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September 3 - Call the Whaaambulance!/What's My Zinger?/Push or Flush (1)

September 10 - Sixteen Candles/20 Questions: Brad Rutter/Push or Flush (2)


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Episode 16.2
September 17

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and we will be playing improv this morning!
Chico: Really? I love improv!
Gordon: Really, because we don't know our opening segment.
Jason: What? Didn't you get the script?
Chico: Does it have anything to do with this week being a little... sad?
Gordon: It could be, but it also has to do with the fact that our segments have been decided by (points to you people reading this)...them.
Jason: Really? (points) Them?
Gordon: (points) Them.
Jason: Our loyal friends and true? (TM)
Gordon: Yep. We have people reading this, you know.
Chico: And we love'em.
Jason: We do.
Chico: So sit back... Grab your preferred drink of choice... and enjoy, because this show... is for you. From somewhere in America... We Love to Interrupt ... is... ON!
Gordon: Yay!
Jason: Yes!
Chico: Chico Alexander with you alongside Gordon and the guy he keeps bringing in week after week to keep us in line, Jason Block.
Jason: This week should be fun. As it always is.
Gordon: True - but it's more fun when the viewers decide what's going on
Jason: So what DO the viewers want to talk about?
Chico: Okay, we're starting with...

Edd Hall: Welcome to Merv Griffin's Crosswords!

Chico: After months of hype surrounding the final magnum opus of legendary game master Merv Griffin, the show finally premieres. The premise is simple... Complete a crossword. It accomplishes this in four steps...

1.) Answer more right than your opponent.
2.) Manage to keep your podium against three spoilers...
3.) Complete the crossword for a bonus round trip
4.) Profits!

Gordon: That's funny, Chico. I saw 4 different steps. Would you like to know what I saw?
Chico: What did you see?

1.) Answer clues that could have more than 1 answer, making it a Playmania-like level.

Chico: Not unlike your standard crossword.

2.) Manage your podium against 3 spoilers, tilting the game in their advantage and allowing me, as a Spoiler to go out, order a pizza, come back, only answer 1 question correctly, and win the game.

Chico: You saw Thursday's show.
Gordon: Ah...yes. yes I did.

3.) Answer a 'Daily Double' like clue on the podium, skyrocketing yourself into the lead and having the person on the second podium have no prayer of winning, because they can't switch to your podium. That would prompt the person in second to start answering the questing incorrectly to move her in a spoiler position.

Chico: Or "playing on tilt" in proper parlance.
Gordon: Yes

4.) Profit, in a knowledge game, where ironically, it's better to be lucky than good.

Jason: Ok Gordon. Do me a favor and take the stick out of your butt.
Gordon: But it's a pretty stick.
Chico: That's all for this show, join us next time... heh...
Jason: I think you are WAY overreacting to this show. This is an incredibly fun show which isn't perfect, but is very good for what it does. I like the level of the questions....and calling them playmania like is insulting the question writers if you ask me.
Chico: I'd have to agree with Jason there. Writer of a crossword is the most loveless of loveless vocations. Million people will know of your work, but no one will care. =p
Jason: We are not talking about Weekly Reader here. Some of the clues were tough.
Chico: And unlike the Playmania queries, the puzzle itself lends to one answer. But enough love for crossword writers :-)
Gordon: I don't have a problem with tough clues. I have a MAJOR problem with clues that have not only more than 1 answer, but an obscure one at that.
Jason: That happens in a regular crossword too. That's why you do them in PENCIL.
Chico: Wait... you do them in PENCIL?
Gordon: I do them in pencil too.
Chico: Heh.
Gordon: But you shouldn't have that happen in a game show. Insults. _ _ _ _
Chico: DIGS?
Gordon: No
Chico: JABS?
Gordon: It could be, but that's not what the producers are looking for. And that's my point.
Gordon: C U T S. Can I have a Big Board please?

