe: WHoOOO Joker's Wild and Sale of the Century! Two of my
Dan: And I "worked" on many other shows.
Jeff: Joker...Joker!...No sale.
Joe: lol
Dan: Scrabble, Name That Tune, Tic Tac Dough, Monopoly. By The Way.... Greed called me to be on the show.....I mean apply and take the test. I was in someone's rolodex. J! was the ultimate though - but Jason's won more.
Chico: I can imagine.
Dan: I thought I was done with game shows after that. I bow to Jason
Block's abilities.
Jason B: Thank you.
Dan: I was a one time J! champion. I was a big LOSER on Greed.
Chico: Well, I was a Greed/Millionaire reject =p
Dan: Sorry. You might have had a lame captain.
Travis: Greed didn't last long enough for me to try out, but I DID bomb the Millionaire '02 audition.
Jeff: I managed top-of-the-heap roadkill.
Jason H: 3) Aside from your game show appearances, what was your best game show experience?
Dan: Hmmmm...My first one on Joker. I had always wanted to be on a
game show - I watched Concentration in the 50's and I loved GE College Bowl. Unfortunately I went to USC and they had retired as five time champions.
Jeff: Did they get a car, like on Jeopardy?
Joe: lol
Dan: I liked Joker...especially since Dan Enright gave me the answers. Just kidding about Dan, may he rest in peace.
Jason H: Have you ever had any other involvement in the College Bowl, as an alma mater?
Dan: there was nothing like that either at my high school or when I went to USC. They now participate in QB I think, but back then, no.
Jason B: 4) You have the most incredible attitude for a man who lost $2.2 Million. How did you do it? How did you not jump off the studio roof? :)
Dan: I lost 200k.....not 2.2's ok though. I went in with nothing, I went with the odds....which weren't that bad. How often will someone ask you one question for 2.2 mil?
Chico: Not that often.
Travis: Especially if you take away two of the 'easy' wrong answers, the odds are much better.
Jeff: I'm predicting once.
Jason B: Is it once...?
Travis: Only if Millionaire does another stunt.
Dan: If I had had 400k like Melissa and Curtis I would have walked.
Joe: 5) Have you ever been approached to serve as a contestant coordinator?
Dan: Nope. I've thought about it though.....J! would be nice.
Joe: I would think with that many shows you'd be supremely qualified to serve as one.
Jeff: The J! coordinators seem to be having a good time at work.
Dan: But then I'd have to invite all of you to be on....and re-invite Jeff and Jason.
Jason H: Pfft, ME on Jeopardy?
Dan: Because I can be bought....for 2.2 mil.
Gordon: And then I would be disqualified for auditioning on a game show because I know someone on it - AGAIN.
Travis: 6) Did the actually pipe in the music beds for each of the
questions on Greed, or was it quiet on the set?

Dan: Very quiet from what I recall. People in the audience were talking to me, while Dick Clark tried to decide what Chuck would say.
Travis: So, they really WERE flying by the seat of their pants.
Dan: Actually, I am not sure about music. I was kind of concentrating on Curtis' hair - and Melissa's bod.
Travis: Can't blame ya, man. Not at all.
Jeff: Yeah...nice hair
Gordon: I remember with the one million dollar question, when you changed the answer, the audience went nuts. Was that inadvertent?
Dan: I have a long explanation if you'd like one.
Gordon: Please explain.
Jeff: Yes Uncle Dan. Tell us a story...
Travis: Yay! Story time!
Dan: On the million dollar question, we made our choices.
Chico: Remind us what the question was... People who died before 30, right?
Dan: Yes. The choices... Joan or Arc, Buddy Holly, Lou Gehrig, Rudolph Valentino, Janis Joplin, Harry Houdini, James Dean, and Chris Farley. I made my choice... Valentino... but was not happy about it. Melissa Skirboll (Greed contestant) said Joan of Arc. Curtis Warren (Greed contestant
and 'Big Haired Guy') said James Dean. I said Valentino, but Curtis looked unhappy. According to the rules, I can choose someone to make the 4th choice or do it myself, then I can still change an answer, so I let smarty hair make the 4th choice. He chooses Janis Joplin but his body language makes it apparent the I might not have right answer. Now I can change an answer, and I knew first two were correct and upon reflection and his vigorous choice of Janis.. those three were right. So I say... "I'm going to change my answer'. Chuck says, "to what", and I say, "hopefully the right one".
Jeff: You had to see that response coming. Rimshot!
Dan: I decided that Valentino may have been older than I thought. I changed it to ..........Buddy Holly. The rest is history... though I knew we still had a buyout....a new Jaguar with 25k in the trunk.
