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Because fandom is NOT a spectator sport...

Today is

June 11, 2007

Chico:  As used on Top Chef for pecan-crusted chicken.... No, not really. Hey, if Trump can have his own line of overpriced steaks...
Gordon: Would it be Gordon Ramsay's nuts?
Chico:  Gordon Ramsay IS nuts =p Get ahold of yourself man!
Gordon: Weeee!
Chico:  Er...Welcome back. It's time to finish out the summer schedule on Push or Flush. Buzzers and toilets apply. First up...

Tuesdays at 8p ET

Chico:  It's racing with the stars meets filler programming for the NBA Finals!
Jason:  Flush big time.
Gordon: You mean that you don't think that stars like...uuhhh....ok. I tried. Flush.
Chico:  I shudder when William Shatner is called a Young Gun. FLUSH. Three flushes. One clog.  You know what we gotta do with it now..
Gordon: 1...
Chico:  2...
Jason:  3!
Everyone: PLUNGE!!!
Chico:  ... Damn that was a hairy clog.
Jason:  That was Shatner's Toupee
Chico:  Ah. Next...

Thursdays at 10p ET

Chico:  It's like the first three seasons... only with less (Nyima) Funk.
Gordon: Less funk - but more of an understanding of what they are talking about. Big time Push
Chico:  God I hope Nyima Funk shows up this season. After Thank God You're Here, she owes me. PUSH.
Gordon: I understand that Funk needs a primetime vehicle, and deserves one, but her agent heeds a rubber chicken upside the head for that one.
Chico:  Still the best merging of old-time improv and new school flavor...
Jason:  PUSH.
Chico:  Three and out, it's a royal push. (small case cue) While we're on MTV...

Weekdays at 6:30p ET

Chico:  Season 3 of the trash-talking contest gives new meaning to the term "Dirty South."
Gordon: Push...but...they need some originality in there.
Chico:  The first two were pretty good... Interesting contrast coming, I think PUSH.
Jason:  You know what...i am not going to be unanimous in here. You need to have jokes that don't need to be bleeped. And the concept is tired. FLUSH.
Gordon: I'm bordering with Jason, but we need to give the South the benefit of the doubt. I do agree though - keep it clean.
Chico:  You ever HEAR some of the Houston kings of crunk? Yeah, good luck with that.
Gordon: We don't need the dirty part of the South in jokes that are bleeped out so we cant understand it.
Chico:  Maybe it's just me, but I understand it completely =p. Me and my puerile mind.
Gordon: You said it, not me :)
Chico:  Okay, next up...

Wednesdays at 9p ET

Chico:  Bill Bellamy has the show, but who's got jokes?
Jason:  Not me. Flush. I want to see comics that are not semi-famous.
Chico:  Me, I'm hoping a fresh new face wins this season... Push... with caution. If they drag out half the cast of Best Week Ever, I'm turning.
Gordon: I want to see good comics that are not famous that are not connected in one way or the other to the producers. I think the potential is out there - but I don't see it on this show. Flush. The comedians who have made it out of there with success are the ones who haven't won.
Chico:  Oh yeah. And they're all hosting shows on VH1 =p What we need is some...

Premiering July 2

Chico:  The answer's right in front of your eyes... if you can find it.
Jason:  GSN + Decent Quiz = PUSH.
Chico:  I remember this game back when it was called Split Decision and it involved the price of a car. :) It's challenging enough, and Roger Lodge did host the TPIR live show, so... PUSH.
Gordon: The last 2 games GSN has had featuring words - Chain Reaction (hit) and That's The Question (Miss). We'll go for a very cautious Push.
Chico:  Hmm.. wonder what would happen if That's the Question was brought back...And paired with Camouflage. People would think they were watching the same show!
Jason:  Almost.
Chico:  Well, we'll see. In the meantime. Small... small case cue. Next..

Premiering July 5

Chico:  More people with nothing better to do this summer decide to move into the house that Endemol built. But will it suffer from Shapiro withdrawal?
Jason:  Do we really need to see a bunch of spolied people living in LA not named Paris, Britney or Lindsay....FLUSH?
Chico:  Three words... Jump... the... shark... All-stars was a really bad note. This one will either make or break the series. FLUSH.
Gordon: Its still a good show and it's still a good game behind it. I will give it the benefit of the doubt, just because Alison Grodner does know what she's doing...I hope. Push, but barely.
Chico:  2-1 Flush. Next?

Premiering July 9

Chico:  Teams with odd names go at it for bragging rights again. Last season... good stuff. REALLY good stuff. Push.
Gordon: I dont like the format, but the trivia stuff in there is too good to say no to. Push.
Jason:  Me neither....but it's a quality quizzer. PUSH.
Chico:  Push! *small case* Next...