Dr. Pepper's Prescription to Crosswords

1) Fix the clues
2) Get rid of the second podium
3) Two strikes and you're in
4) Returning champions

Gordon: The Subject - Dr. Pepper's Prescription to Crosswords. Now I was savaging the game earlier on this week to Jason.
Jason: Yeah.
Gordon: However, on thinking about it, there are ways to fix it and be much better than what we currently have
Jason: Try me.
Gordon: 1. The clues. I actually like the hard clues.
Chico: The clues are good.
Gordon: If you have one with more than 1 possible answer, then stick a letter in the word.

Insults  -> _ _ _ _

Chico: They're the prescription to the dumbing down of the genre over the last  years.
Gordon: Lots of choices. HOWEVER, if you say

Insults -> _ _ B _

Gordon: Then it's still hard, but you know the answer has to be Jabs
Chico: But that's not doing a crossword properly. That's looking at page D and cheating.
Gordon: Not at all. If you solve a puzzle, you'll have letters in the clue. Besides, they do that in the game.
Gordon: In the Crosswords game itself, they have a letter in the clue.
Jason: Depending on the area of the puzzle, yes.
Chico: Because the words cross into each other.
Gordon: Exactly. All I am saying is to do that in clues that may have more than 1 possible answer.
Chico: Then it'd be Scrabble.
Gordon: No. Scrabble is a word game off of silly clues. This would be more straight-forward.
Chico: It likes to switch off. If you've ever sat down to do the Sunday crossword... it's JUST like that... only it's about as big as the Daily crossword.
Jason: Its a combination of both.
Gordon: I agree with Jason on that. 2. Get rid of the second podium.
Chico: Explain.
Gordon: All you're doing is screwing the second placed player if it's a runaway game.
Jason: One player games never work...
Gordon: It won't be a 1 player game. You keep the spoilers.
Chico: There's that first round to get out of the way.
Gordon: You intro the spoilers in immediately
Chico: Ah.
Gordon: You have one person 'in control'. As long as he gets the questions right, he plays. The person in second place right now - useless. Adds nothing to the game and if anything, can help the person in first by getting a question wrong and forcing a spoiler to switch spots with that person. #3. Two strikes and you're in. As you can see in the game, you won't have someone run the board, but it's painful to watch someone do nothing in the game and then win it. So have a 2 check system, where the spoiler has to get 2 right. It adds to the tension, and at the same time, gives the player some - but not a lot of - breathing room.
Chico: Makes sense.
Gordon: 4. Returning champion. We have a tight budget. Would it hurt to have a returning champion?
Jason: That point I will concede.
Chico: Hell, even Temptation has a returning champ. (we'll get to that later, though)
Jason: That too.
Gordon: So to grade...The Good...Good questions, Fast Play, Solid Bonus Round. The Bad - Vague Questions, and the 1 question and you win syndrome.
Chico: The bad... Ty... I'm hoping he'll get at ease soon. You can only say "JOHN with a chance to spoil" so many ways.
Jason: Ty is better than Rossi Morreale. Not saying much though
Gordon: That's like saying that sardine ice cream tastes better than pickle ice cream.
Chico: Ty's a better host, Rossi's a better ad-libber (not by much).
Gordon: One thing they both have in common - all they are doing is 'hosting'. Neither of them has a grasp on the strategy of the game.
Chico: Well, Ty has admitted to acting more like a conduit than anything else.
Gordon: And that's a problem - he's supposed to be a host, not a conduit.
Chico: Another good thing... I at least can say that I was having a little fun watching and shouting at the TV.
Jason: Yes, I got into the show right away...very viewer friendly.
Gordon: It's a good play at home game, but as a game that's in-studio, It needs A LOT of work. The emperor isn't completely wearing no clothes, but he's wearing a string bikini that looks ridiculous on him. C-
Chico: Well, I can take the game for what it is. What gets me is the whole package was kinda made on the cheap. I mean the theme song was a prize cue on Wheel... Come On!
Gordon: I forgot to mention that, yes. And the 80's version, at that.
Chico: And I don't know about you, but if I'm living in or planning to visit Southern Califonia, what makes you think I'm going to want to win a trip to Pismo?
Gordon: What about a trip to the LaBrea Tar Pits?
Jason: lol
Chico: You're not going to leave me there again are ya?
Gordon: Don't tempt me ;).
Jason: Even with all the warts, I think the show is the best show to come out in a while. Ty will improve and I like the quaility of the questions. B-
Chico: But seriously, it's all there, it just needs to be kicked up a bit. B-.
Gordon: I don't think it's going to get kicked up at all.
Chico: You read the story, then.
Gordon: I did. Ratings - bad.
Chico: Both new syndie entries... not really making that much noise.
Gordon: Well, there's a reason. Neither show is that good.
Jason: Wrong.
Gordon: Right.
Jason: Wrong. Bad scheduling.
Gordon: The scheduling doesn't help. Neither does the show's content.
Chico: Well, you're both right. The shows in and of themselves both need a little sanding down.
Gordon: Neither show is a complete show. There are many holes in it.
Chico: But putting it up either in late night or against Oprah. That's asking for trouble.
Jason: Still, who was the genius who put Crosswords at NY at 4PM against Oprah and Judge Judy?
Chico: Someone who was way too hopeful. There's being hopeful, and then there's being smart. But Pyramid didn't even get a 2.0 in its first week. It got a 1.0. Maybe higher. Probably close. It had to rise to a 2.0.
Jason: And it's gone.
Chico: It was cancelled prematurely.
Gordon: No it wasn't. Sorry. Pyramid, the remake wasn't that great. The budget was cheap, the hosting was subpar and the rule changes were negative, not positive. I don't want a game show up there and then praise how good it is or was when it wasn't.
Chico:  But at least the game was solid.
Gordon: No, it wasn't solid. The celebrities were awful and the contestants were vapid.
Chico: The man wanted less clues to get a few commercials in =p
Gordon: If you want a game, then play it. Don't make a game 'harder' by compromising it.
Chico: But it lasted two good years... These two probably won't last one.
Jason: Which is the sad thing.
Chico: These two, yes.
Gordon: And the way it is now, neither of them should survive the first season
Chico: The rule is "All it takes is one"... and we may have to wait until next fall. Deal or No Deal, baby. :-)
Jason: Which is wrong to me.
Chico: Manic people... vs. Game theory...We'll get to that next week.
Gordon: I'm not too thrilled on a game that once again cuts on the original. Will people really tune in to watch $250,000 offered in less cases?
Chico: We'll see in a year. Meanwhile, next on our viewerpalooza... Drumroll, please...

