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Season 2
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$500,000 rests in your ability to tell the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Mark L. Walberg
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Howard Schultz (based upon "Nada Mas Que La Verdad/Nothing But the Truth")
EP: Howard Schultz
Packager: Lighthearted Entertainment
Origin: Ren-Mar Studios, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 2.2
June 3

Gordon: This is Gordon Pepper, and...It's the 'protect and not serve so much' version of The Moment of Truth. Joining me is Alex 'Buzzerblog' Davis and Don 'Donut' Harpwood.
Don: Yo.
Alex: Howdy.
Gordon: Our first contestant of the evening is Aaron Dunbar, EMT, 21, Lancaster, CA. He's going to medical school aftyer moving back in with his parents. Aaron says he promises to tell the truth to every single question. His family and friends include - Nicole (gf) Doreen (mom), Mike (dad), Jeniifer (sister), Danny (Brother in law) and Ben (brother). This is a VERY full house 0 maybe a little too full for Aaron's tastes.
Don: No kidding. This could prove to be quite the run...
Gordon: Aaron says he loves his work, and you have to take an oath, helping people when they need it.

1 Would you give Osama Bin Laden CPR if his life depended on it?

Gordon: He To applause.
Alex: What the heck with question 1? lol
Gordon: I liked it.
Alex: I did too. They really picked this one from early in the taping though, didn't they?

2 Do you always wash your hands aftwer using the restroom?

Gordon: Aaron says no here, too. And he also gets applause.

3 Do you really care about the famine in Darfur?

Gordon: He says...yes? He's deemed true, and the gf says 'Good boy'
Don: Nice.

4 As an adult, have you ever cried over a girl?

Gordon: Aaron says yes, and quite frankly, who hasn't? That's deemed true, and we go on. Mark asks him if Nicole made him cry. he won't answer, but Nicole says yes, she did. Bad Nicole./font>

5 Do you think fat people are simply weak?

Gordon: No one on the couch is fat. Aaron says yes and he's deemed true. Aaron explains that he sees people who are 500-600 pounds who don't do anything to help themselves. He thinks they should try, which gets a mixture of applause and boos.
Alex: Wow, already?
Gordon: The next question will be asked by Linda Ramos - a chair person for The National Association of Fat People Advancement Acceptance.
Don: Oh, this should be good.

6 Do fat people repulse you?

Gordon: You knew this was coming. You also knew the break music was coming
Alex: And here we go
Gordon: He says yes, to the laughter and clapping of his gf. And for that. he gets a lecture from Linda. But, he also gets $10,000.
Alex: There we go
Gordon: He can leave. We all know he wants to continue...

7 Have you ever been ashamed of growing up Mormon?

Gordon: He says yes, and now we start to get boos. It's deemed true, though.
Alex: How many mormons has this show had? I mean there's been at least 3 that I've seen.
Gordon: (shrugs) Maybe they tape the show in Utah?

8 As an EMT, have you ever knowkngly falsified a report?

Gordon: Dad says that it can cost him his job. No one hits the Family Button. Aaron says...yes. Oops.
Don: Uh oh.
Alex: They kinda should have hit the button
Gordon: Mark asks dad why he saved the button. Dad says that he wanted to save it for something really really hard. Aaron says that no one died. The audience isn't too thrilled about that, as he gets more boos.

9 Do you really believe you can get any girl you want?

Gordon: Aaron says yes, and we get a giggling girlfriend
Alex: A layup to get him to go on
Gordon: That's deemed true. The gf begs to differ.
Don: Heh.

10 Do you think Nicole is the prettiest woman you've ever dated?

Alex: Oh boy
Gordon: Nicole looks down, like the thinks she knows the answer. If she thought he was going to say no, she's right. Nicole says that it sucks to hear. Aaron says she has the best poersonality ever. The audience isn't buying it.
Alex: Oh, the old personality thing
Gordon: They all say one more. For $25,000...

11 As an EMT, have you ever touched an female patient more than your job requires?

Alex: Hit the button
Gordon: The sister looks like she's going to hit the button. Ahe doesn't. Aaron He's deemed true and he has $25,000 - and a lot of faith from the audience. 4 away from $100,000. Everyone tells him to go. He goes on...

