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Let's get ready to rumble

Today is

September 12, 2006

Joe: Welcome back to Game Show Man's Sparring Partners.  I'm Captain John Sheridan.  I like to nuke things.  *rimshot*  After four rounds, here's where we stand:
Chico 58 - Gordon 57 - Jason 56
Jason: Bring it on(pops collar)
Joe: Onto Round Five! The 50 Greatest Lists. GSN recently completed its 50 Greatest Game Shows of All Time list, giving....Match Game?!?! the #1 spot. In response, at least two major sectors of the Online Fan Community (OFC for short), GSNN and the Invision Game Show Forum (run by Matt Ottinger and former G-T staffer Chris Clementson) have started their own 50 Greatest Lists.  For Gordon and Chico...
The actual results of the GSNN list notwithstanding, what's YOUR #1 show?
Gordon: Its' been around for 35 years, it has over 80 games, and it constantly reinvents itself - The Price Is Right.
Joe: Chico?
Chico: Price is Right. Been entertaining America for three generations. Four if you count the Bill Cullen version. And there isn't a person alive that can't place the term "Come on down!"
Joe: CLANG!  This one's a draw.  And for the record, although I contributed to neither list (on purpose), my #1 show is actually Wheel of Fortune.  TPIR is #2. A VERY CLOSE #2.
Joe: It's so close, you think it was ____ing me.  :D
Chico: No comment :-)
Jason: (cue wank music)
Gordon 10 - CHico 10
Joe: lol This one's for Gordon and Jason...the theory amongst the OFC is that MG got the nod because GSN didn't have the rights to air TPIR.
Why didn't GSN at least try to get the rights to air ONE STINKING TPIR episode?
Jason: Because, unfortunately, they knew that Fremantle has an iron clad rule now about repeats of TPIR.  Until Bob Dies...god forbid...they wont be on GSN.  And they could have tried till doomsday.
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: As #3 was Family Feud, would it have hurt GSN to maybe, if they couldn't get the Bob Barker version to put on the Bill Cullen version, something they COULD have gotten the rights to (If they don't already have it)?
Joe: CLANG!  Gordon wins, because Jason forgot that it's CBS's rule NOT Fremantle's.
Gordon 10 - Jason 8
And finally for Chico and Jason...
Chico: Yessir.
Jason: Yup.
Joe: In addition to GSNN's 50 Greatest Game Show List, the site is also doing...sigh...a 25 Greatest Reality Show List.
Results of THAT list notwithstanding, what's your #1 reality show?
Joe: Jason?
Jason: This one is easy. Amazing Race. Well-produced travelogue, with great rules, great locals and a great host. And they have the four Emmys to prove it.
Joe: Chico?
Chico: I'm going to go a different direction here and say that Survivor is the #1, because were it not for that, we wouldn't even be talking reality right now. It was the first out the gate. Not to discount the Amazing Race, but Survivor was first.
Jason: Survivor wasn't even the first. "An American Family" was on PBS in 1973. And the Real World before that.
Chico: In terms of competition, Jason.
Joe: CLANG!  Jason wins.
Jason 10 - Chico 9
At the end of five...
Gordon 77 - Chico 77 - Jason 74
One more to go before our second elimination...The Rich List
Jason: I have a shot…sort of.
Joe: FOX's new show, The Rich List consists of teams try to list answers in various categories. For Gordon and Jason...
Are FOX's programming executives REALLY THAT UNIMAGINATIVE?
Jason: Yes.  Very simply they are joining the DonD Clone bandwagon. And they will do it in a way that will not get viewers. Dumb. Dumb. and Dumb.
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: I was actually expecting 16 ice skaters to come down, gave a celebrity next to them sing out the number, then have people call in to text their guess to the number and then have John O' Hurley have them spell out the number...but that would be too creative. Yes, they are that unimaginative.
Jason: Joe...give that one to Gordon. I am LMAO at that one.
Joe: I was going to.  Fox hasn't been creative with game shows since Greed.
Gordon 10 - Jason 9
Jason: Gordon that ruled.
Chico: And even that was a crapshoot.
Joe: Yeah. For Chico and Jason.  Fox has tapped British broadcaster Eamonn Holmes to host the show.
Is Fox REALLY that desperate to avoid using GOOD American talent?
Jason: Again...yes.   There are a lot of good American hosts out me for example.
Joe: (Don't forget me. :P)
Chico: Or me.
Jason: Seriously, you have a lot of good untapped talent out there...and not all of it is British...Jimmy Carr notwithstanding.
Joe: Certainly.  Chico?
Chico: Desperate, no. Stupid, yes. I blame Rupert Murdoch wanting to do right by his .. well, I'm not going to say country folk, but I think his mindset is that British = better. Blame Cowell.
Chico: There's untapped talent out there, and it's up to you to tap it.
Joe: CLANG. Jason wins, because Rupert Murdoch is Australian.
Chico: I didn't say "country folk." Because I knew he was Australian. Hence, why I didn't say "country folk."
Joe: Okay, I won't dock you the point.  But Jason still wins.
Jason 10 - Chico 9
Joe: And finally for Gordon and Chico...
Will this show avoid the Turkey Hunters?
Gordon: Shhhhhh....I'm blowing a duck call.  Heeeere, turkey turkey turrkey...(BLAM) He hah ho huh hmmm…Better luck next time pilgrim...Ho ho ho ho ho ho
Joe: Chico?
Chico: Six and out, better luck next time. We have yet to see a good game element come out of this.
Gordon: (gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble)
Joe: CLANG! Gordon wins, just for the good laughs.
Gordon 10 - Chico 9
At the end of six...
Gordon 97 - Chico 95 - Jason 93
And that means Jason is K.O.ed.  Over to the judge's box, sonny.
Jason: Well...I am heading to your side of the fence.
Chico: Way to administer that buttkicking you promised, J :-)
Jason: I blame it on the Hoff.
Joe: After this, Gordon and Chico for the title.  More Sparring Partners after this.
Jason: But I get to judge now...(mwahhhh)
(Brought to you by the NFL on CBS, where the C stands for classy, and the BS speaks for itself. Thanks for defecting, James Brown...)



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