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Paying homage to shows such as "Pardon the Interruption", "Around the Horn", "The Best Damn Sports Show Period", "Best Week Ever", and "The Soup", We Love to Interrupt is a weekly raw, frank, red-blooded, two-fisted, full-bodied look into the world of game shows. Comments are always welcomed here!

Hosted by Chico Alexander and Gordon Pepper, and featuring the editors/contributors to GSNN

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January 31, 2005

Dan: You can get it hot???
Jason H: For you SoCal people (Dan, yourself included), what did you think of Chick Hearn? (assuming you know who I'm talking about)
Am I the only person to whom him and his buddies sound like drunken Wookiees?
Jeff: I knew about Chick Hearn even though I hate sports.
Gordon: Crunk Hearn.
Jeff: He was the VOICE that everyone recognized
Chico: What happened to Chick Hearn (curious).
Gordon: He's sort of being turned into crunk, if you know what I mean.
James Dinan: Dead.
Joe: Passed away last year.
Dan: I liked him.
Chico: Ah.
Dan: Distinct voice.
Joe: "The lights are out, the eggs are getting cold, the butter's getting hard and the Jello's jiggling."
Gordon: I've heard Hearn on the regional broadcasts. He was great.
Chico: As have I. Good at what he did.
Jason H: I ask because I passed by the Forum last night (I took a scenic drive)
Chico: As a kid, I got KTLA out of AZ cable.. which was weird, but I digress.
Joe: The Lakers aren't the same with out him.
Gordon: ok - We are back, and James joins us as we hit the game
segment of the show.
Chico: Who's ready for the utter madness that is... Take a Side?
Gordon: Jeff, Dan and James Vs. Travis, Jason and Chico. Joe and I judge.
Jason H: Sounds good. =)
Jason B: Ok
James: OK
Gordon: Game Show All-Stars Vs. WLTI Regulars.
Travis: Sure. Good 'nuff.
Gordon: Everyone ready?
Chico: Let's do this.
Jeff: 'k
Dan: I am a playah.
Jason B: Lets do it.
Gordon: Don't forget, I'll give the question, you designate someone from your team, to be the master debater.
Jason H: LOL
Jason B: What is the sound of one hand typing? :)
Jeff: sound = click, click, click, pause, click
Gordon: and Joe and I give points. Question #1.....

(Topic #1 - The Ken Jennings Tournament is the beginning of the end for Jeopardy.)

Gordon: We'll let the Game Show People start - select a member and go
Jeff: I'll take this one.
James: OK
Chico: We're huddling...
Jeff: The Quest for Ken tourney is NOT the beginning of the end.
Chico: Travis has this.
Jeff: If J! has jumped the shark, then it started when they removed the 5-day limit, and if J! has not jumped, then there is no end to be the beginning of. QED.
Dan: Did we win?
Jeff: Yes.
Travis: Well, wait a minute... Do I get to go?
Gordon: Yes you do - Travis's turn.
Travis: All right. Jeopardy got exactly what they wanted when they lifted the 5-game limit. They lucked out with a TV-friendly champ. The problem is that they should have left him alone after he lost, and let him get ready for the 2005 ToC.
Jeff: And this supports the argument that this tourney is the beginning of the end how?
Travis: Hey, I'm setting up my argument. Hang on... :)
Gordon: Jeff likes to be jumpy on the buzzer. I'll let you know when you can argue, Jeff. Travis, please continue.
Travis: This 15-week tournament thing just smacks of so much desperation on their part to keep Ken in the public eye, because without him, the ratings will erode, and so long J! (Lord, I did NOT just say that J! was going off the air. I feel so DIRTY.) That is all.
Chico: That's all you, man... That's all you!
Gordon: Jeff and Travis - ARGUE! Each of you gets a quick counter (though for whatever reason, Chico let me and Jeff argue for hours).
Chico: I just thought it was entertaining.
Gordon: Jeff?
Jeff: My point is that IF this signals a desperate turn for the worse, then the BEGINNING was the decision to remove the 5-day limit, and thus, the KJ tourney is not itself the beginning of the end.
Travis: If it's not the beginning of the end, then they should have waited a while to do the uber-tournament.
Jeff: The KJ tourney seems desperate,...but I think it will improve ratings nonetheless. I don't think there's much to argue here.
Travis: I'll have to agree with my colleague here - Not much point to
arguing over it. :)
Gordon: Both of you missed a major point which I will yell at both of you about later. Judges?
Joe: Point for Jeff.
Travis: Screw you Joe. :)
Joe: Only if I get to screw Amy Jo Johnson first.
James: Woo
Gordon: Well, the point that neither of you made was the parallel reference to Tic Tac Dough, Thom McKee, and the tournament he was in, and after that, the ratings went right into the toilet. Travis - if you used that, I would have given you the point - but you didn't. Point to Jeff.
Chico: And Jeff didn't use that either. Kiss-ass :)
Gordon: It hurts Jeff - he shouldn't be using it.
Chico: Heh.
Jeff: Whoo-Hoo!
Gordon: And not knowing the person who held the highest amount of money for almost 20 years is inexcusable.

