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Season 2
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May 27

$500,000 rests in your ability to tell the truth... the whole truth... and nothing but the truth.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Host: Mark L. Walberg
Announcer: Mark Thompson
Creator: Howard Schultz (based upon "Nada Mas Que La Verdad/Nothing But the Truth")
EP: Howard Schultz
Packager: Lighthearted Entertainment
Origin: Ren-Mar Studios, Los Angeles, CA


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Episode 2.2
June 10

Gordon: Last Time on The Moment of Truth...Curtis Franks won $100,000 - and lost an ex-girlfriend
Josh: with a name like Curtis Franks, it's a miracle he had a girlfriend to begin with. count your blessings bro
Gordon: This time, Chico Alexander, Don Harpwood, Josh Yawn, James Dinan and me, Gordon Pepper, tune in to see who else loses what else.
Chico: And who wins what else.
Josh: Yeah, i'm totally gonna come up on google for this
James: LOL
Chico: Let's not forget that.
Josh: and for that, i'll be joining the singles club with Curtis Franks trying to redeem myself for a new girlfriend
Chico: Could be worse.
Gordon: Would you or James ever go on the show in the chair?
James: No. I'd probably be the most boring player ever.
Josh: Well, the short answer is no...the long answer ultimately ends with no too
Chico: This is the longest opening spiel EVER.
Gordon: We get a nice long intro - which means we're looking at a short exit this evening. Its on in 5...4....3....2....
James: That opening seems to be about 30 minutes or so
Gordon: I notice via The Futon Critic, that this episode is actually Episode 112 - which means that we're still in season one.
Chico: Really, now.
Don: Interesting.
Chico: Could it be that it's airing out of order?
Gordon: Or it could be that after seeing the first few episodes and knowing that there could be a strike looming, that FoX saved some in reserve
James: Fox generally doesn't have much summer programming outside of Dance and Hell's Kitchen that succeeds...doesn't hurt to air fresh episodes of MOT now.
Chico: And now that the threat is somewhat averted... we're just having fun at someone else's expense. :-)
Gordon: We see a replay of Aurora going nova on Curtis
Chico: Tonight, flight attendant Christina Paulino reveals her bad girl past...This oughta be fun. Especially if Hooters and sex are involved. And sex whilst employed at Hooters.
Don: Oh my.
Gordon: She's a 25 year old Flight Instructor from Chi-Town
Chico: Of the 50 questions she was asked, 21 were selected for tonight's game. Here with Christina are John *(dad), Robin (sister), and Joseph (friend)
James: Let's bring it on...Mark L. Wahlberg is no Mills Lane :-)
Gordon: Dad says 'bring it on'. Be careful what you wish for.
Chico: LEVEL 1: the Pink Level... Six questions for $10,000.
Gordon: Christina says that sometimes she enjoyed her old job...

1 When you were a flight attendant, did you deliberately bump someone with a beverage cart?

Chico: She says she did.
Gordon: She says that if you get on her bad side, she'll do it, so the answer is True.
Chico: Don't mess with her. TRUE.
Gordon: The family all chuckles.
Chico: Of course.
Gordon: She says she loves to shop...

2 Have you ever taken a joy ride in a stolen car?

Chico: She says yes. TRUE.
Gordon: She says yes quickly, and dad isn't looking too pleased early. And here's why - Her dad John was a NYC police officer. Oops.
Don: Oops, indeed.
Chico: John was once one of New York's finest...
Gordon: Her parents are divorced.

3 When you lived in your parents house, did you ever sneak a guy in your bedroom to spend the night?

Gordon: She says she has, to the audience applause.
Chico: She looks like the kind who would. TRUE.
Gordon: Dad - 'There's not much you can say. When you have a daughter, you'll understand'.
Chico: Mark has a daughter, who says that she's going to be the first Jewish nun. Heh.
Gordon: She says she's the type of girl that usually gets what she wants...

4 Have you ever dressed provocatively for a job interview because you knew the interviewee was a man?

Gordon: She says yes, because guys are easy.
Chico: TRUE
Gordon: Quite honestly, if I knew I could dress a certain way to get a job, I'd do it. Maybe not a dress though...

5 Have you ever stolen medication out of someone's cabinet and used it for recreational purposes?

Gordon: She
Chico: TRUE. Time for the $10,000 Moment of Truth.
Gordon: She says she gives it everything she's got at work - when she likes the job. She says 'all-in'...

6 While working at Hooters, did you ever have sex with one of your customers?

Gordon: Now THAT'S All-In.
Chico: And here's the break time.
Don: I guess we'll certainly find out soon enough if she liked THAT job.
James: We'll be right back after a word from our new sponsor...HOOTERS?!?!?!
Gordon: Hooterbees!
Josh: Wow, that site sure does exist
James: While on a break (I'm here at work)...I'll check out live coverage of an LA police chase :-)
Chico: Another one?
James: Suspected DUI suspect being chased around SoCal
Josh: It's me.
Gordon: OJ Yawn. We're back on the show, and Christina says...yes.
Chico: bow bow chicka bow bow
Gordon: It's deemed true., and Christina has $10,000. She can quit - or keep going for $25,000.
Chico: Next tier of questions is "going to take a different tone". That means "get ready for liftoff."
Gordon: Christina says she's outgoing and confident...
Chico: LEVEL 2: the blue level.

