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Season 2
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Today is

The Tunnel of Fears - August 23

Last time, the lair was ransacked and secret identities and prized possessions were stolen. The guys went undercover to recover their items, but too much inaction led to Basura's departure. Now only five heroes remain...

The next morning... a power outage rocks the lair... and we have breaking news. Electricity is being diverted from the power plant, and rolling blackouts are happening all over the city (welcome to California). And big surprise, Dr. Dark is causing it. Stan traced the power diversion to a converter in the edge of town. Let's move out.

If you want to save the city from blackout, the heroes have to remove the fuses from each of five tunnels. And you have six minutes to do it. Oh, and one more thing... each tunnel has their deepest fears from the dossiers borrowed from last week's episode. BEGIN THE ACTION!

Whip-Snap is first. She heads into her tunnel and finds... rats. She's not afraid.. she's mad. She disabled her fuse. Hey, listen, I know we all want to console her, but we have less than 5 minutes!

Parthenon finds some motherf'n snakes in his motherf'n tunnel. Number 2 is disabled. Parthenon reaches out to go out and grabs... a snake.

For Hygena.. just being in a dirty hole oughta be fear enough, but she's a claustrophobic. She gets the third fuse disabled.

The Striker's next. He hates spiders. And there's a spider. He doesn't look at it. He just goes for broke. And there's broke. One more fuse left.

And one minute left. Time for the Defuser to go into it. He's also claustrophobic... and large. That's a deathly combination. He shuts down the reactor with three seconds left to go. Fuses unite! Heh.

Stan's got a night out prepared for a successful mission. Tonight, we go Mexican! And at Mexican, we find kids looking at the heroes in awe.

They went Mexican. Unfortunately, they also went Dutch. And since they have no way of storing money in superhero clothes... "There's dishes in the back, you better roll up your sleeves."

Stan tells the heroes that night Diverting power was part of Dr. Dark's plan... But first, Dr. Dark has some info for him...

Whip-Snap's friend Brandon tells us of the story about a crush named T... Turns out that love makes you do some crazy things, like stealing keys to someone else's ride.

Hygena's husband Mark reveals that Hygena likes burlesque dancing.

Hyper-Strike's friends in the circus revealed that he was fired from a show for incorrectly performing a stunt. Twenty. Times.

Stan thinks his team has the edge, but what about Parthenon... an evil little ship. Apparently Parthenon was a pirate. Derek shows us the room.

What about the Defuser? Darko has a high-school diploma. He never graduated high school, apparently. He's made peace with that, but what about making peace with... being an intoxilyzer school student... and drinking... a lot. And destroying... a lot.

Mission Report:

1) Defuser and Parthenon are believed to be the strongest.
2) Whip-Snap tends to overreact when under pressure.
3) Hygena consistently underperforms in missions.
4) Over half of you think that Whip-Snap is the least heroic.

Whip-Snap doesn't want to let her team down. Hyper-Strike tells Whip-Snap that he was the one that said that she was the weakest link. Whip-Snap appears to be accepting of that.

Time for an elimination.

Parthenon shrieked... Stan is concerned that he doesn't know what's going on in his inner heroics. Hygena faced her fears, but her own fears hindered her ability to complete the task again. Stan was impressed about Hyper-Strike owning up to Whip-Snap's remark. Whip-Snap was gracious at the restaurant, but she continues to buckle under the pressure. The Defuser ... doesn't hold alcohol too well AND gave out articles of his uniform are weapons, not souvenirs for fans.

Coming forward and in danger of elimination: Defuser... Whip-Snap... and Hygena.

Defuser says that he is learning from his errors. Hygena says she feels like a hero after the last mission. She is very appreciative of that. Whip-Snap realizes that by always doubting herself, she hasn't stepped up to the plate. But she deserves to be here.

Leaving tonight... is Whip-Snap. Stan couldn't ignore the difficulty she's been having since day one, but he respects her for what she's done up to this point. "I don't look at it as a blow. It's just life. I look at it as something that has given me confidence."

Somewhere in the city meanwhile, Dr. Dark looks to have created an exact clone of Stan from the DNA on his pencil...

This is not good...

To be continued...


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