Jason B: Next question.

(Topic #2 - Meredith Vieira is now a better host of Millionaire than Regis Philbin)

Gordon: WLTI goes first.
Jason B: I got this.
Chico: Do it, man.
Jeff: Remember, Jason, to mention that she has breasts.
Jason B: So does Regis.
Joe: Oooooooh.
Gordon: Go, Jason.
Jason B: Meredith Vieira IS a better host than Regis Philbin.
Gordon: hoo boy.
Jason B: She has more personality and has a better connection with the contestants. And as a host...she is better with the game itself. Therefore Meredith is better than Regis.
Gordon: Any comment on the breasts?
Jason B: I saw them up close... they are real and they are magnificent.
Joe: lol
Travis: Sing out, brother!
Gordon: ok. Counter from the Game Show player team?
James: I'll take it if no one else wants to.
Gordon: It can't be Jeff, so it's either you or Dan.
Jeff: If Dan takes it, then he has to trash the person responsible for him winning between $1000 and $1000000.
Joe: lol
Jason B: LOL
Chico: Heh
James: I'll play devil's advocate...there was one incident on syndie WWTBAM that made me question Meredith. Season two, contestant 50-50's on a $100 question. Down to choice B and choice D. Meredith then mentions matter-of-factly that choice D on $100 questions are the joke answers. What is this, Alan Thicke on Pictionary?
Jeff: Touche'
Travis: I remember that. If you flub a $100 question, though, that's
more than a bit sad.
James: Well, I flubbed a $500 question :)
Gordon: We've heard theopening statements - ARGUE!
Jeff: Good point, James, for a tough position to defend
Jason B: James...does one incident make a bad host...Meredith has been
more consistently good than consistently bad. By the end, Regis was crabby
and didn't want to be there. Even on SuperBam, he was not on his game, and the fact that the ratings bear out a renewal to the end of the decade! Makes Meredith a clear winner to me.
James: Meredith is too much of a cheerleader to my tastes...she also turns into Kathie Lee at least once a week by talking about her kids and the like.
Gordon: I think that's enough. Joe?
Joe: Yeah, but Kathie Lee is obnoxious. Meredith isn't. Point for Jason.
Gordon: I was waiting for James to say - Regis is what made Millionaire great, or attack Jason for turning on his host. I didn't get it. Point to Jason.

Gordon: Question #3
Chico: Great. It's all on me now.
Gordon: It's Chico Vs. Dan. It's 3 out of 5, by the way.
Dan: Chico and the Dan?
Chico: Tasty.
Jeff: Groan. I was gonna write that, but thought better of it.
Dan: I took the grenade.
Gordon: Chico and the Dan - next question...

Topic #3 - Let's say that Ken gets destroyed in the Finals. Who is the person that beats him? You MUST give a specific person and prepare to defend him.

