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Season 2
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Today is

Dark Alliance - August 9

Last time, Mindset refused to play by Beesting's rules, and as a result was stung at the elimination. Now only eight heroes remain.

The team is assembled in the lair, talking about Mindset and his... err, mindset. Limelight believes that heroes come from the heart. "I'm glad he's gone. I think it was his time to go."

The next morning, a cloaked character invaded an amusement park to do some underhanded dirty. It's Dr. Dark! Everyone out of bed and... BEGIN THE ACTION!

The heroes arrive at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where Dr. Dark intercepts a transmission from Stan. Dr. Dark is behind a door locked with four locks. Teams of two will have to find the correct combinations around the park. To find the correct numbers, one person from each team will have to ride Tatsu, one of the most insane coasters on the planet. The colors to find: green, orange, red, and purple. This is a timed mission, so hurry!

The teams:
- Whip-Snap & Defuser
- Mr. Mitzvah & Hyper-Strike
- Hygena & Ms. Limelight
- Basura & Parthenon

During the challenge... disaster as Mitzvah injures his leg. Or at least he pulled a hammy. He won't switch with Hyper-Strike, which would've been the brain move, but oh well... Limelight... is not a runner. Hyper-Strike & Mitzvah found all four colors fist, but Mitzvah is left to walk, while HS did most of the running. Meanwhile, Whip-Snap's asthma started to kick in full-force. Luckily she has her trusty inhaler. Defuser says she should ride the coaster. Again, nothing doing.

Did we mention that Limelight was lost? And that Hygena might've puked. Limelight managed to find all the other colors. So Limelight decides to ride... finally. She goes into it repeating her mantra. Parthenon & Basura and Defuser & Whip-Snap find all of the colors. Parthenon & Basura are the first to find all the numbers. Or was it Hyper-Strike & Mitzvah? It's a race... being held up by fanboy tourists!

Everyone (except Hygena & Limelight) are at the door to unlock. The number: 4, 5, 7, and 8. Time to meet Dr. Dark... or is it?

Nope, he just says, via TV screen, "See you at the lair."

He leaves a note:

"Darling super-zeroes, Everyone needs a helping hand, even a villain & I could not have escaped without you. One of you would probably make a better henchman than a sidekick. Perhaps everyone is not here for the right reasons. Are you?"

Could this group have a mole within its ranks? So why are you here? Hyper-Strike wants to inspire people. Parthenon thinks him a role model. Whip-Snap, same thing. Basura... wants to be a superhero who came from nothing. Hygena wants to represent an underdog. Ms. Limelight wants to be the best her. Defuser wants to make a contribution. And Mr. Mitzvah? He's here to teach everyone to learn from the past to make a better future. He's opening up now... although he never did before. Defuser: "Mr. Mitzvah's silence, to me... speaks volumes."

Stan decides to make the others fill out mission reports about themselves AND their fellow heroes. Be honest.

Mitzvah wanders off after Stan collects the reports. The rest of the heroes discuss their concerns with him. Everyone agrees that he shouldn't be here. Mr. Mitzvah reenters the room, while the rest hammer him with questions. Why is he quiet? "People shouldn't talk to hear themselves speak." Powers? He's a sentinel. He also has a lot of money, something he cares not to discuss.

Mission results...

1) Everybody thought they could do better.
2) Two of you felt let down by your partner.
3) Whip-Snap and Mr. Mitzvah are thought to be better sidekicks than superheroes.
4) Parthenon, Hyper-Strike, Mr. Mitzvah and Basura have all been accused of being a mole.

Something to remember, the common enemy is Dr. Dark.

Time for an elimination. Stan says it boils down to the basics, honesty, integrity, and courage. Then he says that he has discovered who the mole was... NO ONE. Dr. Dark implied that there was a mole, and you had to consider the source. The Defuser was the first to take the bait. Hygena, on the other hand, said that the common enemy is Dr. Dark. Basura and Parthenon stopped for the fans, while Basura rested. Limelight showed courage by riding the coaster, but got lost in the park. Mitzvah and Whip-Snap have a noble goal, but on the mission, they failed to challenge his fear... again. Hyper-Strike never encouraged Mitzvah to overcome that fear.

Coming forward and in danger of elimination: Mr. Mitzvah... Basura... and Ms. Limelight.

Basura believes that she is a role model and can be the best superhero. Mr. Mitzvah said that he had to work through the pain. Limelight thought she was flustered and was thankful for the opportunity.

Leaving tonight... is Mr. Mitzvah. He finally trusted his teammates enough, but it was too little too late. "Turn in your costume." Last words from Mr. Mitzvah... "I thought I was true to myself. True to my mission. True to my fellow superheroes."

As the heroes leave for the lair, Stan calls them back. Mr. Mitzvah wasn't the only one who let him down today. Today was about being a duo, and Hyper-Strike is called to take Mitzvah's place in the center. His inaction led to Mitzvah's ouster. ...  He'll get another chance, though, as Ms. Limelight will be his second choice to go tonight. "I have no regrets at all tonight. I really am forever grateful." With her catch-phrase, she is thrust back into civility.

The heroes return to the lair... completely trashed. The safe's been opened... Their secret identities... gone.

To be continued...


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