"Wheel! Of! Fortune!"

Gordon: Now THAT'S a Merv Griffin game that works.
Chico: 25 years in syndication... zero signs of letting on.
Jason: Oh yeah.
Chico: If anything, it's only getting bigger, thanks to its age. Big board again?

Wheel's Older Than Dirt

1) The 25 Wedge
2) The Big Money Wedge
3) Retro clips

Chico: This one's called "Wheel's Older Than Dirt"
Jason: ...but looks great for it's age
Gordon: It most certainly does. I like the BoTox
Chico: Has to be a steady diet of excitement, challenge, and luck. With exercises in Pat's rapier wit and Vanna's shapely... well, whatever it is, it's shapely.
Jason: The game play adds were two...and they both worked.
Chico: But here's what's in store for season 25... 1.) The 25 Wedge.
Chico: Whoever hits it wins 25... something.
Jason: Like $2,500
Gordon: 25 weeks of Meals
Chico: Or 25  months of Netflix...
Jason: Or $2,500 GC to et al.
Chico: That's a little creative branding from the Sony execs. My hat is off. But the big change...
Jason: #2....The Big Money wedge
Chico: It changes every spin. Could be $5,000...Could be $7,500...Could be $25,000 K...Could be Bankrupt...Could be Lose a Turn. If only all of the Wheel was like that... :-)
Gordon: And then if you hit a Bankrupt, a little Wheelie comes out and makes fun of you?
Chico: ... Touche :-) But yeah, the Big Money Spot adds a new dimension to that round.
Gordon: Arrivederci...
Jason: lol
Chico: Could probably put the game away with one lucky spin.
Gordon: It does - and I like it.
Jason: $25,000 is huge cash
Gordon: Big Money!
Jason: Yeah....
Chico: And of course, since it's an anniversary season, we get the retro clips.
Jason: Nothing funnier than a pie in the face.
Chico: Although some were from the NBC run, which isn't even officially acknowledged... boo =p
Jason: The only thing that bothered me a mention of the passing of Merv...on either show.
Chico: Give it time. These eps were taped WELL in advance. Probably could've spliced in an edit or two, but give it time. I'm hopeful.
Jason: I mean I know everyone made the press clips, but the shows should have said SOMETHING.
Gordon: True. But yes, great adds in Wheel. Unfortunately, we already had our first disaster.
Chico: The only thing... The ONLY thing that could've brought down the party... and it happened on Monday's show.
Jason: May I?
Chico: Please
Gordon: Please
Jason: First Bonus Round of the new season....IN THE KITCHEN with the RSTLNE and his choices of CDPA, he has