Dan: Crikey.
Gordon: Dan goes first
Chico: Oh (^_^)!
Dan: I'll go with Jeff Suchard.
Joe/Jeff: ROFL
Dan: He'll beat him 9 outta 10 times. Just got that one time...
Joe: So would I if he was playing.
Dan: I'll go with my bud Leszek.
Jeff: Yeah
Dan: He tapes on the 8th of February.
Gordon: Any why would Leszek defeat Ken?
Dan: He will be battle hardened by the time he reaches KJ. He will have fought his way through the entire field. Plus, he just knows a lot.
Gordon: Chico, your response?
Chico: A lot of people know a lot. I'm going with Bob Verini, because save for a hail Mary DD bet, he could've won the Million Dollar Masters from Brad Rutter. Being smart is just a prereq for being on Jeopardy!.
Gordon: Good opening statements. Now ARGUE!
Dan: Some players are just sitting there with byes and will face players who have gotten the buzzer feel back. Leszek is in fighting form. I will be there at the taping to make sure no funny stuff goes on. I will be the cut man in his corner.
Chico: How do you know if Leszek is in fighting form, aside from being on several buzzers since then?
Dan: He is studying. He is taking this seriously.
Chico: It's trivia. You either know it or you don't.
Dan: He is practicing with his ball point pen.
Chico: And you can't practice with a ball point. The buzzer isn't the same. We discussed this on an earlier episode.
Dan: hey.....he was my Phone-A-Friend.
James: I would hope so, with so much money on the line, all players should be taking it seriously.
Dan: He knows a lot.
Chico: So do a great number of the 150 playing. Face it. There's going to be a winner and there's going to be a loser.
Dan: Care to wager?
Chico: Not unless it's blackjack.
Gordon: Realize that if you do wager, Chico, you'll have to show up at the Game Show Congress to collect - or pay up.
Chico: What puts me with Bob V. though, is failure. You tend to rise from failure different from rising from victory. You're almost battle hardened.
Dan: hmmmm
Gordon: Good arguments. Joe?
Chico: Bob also got to the end of Super J.
Joe: To me, it seems like Leszek is always in fighting form. Although Ed Toutant beat him at the SmartyPants quiz in August, he was still awesome. Bob Verini's no joke, but I gotta give this point for Dan the Man.
Chico: I think he would've won that too were it not for Bob Harris.
Dan: Makes it all the more reason for Leszek to rise above his snub.
Chico: You little so and so...
Dan: I almost went with Bob Harris.
Gordon: If this was the last question, I would have given it a draw to everyone can yell at me. Heh. It isn't, though, and I thought Dan's mental
image of Leszek was slightly better. Point to Dan.
Jeff: Yeah!
James: Yay
Dan: I think anyone can win this.
Chico: That'd be interesting to see... almost a virtual rematch.
Dan: I don't think KJ is a lock.
Jeff: Leszek dominated the SmartyPants quiz.
Joe: That he did Jeff. But so did Ed.

Chico: FWIW, this was a hard question.
Gordon: Question #4
Joe: Game Show Players can win with this one.
Jeff: So it's 3 out of 5?
Joe: Yep.
James: 3 out of 5.
Jeff: Darn, I thought we were done.

Question #4 - Two shows with F.F. as their moniker. Fear Factor and Family Feud. Both shows are on much longer than people thought they would be. Which one is better?

