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The Moment of Truth
Season 2
9p ET Wednesdays

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$500,000 rests in your ability to tell the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Mark L. Walberg
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Howard Schultz (based upon "Nada Mas Que La Verdad/Nothing But the Truth")
EP: Howard Schultz
Packager: Lighthearted Entertainment
Origin: Ren-Mar Studios, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 2.1
May 27

Chico: Last season on "The Moment of Truth", a track operator/comedian was vindicated... A wannabe actress was ruined... And countless others were just thoroughly embarrassed, all for the pursuit of $500,000.
Gordon: And I enjoyed myself thoroughly.
Chico: You would. What'll happen next? We'll find out on the first show of season 2 of the #1 new show of the season past...The Moment of Truth!
Gordon: Yay!
Chico: Chico and Gordon here, along with Alex Davis, Rob Seidelman and Don Harpwood.
Don: Hey.
Alex: God I'm happy it's back. I haven't felt sleazy in so long
Gordon: We need some sleaze.
Rob: Sleaze is good and Fox is our main supplier of it since 2003.
Chico: First to take the hot seat - CURTIS FRANK, a trust fund kid who has no problem revealing his most probing secrets (at least that's what Mark Thompson says), destroying his girlfriend, crush his best friend, and give his mother the shock of his life... and those are his redeeming qualities.
Gordon: Sounds like a winner already.
Chico: He's a 28-year-old gold broker from Fountain Hills, AZ. Here to watch him are Marie (mom), Aurora (girlfriend), Cody (brother), and John (friend). Level 1, the pink level, has six questions for $10,000. Remember, at any moment, Curtis can change his answer.
Gordon: And away we go...

1 When walking past a mirror, do you usually stop and check yourself out?

Chico: Curtis answers YES. TRUE. "Who doesn't, right?"

2 As an adult, have you ever put on makeup before going out for the night?

Chico: Curtis answers YES. TRUE.

3 Have you ever watched more than a single minute of gay pornography?

Chico: Curtis says YES. TRUE.
Gordon: And apparently, this may be a pink level this evening for a completely different reason than planned.
Rob: I'm wondering, did we tackle homophobia last season on TMOT?
Gordon: We haven't touched it - but I have a feeling we will soon.
Chico: Mark has a bit of a skewed perception on what defined "playful".
Rob: Well, go figure, he hosted Temptation Island for 3 seasons.
Don: Heh.

4 Have you ever been attracted to one of your male friends?

Chico: John is concerned on this one. Curtis says... NO. TRUE.

5 Have you ever attended a church function solely to pick up a woman?

Chico: Curtis says YES... TRUE.
Gordon: Apparently, he likes both Jay and Jane.
Chico: Now to the $10,000 Moment of Truth. Curtis thinks that he's a good storyteller.

6 Do you tell your friends intimate details about the women you date?

Chico: Aurora says that he doesn't. Curtis... says otherwise. "YES". For $10,000, that answer is... TRUE. That's $10,000. We've reached the blue level of question.
Gordon: Now Curtis can stop right here - or go on. He chooses to continue.

7 Would you be able to pay off your mortgage if your mother cut off your allowance?

Chico: Curtis has a nice big house that he can't afford... but he'd say NO anyway. TRUE.

8 Have you ever felt like you were a burden to your family?

Gordon: he seas yes, which gets 'Awwwwws' from the audience. It's deemed true, but based on the groundwork we've seen, I have a feeling those 'Awwwwws' are going to be short-lived.

9 Have you knowingly ever passed a counterfeit bill?

Gordon: Curtis says yes and mom looks quizzically at him. It's true, and Curtis is 2 away from $25,000. Curtis says his dad is into They ran the store for 9 years after his dad died.

10 Have you ever had sexual relations with a woman inside your dad's furniture store?

Don: Hello!
Rob: Exhibitionist question.
Gordon: Ok. If my dad ever had a furniture store - especially plush - and I had the chance to do some shagging, and I had the key to the's shagging time.
Rob: I'd have to bring some cleaning supplies, but yeah, I'd shag a lovely being in a furniture store.
Gordon: He says yes...and the detector says true. This is for 25 G's...