_ _ _ _ N _
_ _ _ L

Gordon: Oh that's easy.
Jason: and misses MIXING BOWL.... for...$100,000. (thud)
Chico: That's hard.
Jason: I got it. But then again, I get most of them :) Except at tapings with Gordon.
Chico: Well, you're way too qualified for Wheel anyway =p
Gordon: lol
Jason: Kudos to Wheel...looks like another successful season on the way.
Chico: And here's to 25 more with wax droids that look like Pat and Vanna :-)
Gordon: Yep, Now I'm looking for the Viewer's choice
Chico: Here it is...

"This! Is! JEOPARDY!"

Jason: Same Verse same as the first...Except I had one problem with one clue set.
Chico: Do tell.
Jason: Didn't it seem that the Electronica category --- was basically a shill for Sony?
Gordon: Uh...Jason, who funds Jeopardy?
Jason: I know...but still...It was more obvious than it's usual sponsored categories
Gordon: I can't blame Jeopardy too much on that. And we had the season's first returning champion.
Chico: Four times.
Jason: A very good player.
Chico: Bow to Rick Kent, beeyotches. Although he did luck his way out of Wednesday's match.
Gordon: Yes, but he got more than  answer right during the match :P
Jason: lol
Gordon: He got Final Jeopardy right from the 3rd position and doubled up to win the match.
Chico: But unfortunately, his reign would be short lived to the tune of $2,900.
Gordon: awww
Chico: Big ups to for this one (storm was ravaging RDU). Matt Caporaletti stops Rick Kent at three, winning $2,900 in a Final Jeopardy! riddled with big bets and wrong responses. Here's what they had to deal with in the category of Bread.

Larousse spread the tale that after a 18th Century triumph, the victors ate this as a symbol of the beaten Muslims

Chico: We go to Gordon first...
Gordon: What is Challah?
Chico: What is Challah... No... sorry.
Jason: I saw this so I abstain.
Gordon: So what's the answer?
Chico: Correct response: What is a croissant?
Jason: Because the symbol of the Muslims was a crescent.
Chico: That's right.
Jason: (according to Alex Trebek)
Chico: No one bothered to Bob Harris the clue. "Bob Harris" being a verb for "looking for a hidden clue"
Jason: From his book "Prisoner of Trebekistan". Still a great holiday gift.
Chico: The big one: "a symbol of the beaten Muslims".
Jason: Hence the hidden clue.
Chico: Makes sense. Matt bet conservatively and wins... $2,900... and a trip to Antigua =p
Jason: lol
Gordon: Did he complete the grid to win it?
Chico: Before we move on, I just want to say one thing... I took one look at the new graphics package and said to Q, who's another J! head in the Alexander house, "This is gonna be a good year."
Jason: Both are going to do well....
Chico: Okay, next up...

"*hums "Millionaire" theme*

Gordon: We start with Meredith Vieira and...a rotating contestants circle.
Chico: Nice to know that some things never change.
Gordon: Meredith Vieira, for those who don't know, signed a 3 year extension
Jason: Ending the speculation of her not leaving and rewarding her for her biggest ratings year ever.
Gordon: I think for her, it's a safety net, just in case her other hosting duties don't go so well - but us game show fans thank her. Profusely.
Jason: We do.
Chico: We love you, Meredith.
Jason: Thank you Meredith for staying three more years.
Chico: Now as for gameplay, We saw a $100,000 question.