Gordon: You can use anyone on your team to represent.
Chico: We're sending the Blocker.
Jason B: I have this.
Gordon: WLTI goes first.
Dan: I can argue for FF.
Travis: Go nuts, Jason B.
Gordon: Dan Avila Vs Jason Block. You may go, Jason.
Jason B: Family Feud is MUCH better than Fear Factor.
Gordon: Taking that approach in front of the Fear Factor recapper. Risky. Please continue.
Jason B: Family Feud is a classic game show. It has continued since 1976 in various forms and various hosts. Fear Factor, contrary to what my friend
Gordon complains is the most popular example of humiliation TV.
Gordon: Ok - Dan - tell me how Fear Factor is better.
Dan: I find Feud boring. It is relegated to syndicated telly. Fear Factor is a show that people enjoy watching for whatever reason. They love to be lookie lou's - they avert there eyes at the gross outer stuff, but they LOVE
to talk about it later. It's an over the water cooler guilty pleasure.
Jeff: Go Dan. Go Dan.
Jason B: Guilty pleasure my rear end.
Dan: Yes. your rear end. They'd eat that too - or smooch it, or do any number of things to it.
Gordon: OUCH! ARGUE, Jason.
Chico: I should mention that the loser gets balut.
Jason B: All it is, is a way for people to make themselves look like total idiots for money. It's like the old joke...we know what you are--now we have to figure out what price.
Dan: As long as it's on TV, people will watch.
Jason B: Family Feud shows least some what.
Dan: Low grade intelligence and a lot of guesses that make people on that show their lack of common sense.
Jason B: So does Fear Factor. And Joe Rogan is a total moron. Richard Karn is at least likeable.
Dan: I don't watch it for the host - the stunts are the show.
Jeff: Jason, when some family member gives a bad response and everyone else says "Good answer" that isn't intelligence.
Chico: Hey, no help from the gallery! =p
Jeff: [zipping lips]
Dan: I will give you Karn......but the show is still a bunch of inbred folks showing off their lack of common sense.
Jason B: Then the people who willingly go on Fear Factor need their head examined. They are the same people who go on most reality shows. They want to be stars. They don't want to play. I never go on a game show to get famous. I go there to play.
Dan: Everyone on these shows want to be on TV...and win money.
Jason B: Fear Factor is exploitive crap.
Dan: Bottom line on Fear Factor is money and some machoism. Family Feud is more like old game shows...... lotta clapping and fake smiles and little money.
Jason B: And what's wrong with Old Game Shows?
Dan: Nothing.....if that's what you want. There is room for both.
Gordon: You enjoying this, Joe?
Joe: Hmm...
Gordon: Shall we let them continue or do you have a verdict?
Joe: Joe Rogan = funny, but Fear Factor = The Suck. It might be fun if the gross out stuff wasn't part of the show. Jason scores. Sorry, Dan. And Jeff's right about "good answer." Watching people say that like that gives me gas.
Dan: Stop eating cabbage then.
Joe: ROFL. Don't eat cabbage.
Dan: Start eating balut.
Gordon: I find this one interesting, because you have a reality hater and a reality lover on the same panel I was waiting for Jason to ask Dan if Family Feud sucked, why his family was on the show.
Dan: I love both genres and there is a place for both
Jeff: So, Gordon, does that mean you think Fear Factor is reality TV?
Gordon: Of course it is - as well as a game.
Dan: I have disavowed myself from that part of the family - they feud too much.
Gordon: I actually would vote for Dan, since he had the better argument. Unfortunately for Dan, the person who controls the tie-breaker on this question is Joe, and he voted for Jason, so Jason wins.
Dan: Feh!
Chico: And besides... he likes the suspense.

