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Ten ultimate "Survivor" fans get a chance of a lifetime, competing against ten former castaways for a shot at $1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Palau, Micronesia
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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That's Baked, Barbecued, and Fried!
February 28

The fans are hungry and weak and homeless and wet, as Joel and Mikey B fought for control. The fans came together to win immunity, while the faves, still boiling over Cirie's willingness to flip-flop, voted out Yau-Man...

The endless struggle continues.

Day 9: Girl fight.

Ami and Cirie begin the day by arguing over the events of the day prior. Penner thought that Cirie flipped at HIS expense. Cirie just says that he's pissed that he didn't get his way.

Meanwhile, at the Airai tribe, the fans think that Immunity was just the thing to bring the tribe together. That and the prospect of eating eel for breakfast.

Natalie doesn't feel like Chet wants to pull his weight. For the most part... she's right. Mikey B says that Chet is distraught and bad for morale.

Back at Malakal, Eliza's fallen under the weather. "My tribe thinks I'm weak and being sick doesn't help that." James says he's all about keeping the strong in this stage of the game, and keeping Eliza at the expense of Yau-Man isn't helping ANYTHING. Eliza almost hopes that her tribemates get sicker than she does and have to be medevac'ed.

R-CHALLENGE: Letter Perfect (for chickens and one rooster... and three eggs; Chet sits out)

Four tribesmen will swim to a pontoon, then down to a cage of coconuts. Ten of them have letters. Get all of the letters and you can unscramble them. First one to unscramble all the letters wins.

Winners: Malakal. They send two people to Exile, one from each tribe, choosing Kathy (again) and Ozzy.

"It's always a bummer to lose a challenge. Malakal has won every reward challenge. They're living a life of luxury compared to what we got... which is jack nothing." Good way to put it, Joel. Erik thinks that the other team is seeing how weak Kathy is, hence her trip to...

Exile Island...

Kathy doesn't care much about the Immunity Idol. She's through searching about it. Ozzy takes it upon himself to look for that pesky Idol himself. He finds the third clue... and then the fourth... and then the Idol. Ozzy sneaks it back into his hat and goes back to Kathy, who had a fire going just to see it get washed out.

So what's a man with an Idol to do? Make a fake. All while Kathy checks to see if he has found food. He replaces the fake Idol.

Day 11: Chicken fingers!

Charlie, the rooster, wakes the Malakal up, possibly for the last time. All depends on what happens in the Immunity Challenge. Meanwhile, we have Jonathan, a known liar, and Parvati & Eliza talking about him as if they didn't know that he's right behind him. Jonathan, noting that she's on the outside trying to pry back in, feels sorry. Parvati... strangely feels the same way.

I-CHALLENGE: Wheels of Steel (Tracy sits out)

Six tribesmen will race to a six-point hub, unlocking each spoke, and then going into the forest and looking for six necklaces. Each necklace will be put on a wheel to correspond to a code. First one to spell "TRIBE STAYS INTACT" will have their tribe... stay intact.

Winners: Malakal.

Back at camp, the misfits weren't even close again... What does Joel have up his sleeve? Mikey B hopes to cut Joel's head off before the merge, while he plots to get rid of Chet off. He is the weakest after all. Tracy, meanwhile, says that she's prepared to go down with a fight. She suggests that maybe Mikey B is ready to go. He and Jason feel that Chet is weak. Tracy feels that the tribe is just bowing to Mikey's whims, and she's angered by it. "If one of us is gone, we can't help you anymore," she says to Joel. Chet... still thinks that it's him.

Night 11: Tribal Council

Jason thinks that the game is tilted more to the favorites, hoping tonight's events will make for a stronger tribe. Joel says that the weaker the individuals, the weaker the team. Chet believes that he can take certain roles in the tribe. Mikey B says that Chet's been exhausted and been lost on the will to win. Erik agrees that the tribe needs to remain strong. Joel says strength is not just physical. There's a direct way to go about something. Jason reminds everyone of the importance of this vote.

Jason: CHET - "PLEASE leave the island."
Chet: MIKE - "You've been a loudmouth from day 1, and you never seem to learn."

And now the rest of the count.

Alexis: CHET
Mikey B: CHET
Natalie: MIKEY B
Tracy: MIKEY B
Kathy: MIKEY B

That's five. That's enough. For the record...

Joel: MIKEY B. The count is 6 to 3. Mikey B, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN.