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Hip-hop meets "Whose Line" in Nick Cannon's new game of comic genius.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Nick Cannon
DJ D-Wrek
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon, Andrew Hoegl, Jonathan Singer, Tony DiSanto, Tony DiBari,
Michael Goldman
The Collective, Mr. Renaissance Entertainment for MTV
Thursdays at 10p ET on MTV

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"Show 103" - August 11

If at first you don't succeed, use transvestites! This time, we have Spanky dressing up as a woman as they decide to be the Motel Sisters. Let's see how the teams are divvied up this week...

RED TEAM (Nick Cannon):
Affion Crockett
Rasika Mathur
Katt Williams
Mikey Day
Leonard Robinson

BLACK TEAM (Ying Yang Twins):
Nyima Funk
Bob Hoffman
Joshua Funk
Darrel Heath
Spanky Hayes

And before you ask, no, Joshua Funk and Nyima Funk are NOT related.

After an introduction of those Yin Yang Twins (who claim they are from the 'A Town'), we start with Round 1, or 'Got Props?' If you've seen Who's Line Is It Anyway, you know what's coming. If you haven't, the rules are simple - each team gets a silly prop which they have to create a scene from. A DING gives you a point. A BUZZ gets you no points. Whoever has the most points by the end wins the round.

The Red team gets a pizza tosser (or an extra large paddle, take your pick) and uses it as a thought bubble for Leonard wondering why Rasika is asking him if her pants make her look fat (DING). Mikey then uses it as a propeller to wind up Affion to do the Robot (DING). Leonard and Mikey use it as a pendulum to recreate a James Bong death scene (BUZZ). Katt uses it as an oar paddling, claiming that they are finally going to let him come to America (DING).

That's 3 points. The Black team has to do better with a huge green worm-like tunnel thing that looks like a giant condom. That's exactly what they use it for on their first skit (DING). Nyima uses it in the second skit to turn from a caterpillar to a butterfly (DING). Darrel uses it as a tunnel to get to the promised land (DING). Yang uses it to sing 'I Love Trash' for a hysterical Oscar the Grouch impersonation. (DING). The Black Team wins the event, and they take a surprising 1-0 Match Lead.

Round 2 is called 'Star Sightings'. The team has to go into the audience, find people, and compare them to stars. Nick finds a Wayne Brady look-a-like (DING) while Yang finds a pair of Asian women and calls them the REAL Yin-Yang twins. Heh (DING). Leonard and Mikey discover a trio of black women who are 'Kevin Federline's Baby's Mommas' (DING). Yin finds three black guys and calls them B2K (BUZZ). Rob says he found Sesame Street's Ernie (BUZZ) while Katt calls a tall lanky woman Jada Pinkett-Smith and a woman with a hood E.T. (DING). The Red Team wins it easily 3-1 as they tie the match at 1 apiece.

It's time for a fake commercial for Wack Ass Ring Tones. What lovely tones do we have? 'I've Got a Really Small Penis', 'Kill Whitey', 'Osama's My Homeboy', 'Buy My Mom' and more, for the Blackberry system.

Let's get back to the show for Round 3 - That's My Dog. One person is Lassie, who has to say where Timmy is and what trouble they are in. The catch - as Lassie is a dog, he can only bark or pantomime. The team who is the quickest to figure it out wins.

The Black Team starts it off. For their squad, Timmy is in the VD clinic because he caught something nasty from Pamela Anderson Lee. Joshua is the dog and Nyima is the guesser. Josh starts by humping her, but when that doesn't work, he starts scratching his crotch. That works. He does the Baywatch run, which gets Nyima to say that he was with the Baywatch Bitch. Heh. She quickly figures out that it's Pamela Anderson Lee. They complete the pantomime in 1:02, which is pretty good.

Nick and Leonard are playing for the Red Team. For them, Timmy is in the Alley after being assaulted by 50 cent. Leonard is driving a Mini-Cooper, lighting it up and rolling the bones for Nick to guess. Nick is all around it, but he doesn't say that Timmy's in the Alley. He still doesn't figure it out when time runs out and the Yin-Yang Twins are up 2-1 going into the...

...WildStyle Round! Nick starts by claiming that the Twins brush their teeth with Jewelry Cleaner (DING - 2-2). Yin counters that by says that they would do better if they did the Drumline instead - and Yin does (Ding - Black leads, 3-2). Leonard tells them that Yang's face looks like the front of a buick (DING 3-3). Yang comes back and tells Darrel that he looks like Redman on crack (DING 4-3). Rasika says that Yin's breath smells like something Nyima would douche (DING 4-4). Bob tells Rashika to be a Wild'N'Out girl, she has to shower and shave every half-hour (DING - Black leads, 5-4). Rashika turns it by saying that Rob bounces around like a drunk Cyndi Lauper and that his agent should be shot and maimed (DING 5-5). Yang Calls Rashika a witch (BUZZ). Darrel saves the day by telling Yin that his wardrobe (white jacket and pink pants) got attacked by an Easter Basket (DING 6-5 Red). The red team comes from behind to get the win!

To show that they aren't sore losers, the twins perform for the crowd to end the show. Join us in 7 days to see more performances in the comedy variety.

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