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Hip-hop meets "Whose Line" in Nick Cannon's new game of comic genius.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Nick Cannon
DJ D-Wrek
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon, Andrew Hoegl, Jonathan Singer, Tony DiSanto, Tony DiBari,
Michael Goldman
The Collective, Mr. Renaissance Entertainment for MTV
Thursdays at 10p ET on MTV

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"Show 102" - August 4

It's time to get Wild'N'Crazy again with Wild'N'Out! Nick's posse in this episode include Katt Williams, Rasika Mathur, Gene Hong (our little transsexual in a dress from Episode 1), Darrel Heath, and Joshua Funk. The guest star, opponent, and target from the first episode is Christina Milian, as her team features Myima Funk, DeRay Davis, Affion Crockett, Rob Hoffman, Spanky Hayes and Leonard Robinson. Christina thinks that she can bring the funny, so lets get it on!

This first game is called 'Talking Spit'. Both Christina and Nick have water in their mouths. If a team can make the person spit or swallow their water, they get a point. The most points wins the round.

Cannon is the first cannon with no balls (no laugh) but Josh gets her when he says that he's cheating on her with the DJ (1-0, Red). Nyima tries to equate Nick Cannon with getting Punk'd and gets water (1-1). Josh goes for lifting up his shirt and having Nick go after his belly, and Christina laughs (2-1 Red). Rob does a curse-filled spiel that is censored out, but it gets Nick laughing (2-2) Darrel comes back with more obscenities and Christina loses it. Red wins 3-2 and takes a 1-0 lead in the match.

Next up is Celebrity Gangsters. One person has to guess what celebrity and crime they committed. Whoever figures it out in the least time wins. Darrel is Kirstie Alley and he's being accused of Cannibalism. Katt and Josh are the interrogators and they get him to talk in 1:22. Christina is Ludacris and she's accused of choking a chicken. Christina figures it out in 30 seconds that she's Ludacris and gets the time down in 55 seconds to tie the match at 1.

The third game is R and B. The groups perform a song and the audience decides who performed better. The Red team's song is 'Strippers'. We get a chorus of 'My Momma's Slidin' Down the Pole'. Nick, Rasika, Gene and Joshua do the honors and they did ok, with Josh doing a fat woman. The Black Team gets 'Cheaters', with the refrain 'It's Only Cheating if You're Caught'. Nyima talks about doing the whole family and Rob takes the photos on the internet while Christina does gospel on hitting the Cheater upside the head. The audience gives it to...The Red Team. FIX! (Red Team leads, 2-1).

But this all means nothing as we get to the WildStyle. Darrel goes after Christina's hair (DING 3-1) but Milian says that his ass is still hers (DING 3-2). Spanky says that Josh doesn't use condoms because it makes his a$$ itchy (BUZZ). Josh calls Spanky a hobbit and threatens to bite his weenie off like Lorena Bobbitt (DING 4-2 Red). DeRay compares Josh and Gene to Jenny Craig - Before and after (DING 4-3 Red). Affion tries to go after Mick and Nickelodeon with Christina by his side (BUZZ) Nick fires DeRay to get his 5th point. DeRay doesn't care though, he's out the door with Christina. Christina comes back to nick though and says that she can be his - for an episode. Awww...Common gets on the stage and finishes the show.

Next week - Wild Props and Wild Hair. Join us in 7 days to see what turns out to be wilder.

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