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The WB is looking for a new fresh face to move to "One Tree Hill"...

Enter this series.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Katie Wagner
Judges: Faye Dunaway, Vivica A. Fox, Joseph Middleton
Creator: Mike Fleiss
EP: Scott Einzinger, Josh Etting, Mike Fleiss, Jamie Kennedy, Ellen Rapoport
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures, Warner Bros. TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on WB

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"Chapter 4" - March 22

We don't have enough anger in the house. It's time to get ANGRY as the cast will be having some more experiences in drama. The main drama right now is Katie Vs. Lauren, but it's Mercedes who is being a drama queen. Cecile tells her it's about her attitude, while Katie is hoping that her attitude stays sucky, because it's one less girl she has to worry about. Here come those claws...

Today's training is based on the dramatic climax. The women will be dealing with deep-seated anger, and the teacher will be Katherine Harland, who has taught stars such as Demi Moore. Katherine explains that bad acting is people showing that they are angry, but good acting is people who are angry - but don't show it.

Katherine asks the women to say negative things about each other - and they can't or won't do it. Katherine yells at them all for turning it into a love fest and reminds them that only one of them will win.

She uses Laura and Katie as examples and tells them to confront each other. Well, that's not a good move as the two people who really don't like each other and they physically grab each other. Not satisfied with that, she has Cecile and Lauren go up against each other - and Cecile, though acting angry, loses because Lauren stood her ground.

Katherine then takes all of the women and has them go through their experiences with the angriest times they have ever had. Almost all of them go through the past, and they are all very impressive, but Katherine can only pick one person - and she selects Cecile, because she grew the most. Cecile gets the diva suite.

Their challenge is from the movie 'A Cinderella Story'. They play Sam as they confront her boyfriend Austin (who is being played by 7th Heaven's David Gallagher). The worst person, of course, goes bye-bye.

Now that the women have gotten fewer, the women have started to get catty. Katie wonders if the women are sabotaging themselves because they are helping each other. Katie says that she doesn't want to help anyone but themselves, and Lauren wants to know why she even brought it up. Most of the women do help each other, as they think that they can get better. They see how the stress is getting to everyone and they wonder if things are going to be worse before they become better.

Cecile gets her reward as she gets some new headshots. This delights her, as she just doesn't have any good ones and she praises Simon, her photographer. After the headshots, the women have fun in their pool. They toast and then frolic in the pool, as Katie...leaves them. The women decide that if Katie doesn't want to be friends she doesn't have to be - but don't expect any help from them. In return, Katie says that she is getting her game face on, as she wants to be The Starlet. maybe she does, but this may not be the right way to be doing it...

The next morning, the women prepare for their Screen Test with David Gallagher. Katie is frustrated that she is being alienated by being herself (well, no, you're being alienated because you told the women that you don't want to work with them), but she says that it will only affect her if she lets it. Apparently, she is still letting it, as she runs her lines by herself and everyone else rehearses together.

As for the actual tapings? Michelynne, who thought that David was 'cool', thought that she did good. Lauren didn't want to let the judges down - but David called her stiff. As this is the first time that any actor said anything negative about the person they were working with, this spells trouble. None of the women wanted to see Katie's performance, and she did let it affect her, as she went take after take. Mercedes feels good that it wasn't about her body, and David likes her professionalism. Cecile felt good, but David says that his read was different because he felt like a little boy. That could be a very good thing - or very bad.

So how did the actresses reads go with the judges? Katie sits on one sofa - and the other women immediately go to the other couch, with Cecile stuck with Katie because there was only one seat left.

Mercedes - Joseph hated the beginning but loved it in the middle, while Vivica was glad that she pulled back at that same point. She added that she was happy that the last experience made her stronger, and Mercedes said that they gave her freedom, adding that it was the worst that could happen and she could move on. Faye was happy - but she wants more. MORE!

Lauren - Joseph didn't find it interesting and Vivica thought it was rushed, adding that the moments need to be captured. Faye says that she has to focus in and see what she wants from the character.

Katie - As her clips are being aired to the other 4 women who scorned her, Joseph asks if he is ready to rip her apart. He...doesn't, as he said that she was great. Faye thought that the second half was dynamite and Vivica thought she was excellent. That's probably bad news for the women - especially when Katie tells the other women exactly what happened. Don't ask if you don't want to know...

Michelynne - Vivica didn't like the wardrobe, though Michelynne says that she it would have been what she would have worn in high school. Vivica says that it was good, but she wants more emotion, and Faye agrees. Joseph says that her growth is great, but this scene is not good enough for a call back.

Cecile - Vivica didn't find it believable and says that she dropped the ball. Faye - 'I heard that you got best in class - so what happened?' Joseph also said that it was unbelievable and called it her worst piece, and as he continues, Cecile breaks down in tears. She doesn't understand why she's getting picked on, and Joseph is wondering why she didn't act like this on her screen test. He tells her to apply what she learned, and she leaves, still in tears, and now crying to the other three women.

The judges deliberate and say that Katie was the clear winner. They also liked Mercedes because she was strong and bounced back. They didn't like anyone else and it could be a toss-up on the three remaining people. Faye wants to eliminate Cecile, while Joseph and Vivica wants to get rid of Lauren.

Outside, Katie tries to console the sobbing Cecile, but Lauren isn't buying what she is selling and they get into it some more. Note to Katie - there are other things that you could have done instead of telling the women that you won't help them. You have reaped what you have sewn on this one, and you have a LOT of fence-mending to do in order to get any of the women's trust. Even if you win the competition, you may not enjoy the price you have paid for winning it.

The women meet the judges for the last time this episode. Joseph says that the eliminated person has a great body, but can't act. Vivica says that this person doesn't have enough depth and Faye adds that this person hasn't shown enough growth. That person is...Lauren, who seems fairly surprised. She hugs everyone - except Katie and blows her off a la Ann to Eva in America's Next Top Model 3. The women toast to Lauren, and Katie is still sort of separated from the women when they do it. I repeat - Lauren has a LOT of fence-mending to do.

Next week - the women attempt to do comedy. Join us in 7 days to see which woman sees this turns into a tragedy.

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