Chico: And then comes the question, wich we all know by now. "Is Buddy Holly worth a million dollars?"
Jeff: Only if he's dead.
Travis: You forgot the long pause, Chico. :)
Dan: If we got 3 correct and thought the 4th was wrong, we could walk
with the jag.
Jason B: Nice XK8 though :)
Jeff: Not as nice as your Tahoe, Jason.
Dan: Curtis should have sandbagged me though. When I said buddy.. I
could tell that he knew we had the million.
Gordon: If his expression caused you to bail out, and the answer was right, then he and Melissa would have split your $200,000?
Dan: Yes.
Gordon: Interesting.
Dan: By the Way... Valentino was 30 when he died.
Gordon: What was the producer's reaction when the audience went nuts after you changed your answer? Did the audience reaction help?
Dan: The audience was not sure that we had it right. They were not the most perceptive of audiences, as they were young.
Jeff: They never are, above 32k for Millionaire, anyway.
Gordon: So they were more applauding on Curtis's reaction than the knowledge?
Dan: Yes.
Gordon: Great story.
Dan: Thanks.
Jeff: 7) Do you think your career has allowed you more opportunities to get involved in gameshows? If so, explain.
Dan: Just living in LA was good for that earlier, but being a freelance photographer has allowed me the time to travel to auditions for WWTBAM - Chicago '01, NYC three times (except last August, I was there for a football game in DC) and the last audition was in Las Vegas. I was there anyway. BTW, I never participated in the BAM phone game.
Gordon: 8) On a recent On The Cover, million dollar winner Tim Hsieh was matched up against Winning Lines $500,000 winner Catherine Rahm. If you were back on Jeopardy with your choice of contestants. who would they be?
Jeff: Two stupid people.
Gordon: And would hair guy be one of them?
Dan: You mean anyone?
Gordon: Anyone.
Jeff: Stephen Hawking and Paris Hilton - those would be my choices.
Dan: Other than llamas from BAM?
Gordon: Anyone, including llamas.
Chico: And llama mamas.
Dan: I'd like to try my brother Ernie and maybe Jeff...but I want to be sure and I'll take Emma Suchard.
Jeff: I believe he is referring to my younger daughter, who doesn't even like gameshows.
Dan: The other one is too smart, she would make me laugh with her mock seriousness...actually, I'd like to play Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings if this was a dream match.
Chico: I'd actually like to see the Suchard daughters go up against each other. Anyway, 9) Is Ernie as big a quiz nut as you are?
Dan: No, he is not, He is smart but not as trivia oriented as myself.....I mean I play NTN every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He's not bad,
Chico: So it was a matter of honor that brought him to the show or something? =p
Dan: He applied - they used him so they could refer back to me, but he still made more than me. I just want to try out my finger of doom. Note...not thumb.
Jason H: 10) You were on $ale back in the 80s. If you've ever seen the Aussie version of $ale of the Century, what's your take on that show, and do you think it would work nowadays?
Dan: Heck, I can barely remember the show (though there is a semi-shout out to it on my BAM appearance). I never saw the Aussie version, but I think a lot of old show concepts could work.
Dan: I'd surely try out.
Jeff: Bowling for $2.2 million dollars?
Dan: Yeah!
Jason H: Count me in for that!
Dan: I'd bowl for 2.2.
Travis: Bowling for Bucks. I can dig it.
Joe: So would Gordon.
Gordon: I'm bowling for bucks...and it's a Strike!
Jason H: I'd bowl for that
Chico: I'm there. I'm so there.
Jeff: Finally... a sports reference we all can enjoy.
Jason H: Hmmm, seems like we have a lot of bowlers here.
Dan: It could work, but I just like to watch.
Jason B: 11) Okay Dan, we all know about the Quest for Ken tournament coming up...Will Ken win it? If not...who?
Dan: I'll bet that he won't.
Jason B: Who will emerge though?
Dan: The others will have come up through the tourney and be "battle tested" as it were.
Jeff: Well, a priori, KJ has a one-in-three chance, and he's good on the buzzer.
Dan: I think it will be someone younger...a more recent champ who will not wear out.
Chico: But will three games in a tourney format wear him out?
Jeff: 3 games wear him out? He did 5 a day for weeks.
Jason B: I am hoping for Eddie Timanus or Robin Carroll. :)
Dan: I'm just saying that the others will be on their game, so to speak. Remember, he almost lost his first game.
Jeff: I'd put $5 on KJ. But wouldn't it be cool if he showed up and just stood there, raking in a quarter million?
Dan/Jason H: lol
Dan: He would not do that. He will compete.
