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Let's get ready to rumble

Today is

September 12, 2006

Joe: Welcome back to Game Show Man's Sparring Partners.  I'm David Hasselhoff.  *talks to watch* KITT, I need ya buddy!  *rimshot* Gordon is leading over Chico, 97-95.  Jason is now our judge for the final two rounds.  Here's Round Seven...Show Me What You Got!
Chico: No thanks, that's not how I roll =p
Joe: No, that's the show's name.  Dumped by Fox, the show has since been picked up by ABC.
Is this a bad sign for the fledgling show?
Chico: Being dumped? Yes. Being a clone. Even worse.  Being picked up by ABC... Oh god, just shoot me now. This is what we get instead of Super Millionaire ... and Pokerface.
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: Here's what they've got. A really bad clone of Deal Or No Deal that ABC will probably use for fodder on a weak night for them. It's not as much a bad sign for the show as much as it's a bad sign for ABC, who could have aired Super Millionaire over the 13 unaired episodes of The One.
Joe: CLANG!  Mr. Block?
Jason: This one is a draw.
Joe: Really?
Jason: Both people mentioned the fact that ABC should have been airing Super Millionaire instead of this dreck.
Gordon 10 - Chico 10
Joe: And finally... rumor abounds of e-mails being sent to veteran contestants looking for...get this...SMART PEOPLE.
Gordon: no!
Could SMWYG actually have gotten the message, or are they looking for someone for the "personality" people to play off of?
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: If you look at the premise of the show, intelligence really doesn't come into play. You just get to pick things. Logic comes into play, but not intelligence. I don't see how this is anything except a hook to get different people to play this instead of the same old eye candy.
Joe: Chico?
Chico: My guess is that they couldn't come up with enough assholes, so they have to come to us. But seriously, I'm guessing that there has to be a balance to get everyone to watch, and if they have to talk to the brainiacs, well, we're all ears. Maybe we'll get a decent game out of it for once. Lord knows it isn't happening for the eye candy on Chain Reaction.
Joe: CLANG!  Jason?
Jason: If you read Gordon's Article about contestant coordinators, and you read the application for 1 Vs. 100 you know that the contestant coordinators of these shows don't know their butt from a hole in the ground.
Gordon 10 - Chico 9
Joe: After seven...
Gordon 117 - Chico 114
And finally Round Eight... Network Television's Contribution to The End of The Human Race has sunk further into the abyss of hatred and divisiveness.  In the coming season, the show will now have four tribes to start...divided by race.
Can The Worst Show In Television History sink any lower?
Joe: Chico?
Chico: I can think of a few ways. South Africa already has it down by casting only pretty people. I mean, sure it's eye candy, but where's the game element? All you have is... big Brother outdoors!
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: We already had the Pretty People tribe. They were called Ulong...or USuck. It could be worse if they didn't push the envelope and made the show predictable. At least credit Mark Burnett for trying something new and not resorting to same old same old reality show.
Chico: You're talking about a tribe. I'm talking an entire cast of pretty people.
Gordon: We have that. Watch Big Brother.
Joe: CLANG!  Jason?
Jason: I am giving this a draw, because I don't agree with the premise of the question. Burnett, for better or worse, has gotten people talking about a show that needed to be talked about.
Joe: *sigh*
Gordon 10 - Chico 10
Jason: And everyone who has criticized this hasn't even seen the show.  Go on.
Joe: And the final question...
How much longer will America have nothing better to watch on Thursday night except SurCrapor?  (In other words, how much longer does Survivor have to be on the air?)
Joe: Chico?
Chico: Jeff's signed for another few seasons, at last count 4, so at least that... Sorry, Joe. And there's room for more than one hit on Thursday at 8, so as long as CBS can build a schedule around it...
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: You'll finally like this, Joe. Nothing says "show me" like the almighty dollar. Should this season flop like a sumo wrestler at a swimming pool, and the advertisers do not come back, then this is done at the end of this year. Ratings are nice. Advertisers are more important
Joe: CLANG.  Jason?
Jason: Although I like Gordon's argument...Survivor is still a big part of the CBS lineup. And he is signed through 2008(or 4 "seasons").
Chico 10 - Gordon 9
Chico: Fat good that victory does me :-)
Jason: Other way around.
Gordon: You should have gone 10-7 for a tie ;)
Jason: This isn't Take A Side :)
Joe: As it stands...and the unanimous decision...
Chico: Congrats, Gordon, I'm impressed, I'm humbled, I hate you, get out of here.
Joe: ROFL.
Gordon: ROFL
Jason: LMAO
Joe: Gordon, do you have a website OTHER than GSNN to plug?
Gordon: I'll make this short and sweet. With all this 9/11 talk and who's to blame, we all seem to be ignoring one thing - the people who's lives have been affected by this tragedy. Go to and donate time, money or other things to either 9/11, Katrina, or any other worthwhile cause.
Jason: (standing ovation)
Joe: Indeed.  My thanks to Travis Schario, Jason Block, Chico Alexander, Gordon Pepper...AND YOU!
Chico: Thank you, Mr. VG.
Jason: Thank you sir.
Joe: We do it all for you!  Remember, if you have comments or questions, please send them to  If we get enough good questions, we'll use in a Mail Bag round on the air.
Joe: Now for Game Show Man's Sparring Partners, I'm the Game Show Man, Joe Van Ginkel, saying "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here."  And remember...
Gordon: thank you JOE
Jason: Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Chico: G'night, Cleveland.
Jason: Good night.
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