The Ultimate Fighter 4:
The Comeback
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Today is

"No Love for Team No Love" - August 31
We review the bloody brawl of Dewees/Ray. Everyone was nervous about the loss of blood...but the Referee and the Judge made the right call. They never saw that much blood ever in a fight. Team Mojo is psyched for the two and 0 start.
We see Shonie being a character and he gets on everyone's nerves and he paints and "blings" everything. Shonie is having fun.
Team No Love Training Session. Jeremy Jackson says the mindset of losing is exhausting the team. Dana White said Jackson came in late and out of shape. But he said he is ready to go. "Don't Take Me Lightly." Din Thomas is tired of Jackson looking at him. Jackson says he can beat Din and wanted to fight Lytle. Thomas wants to fight Jackson. 

White brings in the Plasma to watch UFC 60...Hoyce Gracie vs. Matt Hughes. George St. Pierre is fighting Matt Hughes win or lose for the title. So the veterans could be fighting St. Pierre. Din said that it was cool to watch anything on TV. Serra was disappointed in Gracie losing to Hughes, but he will beat Gracie.
Training Session Team Mojo. Matt Serra is not a fan of Mark Laimon, because of the way he behaved at Sell v. Baroni at UFC 51. He calls him a crybaby and doesn't fight at all. He didn't like the comments he said about Gracie that he was "psyched he got demolished." It really pissed Serra off. Laimon says he doesn't have to fight to be an expert.
Clementi calls Shonie's act old at the house. They trick Shonie and make a copy of his charcoal drawing and messes it up with bling and sayings. Shonie is pissed and then let in on the joke. He appreciated the prank.
Training Session Team No Love: Couture wasn't familiar with Jackson, but he is a real fighter with attitude and well rounded. At UFC 44 Jackson fought Nick Diaz...and got submitted in the 3rd round by armbar. Jeremy said he went through personal problems and he has a 1% chance to's all he needs.
Fight Selection:
Team Mojo still has control and picks Pete Spratt from Team No Love...vs. Chris Lytle of Team Mojo. Jackson thought he was going to be him/Lydle and it threw everything off. Spratt knew it was him. Lytle is confident...but it won't be easy.
Training Session Team Mojo: Lytle had an up and down career in UFC. He is from Indianapolis  And he has 4 kids and a wife. He has been in the fire department for 5 years. He calls himself the luckiest guy there. His UFC record is 2-4.
He started in UFC 28 in Nov. of 2000 against Ben Enwood where he lost. He lost again at UFC 45 in an all out war against Lawler. He had two chokeout victories in UFC 47 and 49 against Ghosn and Jhen. At UFC 51...he lost a unanimous decision to Parisian. At UFC 55 He dominated Riggs, but a bad cut was opened and then he lost the fight. White calls him "The epitomy of a UFC Fighter. Everything happens for a reason." 
Training Session: Team No Love. Pete Spratt, according to White, is the oldest fighter here. "He is an excellent striker with a limited ground game." He fights out of Sherman, TX. He is a 3 letter athlete, being a first team All American in 1995. He is 2-2 in the UFC.
He starts in UFC 37.5 against Zack Light and made light submit. But at UFC 40, he tapped quickly to Carlos Newton. At UFC 42, after a bad start he made Robbie Lawler quit. But he turned down the offer to fight Matt Hughes. At Ultimate Fight Night 1, Josh Roscheck made Spratt tap at 1:53. White said he deserved a second chance.

At the weigh-in, both Spratt and Lytle weigh in at 170.
Fight Day: Last minute trash talk and prep. Lytle has submitted him in a previous fight. Lytle fights out of Indianapolis, IN. Spratt out of Sherman TX.
SPRATT             LYTLE
35            Age         31
5'9"           HT        5'11"
69.5"        Reach    68"
15-8-0       Record    31-12-4
The Ref is Steve Mazagatti and the Old Spice Red Zone Clock is on.
Round 1:
At 4:40 Lytle goes into the wall, at 3:40 Lytle takes down Spratt and gets on top in position and makes Spratt tap really quickly at 2:53 of the 1st round.
Lytle and Spratt review the fight. And we see the Guillotine Choke.
Spratt is pissed that Team Mojo wins again.
Who will be next to tap? Find out on the next episode of "The Comeback!"

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