11 Have you ever told someone you'd been tested for a sexually transmitted disease when in fact you haven't?

Alex: Uh oh
Chico: Curtis.... "Yes."
Gordon: He says yes and he has $25,000.
Don: Wow.
Chico: "Note to self... do not have sex with Curtis".
Gordon: Mark asks Curtis if he wants to explain himself. He says no. Heh. And you may have a feeling why Aurora is a former girlfriend. The friends plead to go one more level. Curtis relents and says he's going on.
Chico: Next up, the round of 4 on the teal level of the questions.

12 Have you ever suspected your friend John of making a pass at your former girlfriend Aurora?

Chico: And there's the "going to break" music.
Rob: Enter big Moment of Truth graphic.
Chico: John says "think about this"... after he says "one more question". Go figure.
Gordon: John wants to hear the answer - or maybe he doesn't when Curtis says yes.
Chico: It's TRUE, by the way. John admits to nothing. But at the same time... he admits to everything.
Gordon: John is asked if he ever did, He says no, and is shocked that Curtis would say that...until Aurora admits that she and John are very friendly. uh oh.

13 Have you ever stolen money from the family business?

Don: Oh, boy...
Chico: Hit the button.


Chico: BUTTON!
Gordon: The family tells mom to hit the button. The button is hit.
Chico: New question.

13 Did you ever purchase alcohol for Cody when he was under the legal age?

Gordon: He says yes, like all good brothers do.
Chico: TRUE.
Gordon: That's an easy one.
Chico: Compared to the last question, this was a breeze.
Don: Good use of the button.
Gordon: Good use of the more button to use.
Chico: And no guarantees of anything.
Gordon: Well, he has a guarantee of $25 k if he stops.
Chico: Okay, ONE guarantee.
Gordon: And if he's hemming and hawing, there's obviously questions he does not want to answer.
Chico: Another guarantee if he plays two more truthfully.
Gordon: But he goes on....

14 Do you secretly want to get back together with your girlfriend Aurora?

Chico: Aaaaaaand go to break.
Gordon: That's not a hard question to answer
Chico: Ummm. YEAH? I mean, come on, look at her. Don't you?
Gordon: I would - and then use Curtis' furniture department to shag her
Rob: Ha Ha Ha
Chico: Casting Couch:
Gordon: Aurora plays coy and says she doesn't know. Curtis says...yes. John does not look happy.
Chico: Because he wants to hit it.
Gordon: But the answer is deemed true.
Chico: One more for $25,000... times four.
Gordon: Aurora says that the relationship could depend on what happens on this show. #15 is probably a doozy. Curtis wants to go for it.
Alex: Mark tries to get him to stop
Gordon: But he doesn't. Aurora says Curtis is an romantic guy.

15 While you were dating your former girlfriend Aurora, did you ever cheat on her?

Chico: No, no break music..
Gordon: Break music!
Chico: No, no break music!
Gordon: Break Music!!!
Chico: No. Break. Music.
Gordon: (inserts break music)
Alex: We need that break music for every day life. When we want to make something more dramatic and drawn out.
Chico: You know, in my work, if I make something long and drawn out... I usually get in trouble.
Alex: Ha ha, true
Rob: What about a Mark Thompson Voiceover?
Chico: I believe that would be acceptable.
Alex: They make it fairly obvious when people aren't much longer in a game, don't they? With the huge stalling.
Gordon: I say he gets it right and then walks.
Chico: Agreed.
Alex: For sure.
Don: Yep.
Chico: "I'm Joey Greco with Cheaters."
Gordon: Aurora says she doesn't think he did. She would be....wrong.
Chico: Curtis says... YES
Gordon: He says yes, Aurora, mouth agape, wants to leave. John turns his back on Curtis.
Chico: And yet, it's TRUE.
Gordon: He wins $100,000, but John tells Mark that a night of fun has just gone down the toilet.
Chico: "Our night of partying has gone down the tubes."
Gordon: Aurora is asked if it's something she can go back to. She shakes her head no.
Chico: Meanwhile, some wanker in the audience says "Take the money
Gordon: John and Cody say it's time to leave. Mommy Marie says she doesn't want to see anyone get hurt any more - and Curtis listens to mom.
Chico: And that's the show.
Gordon: Mark says that hopefully Aurora and Curtis can work it out. Seeing Aurora walk away by herself while the rest of the family celebrates would see that it's not very likely.
Chico: Next week, a flight attendant takes the hot seat ... and gets into more hot water than she did previously.
Gordon: We'll see in 7 days how much blonde ambition we get.
Chico: Until then, good night and don't you forget to tell the truth.