Excluding its fifty-six signatures, the Declaration of Independence ends with what word?
A: Providence
B: History
C: Government
D: Honor

Chico: I know this one. Not only because I watched it. Anyone?
Jason: I didn't see it...but I will guess A.
Gordon: I'll agree with Jason - A, which means I'll be wrong.
Chico: You're both WRONG!
Gordon: Told ya.
Chico: You're WRONG!
Gordon: Are we wrong?
Chico: You're WRONG!
Gordon: As in Incorrect?
Chico: and YOU'RE WRONG!
Jason: Really Wrong?
Chico: Both of you! WRONG! It's D!
Gordon: Do we get a home game?
Chico: Hell no! You were wrong!
Gordon: Do we get a copy of the Declaration of Independence?
Chico: Sure. Just Google "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor." Hit print. Done.
Jason: That's why you are good like that.
Chico: Word. Next?
Gordon: The next one is.....

Oh, look, Jason's favorite. Temptation.

Jason: Oh boy
Chico: *starts dancing to theme song*.... Nah, I can't do it. We're already in our first week, and we already had someone who won a car.
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: And it was on a dual run episode, which half of the country doesn't get.
Gordon: Boo. Mark (last name unknown) was a 5 time champ, and got just enough money to win the car.
Jason: And it was a Toyota Prius.. Keeping the budget cheap.
Gordon: He picked up $863. He needed $850 for the car.
Chico: So it wasn't the Jag that everyone else was playing for?
Gordon: Supposedly, that's a $23,000+ Car.
Jason: Yeah...but why not go for everything....that's what the old show did :)
Gordon: Good thing you mention it, Jay. Let's go over some of the rules.
Gordon: 1. You ONLY get 5 days on the show. Regardless of how much you make. So...if Mark didn't win enough in 5 days, he doesn't get a car and he has to buy whatever he has available.
Chico: Boo.
Jason: Hiss.
Gordon: Nope. So by buying the Instant bargains, you could be kissing the car bye-bye.
Chico: 2. No buying the lot.
Gordon: No buying the lot. You don't get that option.
Chico: 3. No growing cash jackpot...
Jason: Which saves on the budget yet again :)
Chico: You really have to wail on the buzzer in the final round. Which Mark... shopping ninja... did.
Gordon: True. So...Big board Please?

Fighting Temptation

1) Before You Even Play, Decide Whether or Not You Want the Car
2) Just Solve the Fame Game Puzzle
3) Hair Trigger Buzzer
4) Go for Instant Cash ONLY if you have 10 or less
5) Knock-Off: Go for Vague