Gordon: Last Question.
Joe: Crunch time is at hand.
Dan: Crunk Time
Jeff: Gimme some of that crunk.
Gordon: This last question is a 2 parter for 2 Points. You can win either one or both.
Jeff: And then we will have another tie.
Gordon: Well, then argue it well enough so a tie doesn't happen =)
Chico: Final question, please.
Gordon: Part 1 - Which reality show is better - American Idol or The Apprentice? Part 2 - Who is the real football national champion - USC or
Jason B: Wow.
Gordon: You may all answer in a free-for-all like format.
Chico: Turf war!
Dan: USC
Gordon: Dan Avila, Mr. USC and his group goes first.
Dan: Two time national champs. We will 3-pete.
Travis: Two football teams I don't give a hydroelectric (^_^) about...
Gordon: You all fill in what you know.
Dan: Well...I know USC. I was there at the massacre and Auburn should
be glad they weren't.
Jeff: Since I just defined a "reality show" as one where the contestants' relationships play a part, then I would have to say that The Apprentice is better. American Idol is a singing contest, rather than a reality show. American Idol is fine TV, but it is not a "reality" show.
Dan: Thank you for asking about USC v Auburn BTW.
Gordon: You're a huge USC fan - it had to be done. WLTI - you are the best writers - defend American Idol and Auburn.
Jason B: Idol is the best of the reality bunch, because you are showing true talent...not just the same old reality schtick.
Travis: Idol is about as 'real' as you can get. Much as I love Apprentice, those challenges can get very contrived.
Jeff: Thus, Idol is a TALENT show, and not a reality show.
Travis: I would say it can be both.
Chico: Idol is a cross section of America, not just the same old casting junk.
James: Idol is Star Search, Version 2.0.
Jason B: And Auburn with a better defense and a better conference to go through would have killed USC. Auburn is the national champion.
Chico: That, and the BCS is an antiquated piece of CRAP.
Joe: That we knew.
Travis: Hear here!
Gordon: Good opening statements. ARGUE!
Chico: THE BCS IS AN ANTIQUATED PIECE OF CRAP! There's no argument about it! Thank you!
Travis: It is fact. Pure and simple.
Dan: Unfortunately for AU, they will graduate all their talent and I'm afraid it is cellar time for the Tigers.
Jason B: There should be a playoff system and Auburn should have played USC and killed that overrated offense.
James: But USC began the season #1. They had a lot more pressure on
them than Auburn, and they delivered and then some.
Jeff: What is "real" about Idol? It is as contrived as any other show in the genre.
Dan: Just like OU tried?
Jason B: OU didn't have their a game on - or their jocks.
Dan: Or the cajones to wear them.
Travis: So AI is no better or worse than anything else, just a different format.
Jeff: Nothing is real about singing for 20 seconds and getting shipped off to Hollywood.
Jason B: But Jeff, week after week they have to sing to continue on.
Jeff: That is not how entertainers develop in the real world.
Jason B: That's true talent.
Chico: You can't say that The Apprentice is a cross section of America. It's only a cross section of the people that choose to take part, as augmented by Mark Burnett.
Travis: AI is...hopefully...the best of the best, not just who makes for an entertaining 13 weeks.
Jason B: They have should have a black finalist, if all the statements were true.
Jeff: Jason said that Idol is as real as it gets, and I was pointing out that this was not true.
Dan: But AI allows audience participation too.
Jason B: Apprentice last season I mean.
Chico: And Idol gives the chance that people would otherwise not get. Would you see Ruben or Clay on a CD were it not for the show? I don't think so.
Jeff: Nothing is 'real' about either of these shows.
Travis: Apprentice 1 did have a black finalist in year one.
Jason B: Who got screwed by Omarosa.
Gordon: Way to argue against your side, Travis.
Travis: Thank you. Love this free-for-all format, Gordon.
Chico: Uh, Travis, we're pro Idol and AU.
Jeff: But Apprentice actually shows how people interact, which is the sine qua non of 'reality' shows.
Travis: AU can kiss know.
Dan: Cajones?
Travis: Sure.
Joe: No, AJJ can kiss my...oh wait, you're talking about AU.
Travis: DOWN, JOE!
Joe: Couldn't resist.
James: You actually learn a little about the business world with Apprentice. All I learn about AI is the world needs more singing teachers.
Jason B: No it doesn't. Apprentice is a 90 minutes commercial for Trump and the sponsor of the week...Burger King, et al.
Jeff: If I want to hear good music/singing, I can choose any CD out
of my collection.
James: And today's pop music s*cks
Jeff: But Apprentice gives me people snarking at each other, which I can't get the same way
Joe: Word.
James: They have a system for I-AA, II and III. Northing for I-A.
Gordon: This is fun, isn't it, Joe? A b#tch to edit, but fun! Your verdict?
Chico: I blame the moderator. He needs the control the demons! =p
Joe: Yikes. Split points here, Gordon. 1 for WLTI for Idol, and 1 for GSP for USC. And the NCAA does need a playoff system for football.
Gordon: I just like to point out that the way Joe voted, it would be a draw.
Joe: Yes. Yes it would.
Gordon: So as we get to this draw, I would just like everyone to send all letters from people griping that we always have a draw to Joe Van Ginkel (care of, because thanks to the last question, I would have awarded it to the Game Show Players. As it is, I do agree with Joe on this topic, so...

