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Hip-hop meets "Whose Line" in Nick Cannon's new game of comic genius.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Nick Cannon
DJ D-Wrek
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon, Andrew Hoegl, Jonathan Singer, Tony DiSanto, Tony DiBari,
Michael Goldman
The Collective, Mr. Renaissance Entertainment for MTV
Thursdays at 10p ET on MTV

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"Show 106" - September 1

This week we get no opening gag, just a down and dirty intro. This should definitely be down and dirty, as our challenger is Kenan Thompson (yes, THAT Kenan, from Nick's Kenan & Kel, Fat Albert, SNL, and previous acting co-host of Nick Cannon). We're also going to get dirty with the Pussycat Dolls. Nick's crew to get dirty with will be Affion Crockett, Rasika Mathur, Katt Williams, Mikey Day and Leonard Robinson, while Kenan gets Nyima Funk, Rob Hoffman, Joshua Funk, Darrel Heath and Spanky Hayes.

We start with the 'World's Worst' (Think of Whose Line Is It Anyway, because that's exactly what it is). We get the World's Worst Tattoo Artist. Kenan misinterprets Big E. Smalls with Big E's Balls (DING, 1-0, Black). For an NBA Owner, Katt does his best Jerry Buss L.A. Laker impersonation (DING, 1-1, TIE). For marriage counselor, Rob tells Kenan to take a break and do a movie with Angelina Jolie (BUZZ). For a phone sex operator, Affion does it as a guy with a voice box (DING, 2-1, Red). For a steroid youth counselor, Mikey and Josh do a before and after sketch (BUZZ). For a Suicide Hotline Operator, Leonard does an answering machine impression (DING, 3-1, Red). For a Victoria's Secret Saleswoman, Kenan paws Nyima (DING, 3-2, Red), but the point isn't enough, because the round is over and Red wins it. They take a 1-0 lead into... #2. Star Sightings. It's time to go into the crowd and find celebrities. Rob finds Ellen a man, who shockingly looks like her. Ack! (DING, 1-0, Black). Affion finds a bald member of the Terror Squad (DING, 1-1 TIE). Kenan discovers a mad in a red bandana as Nate Dogg (DING, 2-1 Black) while Nick finds Erykah Badu and Dane Josh (DING, 2-2 Tie). Josh finds a very plump woman and calls her... Kenan Thompson? Wha? (BUZZ). Red can take the win - and do as Nick gets Mario from Super Mario Bros. (DING 3-2 Red). Red wins and takes a 2-0 lead.

Black is going to have to win game #3 - Unhappily Ever After - to even have a shot of beating Nick. The Red Squad gets Little Red Riding Hood as the Black team gets Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The teams have to improv the fairy tale and bring it into the current era. Affion narrates a court drama between Ms. Hood and the Wolf. The wolf says that he gets blamed for everything, including the 3 Little Pigs - but he's a Muslim and doesn't eat pork - or meat, adding that what happened between him and grandmother is no ones business. Miss Hood claims that the Wolf ate her, but they depict Red Riding Hood as a slut who gets eaten by all of the woodfolk. Heh.

The Black team is up and we find that Goldilocks got knocked up by one of the three bears - but she didn't know which one was the baby's daddy. We turn into the Maury Povich show as the Bad Ass Bears come out and play around with the audience. Spanky gets fed on the floor as the baby bear while Rasika talks about the bears...uh...members as too big or too small. The father isn't baby bear, papa bear...or middle bear, who claims to love the baby, but then disowns Spanky immediately after finding out. The audience votes for...The Red team, who now has a 3-0 lead and it's the beginning of the end for Kenan.

Time for a Cannon Commercial! This one is for a PPT - Pre-Paternity Test. The hair from the woman will reveal the father's name. I was expecting Maury Povich to be in the commercial in some form.

Don't forget to see Nick Cannon's movie "Underclassman!"

Kenan is down 3-0, but he still has a glimmer of hope in the WildStyle. The glimmer is fading when Spanky calls him a buff J.J. (DY-NO-MITE!...but...BUZZ) and Mikey tells Spanky to fetch his Twinkie (DING, 4-0 Red). Spanky tells Affion that her a$$ looks like a bag of socks (BUZZ - maybe Spanky should go out and find that Twinkie) Affion tells Rob that he got his job off an audition - and Rob got his in the dog-style position (DING, 5-0, Red). Rob gets Black on the board with the obligatory Christina Milian out-romance joke (DING - maybe a pity ding, 5-1 Red). Nick calls Rob a bad actor (DING, 6-1, Red) and the game gets called off due to the mercy rule. This is the biggest rout of the season - and perhaps ever.

Kenan gets a spanking. I wouldn't mind one from...ahem...the Pussycat Dolls, as they sing... or should I say Lip Sync quite 'Don't Cha'. Who cares? You don't care about their synching as much as you care about their...uh...assets.

Next week, we go fashion hunting and rapping. Join us in 7 days to see who is out beyond their curfew.

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