Gordon: The Subject: The rules on how to play THIS version of Temptation
Chico: Pay attention. A Jag may be riding on this.
Jason: Or Prius or similar car.
Gordon: 1. Before you even PLAY on the show, you have to make a decision - Do I or do I not want the car? If you want the car, buy NOTHING. You will need all the dollars you can get.
Jason: Nothing?
Gordon: NOTHING.
Chico: Not even the instant cash?
Gordon: We'll get to that later. If you just want the glory and a lot of schwag, then buy everything.
Chico: Ok.
Gordon: 2. Fame Game. Don't even bother listening to Rossi. Focus on the puzzle. By the time he has any pertinent info, half the puzzle is revealed.
Jason: It is the Wheel of Fortune Speed Round.
Chico: Basically...
Gordon: 3. This or That? You remember when you played it in You Don't Know Jack and you just rung in? Same concept here. The second you hear a voice, ring in and don't bother for him to finish the phrase. Thats where Mark scored a lot. Everyone else was waiting to hear the complete answer. You don't have to. Just buzz in.
Chico: Buzzer ninja!
Gordon: Exactly. #4. Instant Cash. You should ONLY go for it if your lead is $10 or less.
Chico: Because of the final round.
Gordon: $15 lead? No. $40 lead? No. Not only is the questions in the final round $10 a pop, but youre also giving away money you may need later for the car.
Gordon: #5. Knock-Off. Go for the vague ones you know are correct first. They are worth the most amount of money on the board.
Chico: This can be applied to Super Wipe-Off as well, right?
Gordon: This can be applied to Super Knock-Off as well.The easy ones are $2 and $3 (regular round) and $25 (bonus round). The obscure ones can be worth $10-15 (regular round)  and $100 (bonus round). Or Super Rip-Off.
Chico: Any more super strategies?
Gordon: Nope - that's it. Now I got an email requesting that we grade the show again, now that civilians are playing it. I want to like the show, and I would watch this over Crosswords. That being said, it's like saying that I'd rather watch Leonid The Magnificent over Man-Kira.
Chico: The risk of returning champions doing it for you? Continuity?
Gordon: I like the continuity and the returning champions.
Chico: I like the continuity. Continuity is good...Just don't go skipping about the schedule like some shows do (Feud).
Gordon: I also like that they have some of the elements intact, and that Instant Cash is there. HOWEVER, you have to be able to Buy the Lot, and a 5 day limit is dopey.
Chico: Especially with this game.
Gordon: And Rossi isn't cutting it for me as the host. A host needs to explain what's going on. He says Mark is the champion, but he doesn't talk about how much he has or how much he needs until the very end, which adds no tension to the show if you're a new viewer.
Chico: Remember when Jay Stewart used to lay it all on the line at the start of the show?
Gordon: Yeah - they need to do that. And if you win nothing? Wha? Not even a toaster?
Chico: How about a Croton watch? Me, my grade doesn't change. C.
Jason: I still think it's D for Dreck. This is NOT what we as fans of Sale, heck Temptation wanted when they announced the show. This is a horrible bait and switch by Fox.
Gordon: Still too many holes for me. C-, but it's a higher C- than Crosswords.
Chico: Okay, not much time in the opening round left, let's go to the final pick in the viewer's choice...

*Biggest Loser theme playing*

Chico: New season... new twist... new host...The new twist... a secret Black team. As opposed to the not-so-secret Red and Blue teams.
Gordon: Sort of like Treasure Hunters. They work secret...unbeknownst to the other 2  teams. First person to leave - Amber
Chico: Only replace Laird McIntosh with Alison Sweeney, game show ho extro'dinare. Finally getting her own show.
Gordon: About time, if you ask me.
Chico: Is she any good (or at least as good as Caroline Rhea was)?
Gordon: I think she's better. She's more a nuts and bolts let's get down to it person. This was actually the producer's first choice to host the show - and it shows.
Chico: So you approve of Biggest Loser, season 2.
Gordon: I do, indeed.
Chico: Give it the Haterade Seal of approval.
Gordon: I approve. Did you know the Hamsters are also losing weight?
Chico: Which is just a hamster in a seal suit :-)... wait... that ISN'T a seal suit?
Chico: Awkward.
Gordon: Those are actually High Velocity Running Shorts.
Chico: REALLY awkward.
Gordon: I think Cheeseball looks cute in his.
Jason: Oh boy
Chico: Gordon, get me out of this.
Gordon: Roll That Beautiful Brain Footage

(Doug: Live, local, and latebreaking... From the four corners of the globe to your frontal lobe, this is WLTI Brainvision News, and now here's Gordon Pepper, Chico Alexander, and the award-winning Brainvision News Team)

Chico: And I got my Louisville Slugger in for the Business End. Here's your first story...

Michael Bevan, whose producation credits include Camouflage and Chain Reaction, is GSN's new VP in charge of original programming.

Chico: He also worked on Ballbreakers (plus to us), Big Bucks, the PYL Scandal (plus to them), and Extreme Dodgeball (plus to everyone).
Jason: Sounds like a guy who we l ike.
Chico: Agreed.
Gordon: Yep. Good luck, Michael!
Chico: Make us proud. Next?
Gordon: Next up...Who wants a date with Canadian Fashion Models?
Chico: Me! MEEEEE!
Jason: Yes!
Gordon: What about...a date with Tila Tequila?
Jason: Uh no....
Chico: Sorry.

