Who Wants to Be a Superhero?
Season 2
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Catch it: 9p ET SciFi Thursdays

Today is

Secret Identity Theft - August 16

Last time, the team was split into pairs as they met Dr. Dark for the first time. Unfortunately, the action resulted in two heroes, Mr. Mitzvah and Ms. Limelight, becoming zeroes. Now only six remain in the quest for immortality...

... and we pick up as we left off, with the lair in shambles. Defuser thinks that Dr. Dark had something to do with it, while Hygena... can only think about cleaning up the mess he made. Defuser gives an explicit order to her and the rest of the heroes not to touch or mess with anything.

But that's not all they have to worry about. Also missing: "the pencil Stan Lee began his career with". With that, the team starts checking their personal belongings, something that brings Whip-Snap to tears, saying that she can't do this anymore. She doesn't give trust easily, and this incident has forced her to come to grips with the harsh reality that this new family of heroes is temporary. "I'm not a quitter. I'm just tired."

The next morning. Stan comes with more disturbing news: also in the safe was a $50,000 check from eSurance for the Friends of the Urban Forest Project. The assignment: Universal Citywalk. Stan (and apparently Erin Esurance) got a tip that the stolen money is there somewhere. Instructions to follow.

They get word from Erin Esurance that there is a henchman working for Dr. Dark somewhere in the city. He's carrying the money and the items stolen from the lair. He's about to hand off, and we need to intercept, but we can't do it in our hero clothes, so we have to find THREE articles of clothing, shirt, shoes, and pants, from three different people.

The handoff is set for 3p. It's now 2:45. That gives us 15 minutes! BEGIN THE ACTION!

Line of the night from Hygena: "Do any of you have an extra set of pants or an extra set of shoes? Preferably size 8."

Seems like a pair of pants is really hard to come by. But the Defuser has a bigger problem. Her child is lost! Defuser would rather make a wrong decision that felt right than finish the task. Good on her.

Strike gets a set of pants from doing three backflips... and a scissor kick. Whip-Snap also gets a complete disguise. Defuser is next. One by one, the heroes find a disguise AND are approached by the mother.

But uh-oh. Basura may have marked herself when she declined to help the mother look for her child. But oh well. It's... uh... morphing time?

Now to find the courier. The tip-off phrase: "I need ears, can I have yours?" It takes Hygena a while because she a) couldn't wear another person's clothing, and b) needed to have her costume neatly put away.

Parthenon finds the scumbag as he was heading to Hot Topic. "I need ears, can I have yours?" "Sure." Mission complete! Good job.

But unfortunately, they can't find Stan's pencil.

Stan sends the heroes to 7711 Main Street. A comic book store... and in it, the potential covers for Who Wants to Be a Superhero? #2. Then they meet Mike Richardson, the president of Dark Horse Comics.

Meanwhile, the heroes return to the lair and talk about the mission, when Stan interrupts again. Parthenon is rewarded for his heroism... a phone call home. AND the choice of a fellow hero to make another call home. But who will he choose? Everyone mentions family, but Whip-Snap would gladly give her opportunity away to another hero.

Parthenon chooses... Hygena. Parthenon calls Derek, his partner. Hygena calls Mark, her husband.

Meanwhile, Defuser says that Basura hasn't been radiating confidence. What can he improve upon? How about ordering around stuff?

Mission Report:

1) Defuser is quick to seize control.
2) Whip-Snap is open about many thing, but someone still feels there is something missing. That from... Defuser.
3) Hyper-Strike has yet to come out of his shell. Again... from the Defuser.

Oh, and that movie that Feedback was in? Next Saturday. "Mega-Snake," they call it.

It's time for another elimination. He brings up the mission from earlier and the side mission. Parthenon recovered the stolen items. BUT he told complete strangers that evil villains ransacked the lair. What happens in the lair stays there. Hygena's superpower betrayed her. Basura needs to be more assertive, but she wavered in finding the child. Whip-Snap gave up an opportunity to call home, BUT she had an emotional breakdown. She can't stop the flow of her tears, because that would stop the beat of her heart. Defuser is commended on being honest of his observations, but his leadership bordered on bossy.

Coming forward and in danger of elimination: Basura... Defuser... and Hygena.

Basura is sharing her heart and her soul. She thinks she can be one of the best heroes she or Stan ever saw. Defuser spent his life emulating heroes and admits to taking charge when it is not warranted. Hygena is growing every day.

Leaving tonight... is Basura. At this point, there is no easy decision, but a superhero needs to be assertive. "Maybe I'm not cut out to be his hero, but I'm still a hero in his eyes."

Somewhere in the city meanwhile, Dr. Dark has extracted Stan's own DNA from his pencil! Whatever will happen next?!

To be continued...


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