Jeff: I was arguing for the Tie. I additionally argue for no tie-breaker.
Travis: Wunderbar.
Gordon: I do have a tiebreaker, if we want to use it.
Jason B: pffft.
Joe: Let's not.
Travis: Should I reveal what my final score prediction was before we started?
Jeff: Yes.
James: Can't we just shake hands?
Chico: Hoo boy. Well, we're going to count our losses, then return with the Big Finish. ... Whoo...
Gordon: Damn, you guys are competitive about everything.
Jeff: I say that we need to debate the value of a tiebreaker vs. a draw first.
Gordon: We've always had a draw. Why break tradition?
Travis: DRAW!
Gordon: Speaking of breaks, let's get one before the BIG FINISH
Chico: Why not! Commercial time! Be back after this.
Joe: I'll take the nut flush draw myself, Dan.
Dan: You do that.
Joe: lol
Gordon: Does Amy Jo Johnson have nuts?
Joe: Ovaries.
Gordon: So I guess she has Mounds?
Jason B: Oh yeah!
Jeff: Chocolate covered mounds
Joe: Are we back on the candy bar jokes?

(Brought to you by the makers of Dristan... simply because that ep of TTTT is on. Johnny Carson: 1925-2005)

Gordon: Rest in Peace, Johnny.
Jason B: Amen.
Chico: Hear here.
Gordon: We are now back for THE BIG FINISH.
Joe: Johnny Carson > all.
Chico: In case you can't tell, the tribute marathon is on GSN right now.
Dan: I can't tell.
Chico: Well, trust me.
Gordon: In this segment, Dan, we give quick questions and quick answers.
Jason B: It will be on the west coast soon.
Gordon: BIG FINISH time - Apprentice 3 - Who goes next?
Joe: Everybody. Apprentice = teh suck.
Chico: Verna. She has dead weight written all over her.
Jeff: Too early to memorize the names yet
Travis: I concur with Chico.
Chico: How about The Amazing Race?
Travis: Adam and Rebecca.
Jeff: Adam and Rebecca
James: I'll say Adam and Rebecca
Dan: I vote for the oldest couple
Gordon: Make it unanimous - Adam and Rebecca are next.
Jeff: I know the show is a crucible that highlights emotional problems, but they both need to grow up
Gordon: CBS moving Wickedly Perfect - alienating the viewers or terrified that the OC will get a fan base to lower Survivor's ratings?
Jeff: What viewers?
Travis: C. None of the above.
Joe: Exactly.
Chico: I'll go off the board and say "bleeding the wound dry."
Jeff: The show's not terrible, but not that great either.
Joe: I love Marc Summers, but Wickedly Perfect is toast.
James: CBS is merely escorting WP to the electric chair.
Chico: Dead man walking!
Jason B: Dead show walking.
Jeff: The recaps are better than the show.
Travis: See also: Will, The.
Jeff: Really!
Chico: Nice to know you're partial, Jeff :)
Travis: "Dear CBS: please stop airing crap that no one watches. More TAR please. Thank you."
Gordon: Speaking of more TAR - one of the couples in AR 7 is....Survivor's Boston Rob and Amber. Does that affect you watching the show in any way?
Chico: Nope. I'd watch anyway.
Jason B: Wow.
Chico: Of course, I hope that me and my brother are on soon, but.... yeah.
Travis: I have had enough of Rob and Amber, I hope they both get a severe rectal itch at the start line.
Jason B: Everyone wants them to lose first :)
Jeff: It's only for ratings. I would watch anyway.
Gordon: I think they will do very well in this edition - much better than Allison and her ill-fated beau.
Jeff: Amazing Race actually tests some useful times.
James: Rob and Amber vs. the first Bachelorette and her hubby in a death match, NOW.
Chico: What's My Line returns for the west coasters as a live show. Would you watch?
Travis: I can dig it.
Chico: CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!!!?
Jason B: I wanted to go.
Travis: If they have interesting central subjects.
Chico: Even with J. Keith hosting?
James: Saw the website, looks interesting.
Jeff: I prefer game shows that don't rely on celebrity guests.
Joe: I would love to check that out.
Dan: I will watch to see how it holds up.
Gordon: If they didn't make it an all porn edition, like another certain revival tried a few years ago, I'd watch it.
Jeff: There is no skill involved in What's My Line on the contestants' part.
Travis: True. And?
Jeff: It's only for entertainment. It's not a game show, to my mind.
Chico: It's pre-reality reality, I think.
Jeff: I'd rather see Whose Line.
Joe: Whose Line is fun too.
Gordon: Anything else, Chico?
Chico: Okay, I promised I'd show this to you guys, but we have an actual clip of the German version of Blockbusters, called Supergrips... We said it looked like Super Blockbusters 2020. View and give one word.
Joe: Cool.
Gordon: This is currently on in Germany, correct?
Chico: I believe so. This is an old ep, though.
Jason B: Wow...way cool.
Dan: Sorry, I have dial up.. I'll tell you next week
Jeff: He's no Bill Cullen, but I love that show.
Gordon: So there's still hope for studio game show fanatics. We have
Travis: Freaky-wicked.
Gordon: This is from joetigay2002...