Well you can catch them both on October 8, when the shows premiere.

Gordon: By the Way, the Meet My Folks episodes on MyNetwork? Repeats.
Jason: And by the way...Jail is a repackage as well.
Chico: Not surprisingly.
Jason: Gee...shocked...not!
Chico: As for Tila, yeah, I have things against people who have more girlfriends than I ever had... or ever will :-D
Gordon: Meanwhile, one more date for you...

September 18, The Big Brother finale, where it's Donato Vs. Donato.

Jason: Yawn.
Chico: The most anticlimactic BB finale ever.
Gordon: I'm thrilled, to be honest.
Jason: You would be.
Gordon: The 2 people who have played the game best are in the finals. And I think they are both cool. YAY!
Chico: I say a Donato wins it :)
Gordon: Yea - but which one? Big Board please?

Who Votes for Who?

- DICK: America's Player Eric
- DANIELE: Dustin, Jen, Amber, Jessica, Jameka, Zach

Gordon: The subject - Who Votes For Who? Let's go in order....
Chico: Dustin...votes for Daniele.
Gordon: Yep.
Chico: Jen... also votes for Daniele.
Gordon: Yep
Chico: Amber... also votes for Daniele.
Gordon: Yep
Chico: Jessica... also votes for Daniele.
Gordon: Yep
Jason: We have a winner then.
Chico: Eric... should America decide for him... votes for Dick.
Gordon: I agree.
Chico: Jameka... votes for Daniele.
Gordon: Yep
Chico: Zach... also votes for Daniele... Sp 6-1 for Daniele.
Jason: Ok...why is Dick so hated?
Gordon: Lets see...he pretty much yelled at everyone in the house at one time or another.
Chico: Well... Basically... he's a rocker badass. And he flaunts it.
Jason: Noted.
Gordon: It should be entertaining. And then everyone after that will get fully loaded.
Jason: Hic.
Chico: And have I got stuff for you. Double-shot time.
Jason: Yup.
Chico: First...

Jeff Probst takes on any and all comers tonight on the Primetime Emmys... in trivia texting. Play along with him at

Chico: Or if you want to play against other people in non-Emmy related gaming, check this out.

It's the Jeopardy! DVD home game system...It's full shows you can play along with your friends or family or whatever... Comes with your very own signaling device.

Chico: Alex is in it. Clue Crew is in it. I got mine yesterday. Haven't played it yet. Will.
Jason: Maybe they will make updated DVD's occassionally.
Chico: Let's hope. Gordon, you're a big fan of the Jeopardy!, right?
Gordon: I love my Jeopardy - even when its being played by Media Hoes.
Chico: *plays "Pimpin' All Over the World"*
Gordon: But before we do that, I love to play Jeopardy on my comfy red sofa. We start people.
Jason: I am a car person

ESPN's Car War show is looking for all types of car customizers to compete on the show for money and prizes people who customize muscle cars to sports cars and everything else will be considered. To apply, contact casting at Monica Taylor Enterprises at

Jason: Nice.
Chico: If you can't chop cars... maybe you can chop veggies ... as the next Food Network Star.
Gordon: Oooh...veggies....
Jason: Make sure your resume is clean...right JAG?

If you missed the Seattle, LA, and NYC calls...No worries, there are still the Las Vegas calls (September) and Minneapolis (October) OR you can submit a three-minute tape to Food Network via their website, Deadline is October ... So get on it.

Gordon: Now for the Hoes...

In this week's Media Ho Report, Jeff Probst hints we may be seeing another Survivor All-Stars, Josie Smith-Malave gets beaten up while they arrest at least one suspect...

Jason: And to that suspect...shame on you.
Chico: grrr

Now it turns out that Gordon Ramsay didn't REALLY cook his crown jewels and it was a lie to cover up that he just had an 'ache'...

Chico: So sayeth the other Mrs. Ramsay.
Jason: Riiiight....
Chico: Heh.

