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February 7

Ten ultimate "Survivor" fans get a chance of a lifetime, competing against ten former castaways for a shot at $1 million. Twenty castaways, 39 days... only ONE Survivor!

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Jeff Probst
Creator: Charlie Parsons
EP: Mark Burnett, Charlie Parsons
Packager: Mark Burnett Prods., Survivor Prods., Castaway TV Prods.
Origin: Palau, Micronesia
Airs: Thursdays at 8pm ET on CBS


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The Sounds of Jungle Love
February 14

It’s Valentine’s Day on the Islands, and the castaways are feeling the love. One more player won’t be getting any love from his or her fellow players, getting the shaft at Tribal Council. Who’ll join Jonny Fairplay on the losers bench?

Night 3: Night fishing.

At the Malakal camp, we’ve lose Fairplay, but we did gain a fish. With someone’s hands. There was too much going on with Fairplay’s life, but if Jonathan continues to do what he’s doing, we’re going to be okay. Everyone’s been out there for about a year combined. That should ruffle the fans’ feathers, he thinks.

Day 4: Stuck together... torn apart.

Over at the Airai camp, the fans need to get organized fast. It’s Day 4, and we’re still in a bad place. Everyone’s tired, and everyone’s hungry. But all they need is the flint they won last night. Just like that… they have fire! And just like that... they lose it. The quest for fire continues up to the point of losing half of the flint. Kathy thinks that shelter should be priority one. But lost sleep on her end is threatening to drive this tribe apart.

Kathy was going to clean up a cave to sleep... What a great idea! Jason had it a long time ago. He states that Tracy, Kathy, and Chet have not done one productive thing all day long. He doesn’t want them sleeping in his man-cave. Kathy: “You can’t fight seven against three.” Those three decide to make a lean-to off the tree for sleep tonight.

Meanwhile with the favorites, Jonathan hopes that the fans are way behind them on the “camp curve”.

Then comes Amanda with an oyster and Ozzy with a jones for some Amanda. He’s trying to keep it down low, though, because that will give him a target on his bad. Same thing goes for James and Parvati. She flirts. He takes it. Amanda calls the four of them “a couple-ly alliance.” I call it a wife-swap in the jungle.

Over at Airai, the outcasts have finished their shelter in record time. Chet hopes they can build a fire between the hut and the man-cave and bury the hatchet... But first, we need to get that fire back. And just like that... finally, fire.  And clams. And water. Tribal dynamics turn around.

Meanwhile, Mikey B is flirting with Mary, hoping to get her to trust him. Joel’s noticing, calling it “right out of player school 101”, but his priority is to keep his tribe strong. The outcasts are first on the chopping block.

Night 4: Love (and someone snoring) is in the air.

Cirie hears the sound of “jungle love”, expecting the birth announcements of “Ando & her little Ozzlets” while getting ready for the wedding of James and Parvati. Jonathan meanwhile says, in no uncertain terms: get a room. Cirie’s bothered by the coupling alliance together. Cirie and Jonathan try and get a lock going on with his alliance.

Day 5: Fans get all fanboy-ish with Fairplay gone.

R/I-CHALLENGE: Keys to Victory (for fishing gear and boat, immunity, and the right to choose who goes to Exile Island next; Kathy sits out for the Airai)

Five swimmers, three puzzle makers, and one key master play. The swimmers, one at a time, will go out to a buoy, jump & smash, and release a key. Get all five keys, and then key master open a crate containing puzzle pieces. The puzzlers will then have to assemble a map of the Federated States of Micronesia. First one to do that wins.

There’s one more thing... which we’ll get to later.

Ozzy is a frogman. Chet obliterates his tile, but he cannot find his key. This opens the floodgates for the blurry-bosomed favorites. Mikey B tells Chet to get out of the water, but Penner can’t find his key. Penner finds his key, shows it off to the camera, and returns to the beach. It’s all gravy from there, as Jason tries to look for Chet’s key. He finds it, but it’s too late.

Winners: Malakal. They send Kathy to Exile... but there’s one more thing. Joining Kathy on Exile Island... Cirie.

Exile Island: Day 5.

Kathy thinks that staying with Cirie on Exile is a good thing. They waste no time in looking for the first clue...

“To progress further, go back to the start,
Where one has fallen there still is a part.
The thing which you covet requires ascension,
It’s hidden inside, if you pay attention.”

Gotta go back to the start. Kathy thinks she spotted something. She spots... another clue.

“Continue your quest by crossing the ocean,
You’ve done it before, now repeat the motion.
Into the forest, where “O” marks the spot,
The next clue lay hidden where something is not.”

A swim later... Another clue.

“To unlock the secret of immunity,
Two legs riding out of the bed of the sea.
The body still reaches the cliff of the shore
Under one foot hides the next bit of lore.”

Not ANOTHER clue. Yes... and still another. Burnett’s loving this.

“As an exile seeking the key to survival,
Look in the place where you made your arrival.
Over your head, but under a rock,
Put on your shoes and go for a walk.”

“Back across the ocean.”

Over at the Airai, no one cares about immunity so much as they care about the fishing gear.

Everyone knows who they want to go home... Chet. The guys vote Chet. The girls vote Tracy. That puts four to Chet and three to Tracy. If something happens with the immunity Idol, they’re screwed. If that does happen, then the guys vote Tracy and the girls vote Kathy. The only way to get screwed is if Kathy gave Immunity to Tracy. And my head hurts from all that analysis. Joel says, “Screw it, let’s get rid of Mikey B.” He thinks he has the entire tribe in his pocket. If Joel has any say, it’ll be “abundantly clear that that’s not the case.”

Day 6: The calm before the storm.

Joel doesn’t put it behind him that Mikey B may stab someone in the back. He and Mary have to be broken up. The strongest ally has to go. Erik says that Mikey is a smart guy who knows what he’s doing, so it would behoove them to keep him around, but get rid of his partners.

Kathy returns to camp, saying Cirie is one of the nicest people she’s ever met. Joel gives Kathy the rundown on the plan. “We’re voting Mary.” “Where did MARY come from?” Kathy asks. Tracy doesn’t know if she can trust Joel with the plan. Meanwhile, Mikey B put HIS plan in motion. Mary doesn’t feel like she’s being put in any danger. If Mary goes home, Joel will put Mikey in trump. “Either way, I think I might be sold. We’ll see what happens.”

Night 6: Tribal Council.

Fire = life. Studies show that life... is good.

Kathy tells the story of getting her Immunity Idol, which is only good tonight. Chet wasn’t really exhausted, but he thought he was wasting too much time. Jeff calls BS. Mikey B says that the most struggling thing was that Chet wasn’t playing as a team member. Tracy says that camp is divided, youth vs. age. Natalie agrees. Alexis says that two shelters have been built. Chet is concerned with three against seven. Erik says that he should be concerned. Mary says that alliances can happen with her position in the tribe. Joel is basing his vote on conscience, though he doesn’t care who goes home, because he barely knows these people.

Kathy keeps Immunity for herself. Now to vote.

Mikey B – CHET: “You blew it with your body, your brains, and your heart. That’s just not acceptable to be a teammate of mine.”

Alexis – Hidden: “I just went with the majority. Sorry.”

That’s one vote for Chet. No one else has Immunity. The rest...

Jason: CHET
Chet: MARY
Erik: MARY
Kathy: MARY
Natalie: MARY
Tracy: MARY

That’s five. That’s enough. For the record, Alexis’ hidden vote, which will remain hidden...

Alexis: MARY

Mary, by a vote of 6 to 2 to 2, THE TRIBE HAS SPOKEN. First Tribal Council... First blindside.