Premiering July 17

Chico:  The controversial show that gives $25,000 to someone just for being themselves... Worked in the UK, will it work here?
Jason:  This is MY show of the summer. This is going to blow the roof off of GSN. Monster PUSH.
Gordon: I think it will. We are that sort of society. Definite water cooler potential. Push.
Chico:  Yes, yes, yes, this is the kind of show that will make you really think. PUSH. *small case* Got two more shows for you.

Premiering July 25

Chico:  The first search for the hero within was so good, they're going at it again.
Jason:  Not my cup of tea, but the quirkiness works. Paltry PUSH.
Gordon: it is my cup of tea, and I liked the show. I thought the ending blew chunks though, so they have to do better there. Push though
Chico:  I'm going to push, because Stan Lee is one of my heroes... and the last season was good television. I'm still waiting for that movie. You owe me a movie, Sci-Fi. And finally...

Premiering August 7

Chico:  The best of the best... prove it. The game show version of the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Big PUSH.
Jason:  Being at the tapings I have to say --Game Show Fanboy's Wet Dream. PUSH.
Gordon: From what we saw, it's going to be phenominal. Wait a sec...GSN....with good games? Wha? PUSH
Chico:  They're trying to make us forget Starface.
Jason:  I told you earlier that GSN has been on a roll. Now, do you believe me? :)
Chico:  ... yes. So there you have it. The dregs of the early summer should make for good viewing in the dog should make WAY. Meanwhile you should make way for the Big Finish. That's up next, hang on.

(Brought to you by the Next Worst Thing: Finding the Worst Reality Show Ever... and making a clone of it... coming soon to Fox)

Chico:  Can't be that bad, right?.... right?
Gordon: ...
Jason:  uh....
Chico:  Pregnant pauses can't be good.
Gordon: Let me ask the producers of The One that question
Chico: Okay, let's head to something that is good... and good for you, the Big Finish! Will any of the summer's stinkers get better?
Jason:  Nope. Don't think so.
Gordon: They will get better when they are off of our television sets.
Chico:  Let's hope...Last Comic Standing premieres this week. Watching?
Jason:  Nope.
Gordon: I have to.  I'm covering it. Yecch.
Chico:  Watching Deal beforehand?
Jason:  Of course.
Gordon: Yep.
Chico:  Will Dwayne Wade be the key to riches at long last?
Gordon: Nope
Jason:  Nope
Chico:  Or are we going to go with the more logical answer of "good gameplay and knowing when to get out?"
Jason:  Yes.
Gordon: I sense another Crash and Burn. Show Me The Money - repeats on GSN. You watching?
Jason:  Nope.
Chico:  In passing... but probably not. Besides, isn't America's Got Talent on at the same time? Oh well. Let's check the mailbag, shall we? America's got mail, right?
Gordon: We have a ton of mail this week - and a number of new writers. Thank
you all for writing in. Even the weird people.
Chico:  Weird is good.
Chico:  First up, from RD Smallwood. Thanks, RD!

From: RD Smallwood

If you can last through the end of National Bingo Night’s credits, you may have noticed this in the disclaimer: “Some Bingo balls drawn, but not affecting the outcome of the studio game, have been removed from the program for time. Only numbers broadcast count toward the at-home sweepstakes.” Gee, isn’t that a pain that should kill the show if enough people noticed? I mean, to completely cut out the number that would have gotten you Bingo and in the pot for the prize of the game, yet it was drawn and you’re shafted out of knowing? I think I just printed my last card from ABC. On a side note to the same show, doesn’t the theme song seem kind of familiar? Kind of like a remix to (what used to be) ESPN’s “National Hockey Night” (back when the NHL was relevant)?

Chico:  Thanks, RD. First of all, I know a certain man from Anaheim who thinks that the NHL is bloody relevant by now :)
Gordon: What's the NHL?
Jason:  Anaheim who?
Gordon: Naturally Holey Logs?
Chico:  You're both nuts.
Jason:  No--we are just busting JVG's chops.
Gordon: Well, in 2 weeks, everyone will have their last card printed by ABC. It is a controlled contest - just like a scratch off, where they know they are
only giving out a limited number of winning cards.
Jason:  Exactly. Sweepstakes do the same thing.
Chico:  Hence the phrase "Many will play, few will win."
Gordon: After all, ABC does not want to give everyone a winning card and spend 30 billion dollars on this sort of promotion
Chico:  They spent enough on the bingodrome already. As for the theme... it is a little ESPNesque. Like they grabbed whatever stock music they could find.
Gordon: Bingo Drome for 6 episodes. Maybe they will recoup it by trying to sell it on E-Bay. Anyone got an old Family Feud set around?
Jason:  Not me.
Chico:  But you know, they were packaging this show as a sport of sorts. Why else would they have a referee?
Jason:  How would I know.
Chico:  ... Go figure.  Thanks again for writing!
Jason:  Thank you.
Gordon: Next, we have an email from Alexander Jennings.