Lacey Schwimmer and Hok Konishi from SYTYCD are allegedly dating, Bob Barker head to Missouri for a Hall of Fame for Missourians...

Jason: Go Bob.
Chico: Nice bust.

Johnny Fairplay makes a baby with a Top Model contestan, while Alex Boylan (Amazing Race), Chris Luca (Amazing Race) and Burton Roberts (Survivor) will go around the world...

Chico: For free.
Gordon: And based on your votes. But none of them are your Ho of the Week. Let's bring back Andy Baldwin into the picture. As you all know, Andy has not married Tessa...and now we may know why.
Chico: Pictures with Andy getting awfully close to another woman.
Gordon: Apparently, The Bachelor series should have been retitled An Officer and an Iranian, because Andy was spotted with Miss Iran 2005.
Chico: Sepideh Haftgoli.
Jason: Whoops
Chico: She was on the Kenny vs. Spenny episode of Lingo. She was Spenny's partner. She lost.
Gordon:  "When the fantasy wore off and the reality set in, we both realized we weren't ready to be engaged," from Andy, which really could have meant 'I found some nice pageant-style booty.'
Chico: Keyword: COULD.
Gordon: And those...are your hoes.
Chico: Speaking of Iran, let's go global. We're going to Malta this time.
Jason: *hums Deal or No Deal* music
Chico: Bingo.

The small European principality is the newest country to acquire Deal or No Deal. Top prize: somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000.

Jason: Small Principality...small prize.
Chico: While we're talking Endemol, let's go to Australia.
Jason: Leaving ON A Jet Plane...

Seven and Ten are currently in a bidding war for the next season of Big Brother. Going rate could push past $1 million.

Chico: Seven wanted to buy the show to "re-energize the franchise".
Gordon: While we're in Australia, we see that the Aussies are putting on their own version of Gladiators. If both shows are hits, is anyone else sensing trhe return of Global Gladiators?
Chico: Why not? Worked better than Global Idol. Heh.
Jason: Sure...go for it.
Gordon: Maybe ont of the events could be Haterball
Jason: Thats right...I am thirsty.
Chico: It's covered with spikes, isn't it?
Gordon: Oh yeah.
Jason: They are sharp.
Gordon: Razor sharp. First up...

Are You Smarter Than...Ryan Seacrest, who has now said that he's going to...wait for it...SING at the Emmys.

Jason: two words...ROB LOWE.
Gordon: Now for those people who have heard Idol, we have already heard Ryan sing twice - once with Elliott Yamin and once with Blake Lewis. The results...not that good.
Chico: I heard him try and do Robin Thicke on AT40.
Jason: And?
Chico: Not a high-tenor, my friend.
Jason: Guys, I am scared.
Chico: Me too.
Gordon: This could be bomb of Britney Spears proportion.
Chico: Damn.
Gordon: But he doesn't have nearly as much to worry about as...

ITV, which shut down it's whole late night ITV Play. Thanks to the scandals, the revenues dropped 67%.

Jason: And I say...GOOD. I really do.
Gordon: I agree. Could Quiznation be next?
Jason: I hope so.
Chico: We're down to four nights. Sunday night is game show classics...
Jason: The genie is out of the bottle.
Gordon: And its not being rubbed the right way
Chico: Oh yeah. Trivia Trap... all about it.
Gordon: And that's Brainvision.
Chico: Shut it down.
Gordon: (Boooooop)
Chico: Okay, the doctor will see you shortly. But first, this week's You Love to Interrupt.

Which premiere are you looking forward to this week...

The Donald as DOND's Banker
Tyra in NYC on Top Model
Survivor invades China
Male Beauty... Female Geek
(starts counting the days until TPIR premieres)

Chico: As always, results next week. But the doctor is in and taking your letters next. This is We Love to Interrupt, celebrating five years of the genre.. and her evolution.
Gordon: We're back on the flip side after the break.

(BrainVision has been brought to you by The Biggest Ninjas. The Black Team gets nunchukus, katanas, and Temptation's Mark as they become the biggest ninja cartel on television.  Hai!)