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Hip-hop meets "Whose Line" in Nick Cannon's new game of comic genius.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN


Nick Cannon
DJ D-Wrek
Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon, Andrew Hoegl, Jonathan Singer, Tony DiSanto, Tony DiBari,
Michael Goldman
The Collective, Mr. Renaissance Entertainment for MTV
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"Show 104" - August 18

We start off this episode as Nick gives us his new single - and parodies all bad R&B singer/rappers everywhere. Actually, I'd probably pick up his CD before most of the R&B singer/rappers out there.

Anyway, Nick is playing with Affion Crocket, Rasika Masur, Katt Williams, Mikey Day and Leonard Robinson this week. Kanye West is the guest star, and he has the crew of Nyima Funk, Rob Hoffman, Joshua Funk, Darrel Heath and Spanky Hayes. Good luck, Kanye - you'll need it.

Uber-rapper Kanye plugs his CD "Common" and away we go with Tore Up from the Floor Up. It's time to go into the crowd and find models to go on the catwalk. Our first model is a guy that looks like Arsenio Hall sporting a gray coat and black shirt and jeans. He's called 'a Bounty Hunter' (Ding, 1-0, Black). The red team has a tattooed white chick who's hair looks like Medusa. She gets tagged as someone who ran through velcro from a fantasy novel (Ding, 1-1). A guy with a white hat and brown jacket is called Kanye West's Stunt Dummy (Ding, 2-1, Black) while a lady who looks like Brittany from America's Next Top Model is Halle Berry's sister, Boysenberry, while Mikey adds 'Here's Victoria's Secret - wear clothes in public' (BUZZ). A guy wearing an Ecko shirt and a knit black cap is told that Kanye can't do beats for Lil' Bow Wow (DING, 3-1, Black) while a guy wearing an open shirted NCCI shirt with shades and a red/blue hat to go with white pants gets R Kelly's new song 'I Believe I Can Dress Myself'. (DING, 3-2 Black). That ends the round and Kanye's club goes up 1-0.

Game #2 is called The Hating Game. Tracee Ellis Ross is the guest for this game as she sits as a bachelorette. She has to pick the person that she hates the most. The bachelors in question are Kanye for the Black Team and Katt Williams from the Red Team. Katt is asked the most romantic thing he ever did and he says 'Show up on Time;. Kanye's response? 'Play the same demo over and over again, and then start his own label, since no one wanted to sign him'. Heh. What could they do, without using their hands, what can they do to make her moan? Kanye says that after the 5th time they play his CD, they will moan, while Katt isn't interested on whether she moans. Tracee wants a poem that rhymes with Shaquita. Katt - 'Shaquita, Shqauita, get your ass in the car.', while Kanye says that he doesn't remember her name, just her booty. It was hot, but the question is who WOULDN'T she go out with? The answer, which is pretty clear, is Katt and that ties the match at 1.

Who's going to be Unhappily Ever After? That's the next game, and the teams have to improv it out. The red team gets Pinocchio and the Black team gets Robin Hood. You have to rap out the nursery rhyme. The team that does the better job gets the point. Katt takes it to the ghetto and talks about extending Pinocchio's nose as a car salesman, a publicist for Nick Cannon (heh) 'Love Don't Cost a Thing was Great! oooooOOOOOOOOOOOOP!' and then finally as George Bush. The black team counters with Nyima talking to Robin Hood in jail for burglary. He's joined by Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) for bean possession and Peter Pan (portrayed by a fairy) for pixie dust possession. The red team should easily win this one - and they do, as they take a 2-1 lead.

But as we all know, leads mean nothing in the WildStyle. Nick starts by saying that without the Grammys, Kanye would have no chicks (DING, 3-1, Red), Kanye gets one off about bedding Christina Milian (DING, 3-2 Red - what's up with a point for every Christina Milian reference? I know they have/had a thing, but come on now - 1 point for every reference?) and then saying that Indian women are nice, but his room the next morning smelled like curry (DING, 3-3 TIE) then tells Katt that he hasn't seen him after the movie 'The Friday After Next'. (DING 4-3 Black). Wow. 3 points on a rap.

Katt comes back and tells Kanye to do a song without a sample (DING, TIE), Rob tells Katt that he looks like a cowboy in the hood and goes after his height (DING, 5-4, Black). Nick tells Rob that the only reason why he got the job was because of affirmative action (DING 5-5 TIE). Spanky tells Rasika that he'll take her to heaven - and then back to the 7-11 (DING, 6-5, Black). Rasika tells Spanky that his teeth are so sharp his name should be ginsu (BUZZ) but Leonard tells Kanye his a$$ is sore from being Jay-Z's punk (DING, 6-6, TIE). Kanye goes over all of them, telling them to go get shoes and saying that him ripping them all is just unfair. He goes on for 60 seconds, which is sweet - and gets him 3 points (9-6 Black). The game is over, and KANYE WEST is he FIRST person to defeat Nick Cannon!

Kanye rejoices with a rap, and even though he still is sampling music (heh), it's a cool rap. With that, the show ends. Can Nick regroup on the next show, or will the streak reach 2 losses? Find out in seven days how Nick reacts to his first loss ever.

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