Has there been any indication that Who Wants to Be a Millionaire/Super Millionaire will be coming back this year?

Chico: Should we cue up a drumroll?
Gordon: Please do.
Chico: *cues up drumroll*
Jeff: Gong!
Gordon: The last time I heard from my spies over at Millionaire, they have a tentative one coming up in the Summer after the original runs of the shows have ended.
Travis: I see no reason; especially if ABC is kicking ass on Sunday nights...
Chico: But if this would be over the summer, then the ass-kickers would be in reruns anyway.
Joe: Indeed.
Gordon: They have to see how the ratings are, but based on syndie ratings, this looks feasible in the late/May early June sessions, as the networks are now getting more aggressive to bring out original summer fare. According to my spies, this won't be definite until they meet again in February, so we'll see how that winds up doing. It's not set in stone.
Dan: Don't forget my shows will air on April 13-14 with Meredith.
Chico: We'll keep an eye out.
James: Very cool
Jason B: Way cool.
Dan: Then I will retire.
Jason B: Don't do that!
Gordon: I don't think Dan will ever retire.
Dan: Unless they invite me to Super Millionaire.
Joe: lol
Chico: Okay, time to do my best Clive Anderson. Just remains for me to thank James Dinan, Jason Block, Joe Van Ginkel, Travis Eberle, Jeff Suchard, Jason Hernandez, our very special guest Dan Avila...
Dan: Super Geritol Millionaire.
James: Thank you very much.
Dan: Thank you for the invite.
Jason B: Damn skippy Jeff.
Dan: It was fun being here.
Jason B: Thank you for letting me be here again.
Gordon: Thanks all of you, so Dan, you are more than welcome to come
back any time.
Joe: For us too, Dan.
Jeff: Bye all.
Travis: Adios.
Joe: Godspeed and spread the love.
Chico: And of course, thank YOU for reading! For everyone here at Game Show Newsnet, I'm Crunk Alexander...
Gordon: And this is Gordon 'Simon Crunk' Pepper, saying Game over.
Chico: Bob ya head like this *bobs head*

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