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Let's get ready to rumble

Today is

September 12, 2006

Chico: Amen to that.
Jason: Seconded.
Joe: Seriously, Jason, the Hoff?!?!  The boy needs to go back to doing Knight Rider.
Jason: The guy needs better choices...and believe me...if Paris Hilton and her overproduced voice can sell 75,000 copies...he can have a career here.
Joe: Welcome back to Game Show Man's Sparring Partners.  I'm Wayne Brady, and it's time to play Greatest Hits!  *rimshot* I keeed.  I keeed.  After two rounds, we have a tie.
Gordon 29 - Chico 29 - Jason 28 - Travis 27
Chico: That wasn't a song, Jason. That was a four-and-a-half minute orgasm.
Jason: Oh boy.
Joe: BTW, I surprised no one picked my choice.  :D
Gordon: No. A 4 and a half minute orgasm is Lil' Louis' French Kiss. Go stick that one in your pipe and smoke it.
Jason: Bingo.
Joe: Nice innuendo, Gordon.
Jason: Gordon wins...big time. Your CD player smiles after that one.
Travis: No no.  A 4.5 minute orgasm is Act VI of the Price 35th Season Premiere.
Joe: Anyways, onto Round Three...
Travis: Tune in on 9/18 to find out ;)
Gordon: And by the way, Speaking of singing and 4 and as half minute oprgasms, nothing beats BAI LING!!!!
Joe: You guys evidentally haven't heard AJJ singing "Blue Butterfly Girl." Go hit iTunes.
Chico: Nope. Can't say I have.
Travis: Brandi Sherwood could kick AJJ's butt.
Joe: You keep saying that like you actually believe it.  Round Three...MyNetwork My Games. Well, folks, it's official, the infamous call-in game format has hit broadcast television.
Gordon: Youre considering MyNetwork broadcast television?
Jason: Sort of.
Chico: I'd consider it crap, but let Joe continue.
Joe: Fledgling mini-net MyNetwork, home of the English language telenovelas, has decided to start airing a daily commercial free call-in show called, unimaginatively enough "My Games."  For Gordon and Chico...
How can MyNetwork keep My Games from gobbling (for our new viewers, Gobbling = acting like a TURKEY)?
Joe: Gordon?
Gordon: If they put the show in Primetime, I would say nothing, BUT, they are putting it in the afternoon, where housewives are college students actually watch tv - and in that area, there ARE no game shows. People will watch and they will play in the afternoon, where there are no new games until Family Feud - right after MyGames.
Joe: Chico?
Chico: How can they keep MyGames from gobbling? Is "They can't" a valid answer?
Joe: Theoretically speaking, Chico.
Chico: Okay, theoretically speaking, they're really going to have to pull out all the pub for this one. Look at GSN, they were able to make a hit with little or no pub beforehand. Not like anyone watches MyTV already, but they're really going to have to put the name out there.
Gordon: Any show that makes money, unless they are as inept as Text2Win (which they won't be) is going to make money and be successful, whether we like it or not.
Chico: And try to syphon audiences from CBS and the like. yeah
Joe: CLANG! Technically, Chico's right, I can already see this show on my Thanksgiving table.  :D  But timeparts make a difference, and people may want to watch this over all the crappy court and talk shows. Gordon wins.
Gordon 10 - Chico 9
For Travis and Jason...
Jason: Yes sir.
Travis: bing cherries
Does this open the door for traditional game shows to make an appearance on MyNetwork?
Joe: Jason?
Jason: I would think so. They need something to stick...and even a crappy show like My Games might open the door. They did want to try to do it in the beginning, but scrapped it. I hope so.
Joe: Travis?
Travis: It may open the door, but I feel that it's going to be a slow squeaky open.  MyGames will have to be a runaway.
Joe: CLANG! This one's a draw.  For some reason, I can't help but think that traditional game shows would make a good fit for the network whose style almost begs for a game show or two.
Jason 10 - Travis 10
Last one for Chico and Travis...
Chico: YEssir..
Travis: Bing Crosby
Are we going to see more call-in games on other networks if this show is successful?
Joe: Travis?
