The Ultimate Fighter 4:
The Comeback
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Today is

"Bloodbath" - August 24
We review the fight from Carter/Clementi. Dewees said Clementi's Spirit was taken away. Serra reviewed his coaching and said, "When Shoney wins, we win." Shoney admits to the coaching success of Serra. Serra says he isn't Ortiz and admitted Shonie won the fight. "We Got The Hammer"...he says in his Shamrock impression.

White changes the rules up and the losers of the fight will stay in the house and will keep training and if needed to step in, they will. Clementi likes that. "I'll jump in if need be." Team Mojo has a fire pit meeting. Lytle talks about matchups and Mojo thinks they could shutout No Love out.

Shonie's journal was found by his Team Mojo members. He wrote the entire matchup schedules and the team flipped out. "We have to talk to him" as he is snoring away.
Next morning they talk to him about it and Shonie says he will be more careful. McCarthy wants to know if he is going to fight. He is itching.

Training Session-Team No Love...or somewhat. Team Dellagratte and George St. Pierre call them lazy. They think Team Mojo works better as a unit. And they do train. Serra says they are pushing each other.

Middleweight fight announcement: Team Mojo has control. They call Charles McCarthy out and Carter(in a pimpalicious outfit) sings, "We didn't pick you. We didn't pick you." It will be Edwin DeWees for Team Mojo and Gideon Ray for Team No Love. Team Mojo loved screwing with McCarthy. McCarthy wanted it bad.

Team No Love training session. Gideon Ray has been fighting for 6 years...and he is 0-2 in UFC. He fought David Corseau(training partner of George St. Pierre) in UFC 51 on a 4 day notice and lost to stoppage due to a huge cut. Then he came back for Ultimate Fight Night 1, and got caught by Mike Zwick. White says he deserves spot. He thinks he can have a title.

Edwin Dewees is 23 and been fighting for 8 years. He has a ton of experience but is also 0-2 in UFC. At UFC 44, he fought a guy named Rich Franklin in Franklin's 2nd fight...Dewees had early control....but Franklin took control and we had a ref stoppage. And at Ultimate Fight Night 2, he was submitted by Chris Leben. Dana White--Dewees also deserves to be here.

Fight Day: We see trash talk and last minute prep.

Ray comes out first from Chicago, IL. Edwin Dewees is from Phoenix, AZ.

Tale of the Tape:

32  Age  23
5'10"  HT  6'1"
72.5" Reach 69.75"
19-4-1 Record 34-9-0

Herb Dean is our referee...Old Spice Red Zone Clock is on...and we are underway!

Round 1: Early exchange of kicks and at 4:00 Dewees takes Ray into the cage. At 3:52 Dewees is down with Ray and pounds him. 2:50 he uses his body to pound Ray. Ray reverses at 1:20. But Dewees fights it and the rounds ends. Dewees gets my vote for this round.

Round 2: Dewees goes for the kill early but Ray fights it off. At 4:10 Ray goes for a spinning backfist, misses and Dewees takes him down...However Ray hits Dewees with a hard elbow on the top of the head which opens up Dewees like a faucet. At 3:00 the fight is stopped and the doctor looks at the cut. 2:45 the fight resumes. at 2:40 The blood is pouring, literally, out of Dewees head as Ray reverses the position. This is a nasty, nasty head wound. They stand up at 1:40 and the fight is stopped again. The fight is resumed at 1:35 and Ray hits his spinning back fist...Ray is in control and he rocks Dewees with :30 left. Round 2 ends...both fighters are waiting for the decision...the judges rule the fight a DRAW(as do I). So we go to Sudden Victory...Round 3.

Round 3: Right away, Ray misses a huge kick and Devees takes him down, Devees is bleeding 3:50 they restart the fight. At 3:15 Dewees using his body again. This one is isn't for the faint of heart. Dewees is on top for 2 minutes...Dewees will not let Ray work...Ray reverses at :50 and is pounding Reeves...and this bloodbath ends!

In the Amp'd Recap...both fighters review the bloodbath...and the judges decision in the third round...all three judge it 10-9...EDWIN DEWEES!

Team Mojo is on a two fight Team No Love's a premonition for their luck? Find out on the next Ultimate Fighter 4: The Comeback!

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