12 Do you feel like a failure because you had to move back in with your parents?

Gordon: Aaron says yes, and who can blame him?

13 Since you've dated Nicole, have you ever given your number to another woman?

Gordon: He says....yes. Nicole is no longer looking too happy.
Gordon: 2 away from $100,000 Mark gives Aaron a chance to defend himself. He doesn't want to talk about it.
Don: Oh, boy.
Gordon: Nicole is Jewish

14 Do you think your parents dislike Nicole because of her religion?

Gordon: Aaron says...yes. It's deemed true and I notice that the parents are sitting away from Nicole.
Gordon: Aaron says that he knows the parents would prefer him to date someone Mormon. He's 1 away from $100,000. For $100,000...

15 Would you marry Nicole even if it nmeant you would never speak to your family again?

Gordon: and...break music. Aaron Aaron wnis $100,000 and apparently, family > girlfriend. He's 3 questions away from $250,000. Parents say walk away. Nicole says...we we don't hear what Nicole says. Aaron stops right there. He hugs everyone - but the girlfriend.
Don: Yipes.
Gordon: Next up - Mary Beth Kraese, a 39 year olf voluntary firefioghter. She's also a stay at home mom with 3 boys. Phil (husband) Richie (father in law) and Mary Louise (friend) join us.
1 Have you ever given something to your kids that you shoplifted from a store?

Gordon: She says yes. The husbans boos her. Everyone else applauds. She says it happens all the time. NOW she gets boos from the audience. She says she's a good neighbor.

2 Have you ever deliberately started a fire that damaged someone else's property?

Gordon: She says yes. Starting out with some nasty ones with her.
Alex: Wow, she's a winner
Gordon: She says a neighbor pissed her off, so she burnt a phoho album.
Don: Yipes.
Gordon: She loves to give back to the community.

3 Do you volunteer at the fire station because you like getting attention from men other than your husband?

Gordon: The husband says no., She says yes. The father in law says we have an arsonist, a klepto, and a flirt.
Gordon: She's a winner. Go bed her, Alex!
Alex: Who the hell would want me?

4 Have you ever stolen anything from a relative's house?

Gordon: I don't believe she'd say no to this.
Don: Considering the way things have gone so far, if she says no to that, I'd be just plain stunned.
Gordon: She says yes. Duh. And she's deemed true. The hubby says he knows - he says it was her grandmothers house and the audience turns on her quickly.

5 Did you cheat on your Red Cross First Aid Test in order to become certified?

Gordon: She says yes she did. And it's true. Oops.
Don: Wow. Just... Wow.
Gordon: And she does work in MY work area. Great. The $10,000 question will be asked not from Mark - but Fire Chief Robert Hurley

6 As a firefighter, have you ever ignored an emergency page from the fire station?

Gordon: She says yes. She's deemed true and she has $10,000. And I want to know where she's working. She's 5 away from $25,000. And she goes on...

7 Have you ever felt that your father would love you more if you were a male?

Gordon: She starts crying, nods and says yes. She's deemed true. Keep in mind that her father is NOT one of the friends and family. She loves the father-in-law...

8 Have you ever thought your mother-in-law was trying to ruin your marriage?

Gordon: She says yes and it's true. I notice the mother-in-law is ALSO not here. Dad says that his mother-in-law is over-protective.

9 Have you ever thought about leaving your husband becuase you think he doesn't earn enough money?

Don: That could spell trouble...Then again, she has already admitted to an assortment of things, so...
Gordon: She She says she loves him and says no. She's deemed....True. Phil breathes a sigh of relief

10 Since you've been married, have you lost sexual attraction to your husband?

Gordon: NOW Phil's thinking about hitting the button. She says no. The Lie Detector says...FALSE.
Don: Oops.
Gordon: Now she starts crying. She feels nauseous. Phil says it happens. She cries and apologizes to Phil, who really should have hit that button. Any last thoughts before we wrap this one up?
Alex: Nope.
Don: Nothing to add here.
Gordon: For Everyone, this is Gordon, telling you all to spread the truth.