Jeff: I know.
Dan: But this will be against the best.
Joe: He's too competitive to sit back and let it happen.
Dan: I just don't think he will win.
Joe: 12) Do you think you could kick Ken Jennings's rear?
Dan: I'd love to try, but he may be too good on the buzzer.
Travis: 13) What show from the past did you not get on that you would have liked to play?
Dan: None.
Travis: NONE? You sure?
Dan: Every show I applied for I got on. I turned down a couple, like Rhyme and Reason.
Gordon: That is impressive.
Dan: Well....being a minority helps...gotta be honest about that. I do like Wheel though.
Chico: Wow... I want some of what you had :)
Jeff: Crunk?
Dan: Yup. Wheel of Crunk
Jeff: 14) If they had a Seniors :) version of Fear Factor, would you go for it?
Dan: LOL
Travis: Geriatric Fear Factor! It can't miss!
Gordon: Fear Factor?
Dan: I'd eat some of those things or sit a bathtub of crunk...but I don't think so.
Gordon: Would you eat the Balut, Dan?
Gordon: I had some at a Filipino banquet I was on last night
I've eaten some weird things in survival classes but.....
Chico: Okay. 15) Past or present, your favorite game show.
Dan: GE College Bowl...for the team aspect.
Jeff: Excellent choice.
Jason H: Good answer, good answer!
Chico: Nice.
Dan: And the questions which were not pop oriented.
Chico: 16) Your favorite host of all time?
Dan: I love the testiness of Regis, or maybe that's the New Yorker in him, but for classic.... Tom Kennedy.
Joe: Nice.
Travis: Good pick.
Dan: Are there bad picks?
Jason H: Patrick Wayne. :-p
Dan: lol
Jeff: Kennedy from Friend or Foe
Dan: ok
Joe: Not Kennedy.
Dan: lol
Gordon: Jim 'I l love to hawk slot machines' Caldwell
Chico: Rotozips, Gordon.
Gordon: Slot machines too.
Chico: 17) If you were the Executive Producer, which show would you bring back?
Dan: I like the corniness of Concentration - daytime only though.
Chico: 50s, 70s or 80's?
Dan: 50's
Chico: Nice.
Dan: I did say corny.
Chico: Well, the 70s were also corny. The prize music itself sounds like it came out of bad porn.
Dan: And you know this from watching bad porn? Is there good porn?
Jeff: What constitutes "bad" porn? Must have been the music.
Chico: Yeah. 18) What game would you see yourself hosting?
Dan: I'd love to do J! I'd love to try my hand at pronouncing those French, er Freedom, phrases and names.
Chico: Really... you know what you have to do now... You have to say "No, sorry" as indignant as you can.
Dan: I will come up with my own phrase.
Jeff: Like, "No, you idiot!"
Dan: maybe a .............longer....................pause.
Chico: Just look at him funny. Like, "You really think that's the answer, huh?"
Gordon: I'd love to hear Dan say Jeoportmanteau.
Dan: Jeoportmanteau.
Jeff: Get four Whammys and you're outta there.
Gordon: 19?
Jeff: What was the average age of the American combat soldier in Vietnam? 19 - that is.
Gordon: Thank you, Paul Hardcastle.
Chico: 19) Since we kinda got an answer to this before, I'll switch it up a bit... If you could get ERNIE on another show, what would it be?
Travis: That's easy. "Family Feud". :)
Dan: I'd put him on family feud...just kidding. I think he was on with my sister, etc. They lost. I'd put him on BAM - I think he might do well.
Jeff: And they didn't ask you to go with them on Feud?
Dan: He knows pop culture. He is younger than me.
Chico: They probably would've cleaned out then...
Dan: I didn't want to go.
Chico: Oh.
Dan: Only go where I can lose BIG
Gordon: LOL A little sibling rivalry with you and Ernie, eh? And the last one...
Chico: And finally, 20) the Create-a-Question. Basically, it's time for you to get anything you want off your chest.
Dan: Nothing really...other than I hope the game show genre continues. I don't want BAM to be my last appearance, and I don't want to resort to Geriatric Fear Factor.
Joe: Good. We don't want you to either.
Dan: Amazing Race is intriguing though.
Chico: Oh yeah.
Gordon: You and Jeff Suchard as an Amazing Race team?
Dan/Jason H: hmmm.
Dan: I think he and his wife would make better TV.
Jeff: Julie would be jealous.
Gordon: We may see them team up - but we may let them go at each other's throats... right after the break.
Dan: Maybe Melissa Skirboll and I...=)
Chico: Wouldn't that make Curtis jealous?
Dan: He's married.

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