From: Alexander Jennings

Is it just me, or does the fact that at least half of the contestants on every Last Comic Standing have performed on TV at least a few times if not regularly seem a bit tiresome? I suppose that just because a comic has performed on TV doesn't mean they have a six-digit development deal and large-scale national exposure, but it still feels like tapping unknown talent would greatly improve the integrity of the series, especially for those of us who know about who's who in standup.

Gordon: Funny, that's my sentiments exactly
Jason:  Same here.
Gordon: Thanks for the letter, Alex. I think you'll get a bunch of agreement with this one.
Chico:  Oh yeah.  Wasn't the idea to get the funniest amateur to begin with?
Jason:  Not the funniest semi-professional
Gordon: That's why we're not exactly too crazy about this season. We want the best unknown comic, not the best most connected one that has some sort of sob story that we will be voting for instead of one that's actually humorous.
Chico:  And it better not be The Unknown Comic, either. Next letter?
Gordon:  Next up I have one from....Name Withheld. I don't have the heart to print up the name, especially after you see the letter.
Jason: Oh no...

From: Identity Withheld

Hi. I am trying to find site to fill the application to be on the real wedding crashers T.V. Show. I have been trying to find it. How do I try to get on?

Jason:  Should I be nice or mean?
Gordon: MEAN!
Gordon: And why in the world, out of all of the shows on, would you want to be on THAT one?
Jason:  I have no *******ing clue
Chico:  *shakes head* Folks... these are real letters...
Gordon: We don't make this mail up. But to make it easier, I'll tell you the reason why you can't get an application is that the show has been CANCELLED - and for good reason.
Chico:  It sucked. It was stupid...
Jason:  Moronic...
Chico:  .... and it sucked.
Gordon: Yes. it sucked.
Chico:  Good riddance to bad rubbish.
Gordon: The next e-mail is from Bobby McBride. Thanks, Bobby!

From: Bobby McBride

Hey, I just want to say this streak of rotten games that "Deal or No Deal" has had is really starting to get old for me. I just think nobody wants the big money. Nobody.

Gordon: Thanks Bobby. I don't think that no one wants it. I think that they are not playing the game soundly.
Jason:  What Gordon says.
Chico:  Go in with a plan. And follow-through.
Gordon: I also think  that the contestant coordinators are selecting the people with the smallest IQ and the biggest bra size.
Jason:  Thank you.
Chico:  Can't stress that last part enough. Not to mention the ones with the long... long... overinvolved... stories. You know, TV friendly.
Jason:  Get back to the original thing...good players AND good stories.
Chico:  They're trying to turn a simple game show into "Extreme Life Makeover." It's a fricking game show. You're pretending to be something you're not! And I'm calling you on it right now.
Gordon: Remember when the ganme play was game play? Get back to that. please. Thank you.
Chico:  We got lots of email, so we will save some for the next episode. This last one comes courtesy of our own Pierre Kelly.

From: Alexander Jennings

11 years ago, We said goodbye to a Family Feud host whose life ended for the worse. Ray Combs lived a rollercoaster life before and after the Feud. He was very funny, but committing suicide and leaving 6 kids at age 40 doesn't. What killed his feud? It was because of the bullseye round and expanding it to one hour. At that time, he owned 2 comedy clubs in Ohio. When he hosted Family Challenge, he was okay.  Then came the downward spiral: A car accident, financial trouble that shut down 2 comedy clubs and the suicide. What's even more sadder than on June 4 of this year, GSN pulled all episodes of the Combs version of the Feud off the weekday schedule. What's ironic was the episodes at that point led up to the final episode. Although he died poor at 40 years old, I can still remember to this day the enthusiasm & silliness that helped his Feud growing up in Memphis. So pour a soft drink, because I prefer them over liquor, to a man who is, was and always will be the greatest Feud host of all-time. Rest in peace, Ray.

Jason:  Nice tribute.
Chico:  Very nice. And a very tragic and short career even to this day. I mean, Ray was a very capable and promising emcee.
Jason:  Yes he was.
Chico:  Remember to drop us a line at You ... matter.
Jason:  Season 15 underway....
Chico:  Say that again... You matter.
Jason:  Got to love it. You Matter. You really do.
Chico:  Jason... thanks again..
Jason:  As always thank you.
Gordon: For the Chico-Mole and the Jason-Groundhog. This is the Gordon Gopher, wishing you all a pleasant 'Game Over'
Chico:  And spread the love :)


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