7 Have you ever cancelled plans to go out because you felt insecure about your weight?

Gordon: She says yes, which gets sympathy 'awwws' from the audience.
Chico: TRUE
Gordon: Now she's looking concerned, like she knows the direction this is going.

8 Have you ever been hospitalized for an eating disorder?

Chico: Hello.
Don: Wow.
Chico: "The Moment of Truth... continues."
James: But now a word for our new sponsor...Dexatrim
Gordon: Which you can eat after you go to Hooters
Chico: She says yes. TRUE.
Gordon: She says it was a long time ago and she feels great. She says that her boyfriend, who is a ticket broker, is at work.

9 Have you ever suspected your boyfriend of cheating on you?

Gordon: She says yes, quite matter-of-factly
Chico: TRUE
Gordon: She says that most men do cheat - and looks at her father, who promptly looks down at the floor. Uh-oh...
Chico: Meanwhile, her friend Joe can be trusted.
Gordon: She knows Joe for 14-15 years.

10 Have you ever been sexually attracted to your friend Joe?

Chico: I betcha she says yes.
Don: Wouldn't surprise me.
Gordon: She's been with him for 15 years. you'd have to think that there had to be a moment of lust somewhere
Chico: Commercial Break Time.
James: And the car chase ends...guy gave up without a struggle
Chico: Wow. That's rare
Josh: Well, they offered me stuff.
James: Traffic reporter was the funniest part of the chase...He mocked the driver for riding in the carpool lane, and complimented him for "not swerving"
Don: lol
Chico: That's "clip show" material there. World's Greatest Videos and what not? Back to the Joe for a moment..
Gordon: She says yes and Joe just nods his head up and down
Chico: TRUE. Much to the surprise of no one.
Gordon: Mark asks if Joe feels the same and he says yes quite quickly
Chico: Now to the $25,000 Moment of Truth.
Gordon: Joe plays the guitar - and she says that he's great. Joe will be asking question #11.

11 Do you think I have what it takes to make it as a professional musician?

Chico: Yikes.
Gordon: She
Chico: For $25,000... TRUE.
Gordon: And she wins $25,000. Joe is now more blank-faced.
Don: Ouch.
Chico: Not so sexy anymore, is she?
Gordon: He says it's a surprise, Christina declines to answer. But she can continue to go for $100,000.
Chico: Dad says "Do what you gotta do."
Gordon: Dad says go. Robin says go. Joe says...we don't hear from Joe, but Christina says to let's go for it. Four from $100,000.
Chico: LEVEL 3: The teal level
Gordon: Christina says the divorce was hard for her.
Chico: Uh oh. This can only end one way
Gordon: I think we know where this is going...

12 Do you think your father made the right choice when he left your mother?

Gordon: Christina says that she thinks everyone in her family knows the answer - and she says the answer is no.
Chico: TRUE
Gordon: I think she is going to have no problems venting out some anger. John adds that 'everyone includes him', He says that he knows he didn't want to hit the button. Since everyone knows that dad has 'probably' cheated, this may be easier for her to get through these questions than the last set.

13 Do you blame your father for ruining your childhood?

Chico: Break music!
Don: Oh, boy...
Chico: "It's an ending so emotional, it could tear this family apart!!!" Which means... It won't. If they're anything like my family, they know this stuff already.
Gordon: It certainly seemed like they knew this stuff. I think the real question is would Christina be willing to throw dad under the bus for $100,000, and so far, she seems like she will have no trouble doing it.
Chico: Fresh meat is being accepted at Back to the show.
Gordon: Neither family member is going near the button, which means they know the answer - 'Yes'
Chico: She says... yes. TRUE
Gordon: She said that it was a hard time and he made some bad decisions, so there was some feelings of blame.
Chico: She wants to keep going.
Gordon: Mark reminds her that she knows where this is going. She wants to go on. She says that generally, they have a great relationship...

14 Do you believe your father is trustworthy?

Gordon: Robin is not going anywhere near the button - almost thinking that dad needs to hear this. Christina
Chico: TRUE.
Gordon: 1 away from $100,000
Chico: $100,000 Moment of Truth...
Gordon: She admits the questions were hard
Chico: The questions are only hard if the answers are.
Don: True.
Gordon: For $100,000....

15 Would you be happy to marry a man who is just like your father?

Gordon: VERY easy answer - but how hard is it to say 'no' on TV?
Chico: No... no break music.
Gordon: Break music! (boogies to break music) And we get - the long and winding recap. Let's see...9 minutes left....lots of break time...I'm guessing a yes and a quit at $100,000.
Chico: Agreed
Gordon: She says no...and I figured that's an easy 100 G's
Chico: TRUE.
Gordon: And it is
Chico: He admits that he's got some imperfections. How diplomatic.
Gordon: John says that's nobody's perfect, and he has some imperfections, and he adds that it's understandable that everyone's looking for the perfect person - and he hopes Christina finds it. AwwwwBarf.
Gordon: Mark says he thinks she can go as far as she wants. 3 away from $200,000
Chico: I have a feeling she's going to say "good night" .
Gordon: She says 'good night'.
Chico: But she does so with $100,000.
Gordon: She takes the money. She leaves to meet her family. And we're done. For everyone, this is Gordon Pepper, saying Game Over - and spread the truth