Travis: Other networks?  No.  Other cable channels?  Quite possibly.  Once a bandwagon is in motion, they get a lot of jumpers.
Joe: Chico?
Chico: We're going to see more call-in shows, MyGames success or not, because simply put the model is there, and it's established that it works. And it's a quick fix for a game show that can be produced on the cheap and generate a revenue, and in the long run, that's what we're in the bix for'
Joe: CLANG! Chico wins.
Chico 10 - Travis 9
At the end of three...
Chico 48 - Travis 46 - Gordon 39 - Jason 38
Round Four is coming up.  THe low scorer will be K.O.'ed and will join me at the judge's desk.
Jason: Got it.
Travis: Unless it's me, and I've gotta split.
Joe: Here's Round Four...GSN Documentaries!  Recently it was announced that GSN...<Steve Beverly>The Network for Games</SB>...would be producing a series of documentary specials about various classic game shows.  At the top of the list for such a Match Game. For Jason and Gordon...
Will GSN do the story of Match Game justice?
Jason: Oh yes. Their documentary unit produced Big Bucks, No of the best game show docs...period. I am a bit biased, since I shot part of one for Millionaire...but I think they will do well.
Joe: Gordonius?
Gordon: The Press Your Luck Scandal and The Anything to Win Series were solid. There's no reason to believe why this wouldnt be either.
Joe: CLANG! Gordon wins, because Jason screwed up the title of the PYL documentary.  It was just called Big Bucks.
Gordon 10 - Jason 8
Jason: Hold on a second.
Travis: No no...Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal.  Joe, dock yourself a point.
Gordon: I was going to say it's called Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal
Joe: *SMACKS SELF* Doesn't change the score. This one's for Jason and Travis.
Jason: Ok.
Travis: Bing and purge.
What took GSN so long to finally commit to these projects?
Joe: Jason?
Jason: The fact that their change to a reality/game show mix didn't work. They are slowly, very slowly, getting back to the roots of Game Show Network.
Joe: But a series of documentaries like this has been discussed for years.  Travis?
Travis: Two words:  The switch.  Since the switch, they've lost their way.  They're slowly starting to regain the beaten path, but not completely.  The docs are a good step in the right direction.
Joe: CLANG! This one would ordinarily be a draw, but since Travis has to get to his concert, I'm gonna give it to Jason.
Gordon: ROFL
Jason 10 - Travis 9
Jason: Oh my goodness.
Travis: Good.
Joe: What? WHAAAAT?
Travis: I was hoping to get the lower score.
Joe: Finally for Gordon and Chico.
What other shows (besides those announced) would you like GSN to do one of these documentaries for?
Gordon: I would love to see the enigma known as Reg Grundy Productions. I'd live to see the makings behind Scrabble, and...oh...Sale of the Century!
Chico: I wish to call shenanigans, that was clearly a desperation move :-)
Joe: Buttkisser!  Chico?
Chico: But seriously. I think there is more to the Family Feud story than we all know and I think it's high time that the world hear it. After all, this is the 30th anniversary. And we all know how accurate those E!THSes are.  Let's just say... very Hollywood.
Joe: CLANG! I agree with Chico.  Buttkissing is a blatant foul.
Chico 10 - Gordon 8
Gordon: If I was Amy Jo Johnson, you wouldn't mind
Joe: Not if she was actually know. 
Gordon: Actually, if that was the case, you'd give me 69 points.
Joe: But she'd get the same treatment you got if she did what you did. Game Show Man believes in fairness.  At the end of four...
Chico 58 - Gordon 57 - Jason 56 - Travis 55.
Joe: And Travis is the low man.  Enjoy the concert, sir.
Travis: Alright...Hernandez is approaching.  I'm outtie.
Chico: Tell'm I said what up.
Jason: See you.
Joe: Farewell. More Sparring Partners in just a moment.  But first, a brief break.
(This Commercial Break has been brought to you by The Jo-kers Wild. Jokers get you double the points. Amy Jo's pic lets you TRIPLE the points!



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