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The WB is looking for a new fresh face to move to "One Tree Hill"...

Enter this series.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Katie Wagner
Judges: Faye Dunaway, Vivica A. Fox, Joseph Middleton
Creator: Mike Fleiss
EP: Scott Einzinger, Josh Etting, Mike Fleiss, Jamie Kennedy, Ellen Rapoport
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures, Warner Bros. TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on WB

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"Chapter 3" - March 15

The good news for the ladies is that there will only be one woman eliminated. The bad news is that the tension will now be racketed up, as Katie fells that she barely skated by the last round. Katie vows to come out hard for the next exercise while Donna, who thinks that she saved Katie, is hoping that Katie's ousting will only be postponed until the end of this episode.

That exercise coming up is commercials - and the special judge is Danny Goldman, who has recruited over 4,000 people to be in commercials. The winner will get a premiere showing of Ocean's 12, and their date will be Days Of Our Lives' Matt Cedeno.

The women take the class - and all of them think that this is going to be easy. Goldman reminds them that this is going to be harder, as he insists that they all have to be comfortable or they will be in trouble. The women do a mock commercial as Goldman doesn't feel like any of the women are selling them. We see women either coming out flat or coming out emotionless. Donna is being told that she needs to be less modelly and more of a person, while Cecile mangles the lines. Especially bad is Katie, as Goldman asks if she has been in an acting class. Ouch!

Danny then has a second set - and invites the women to be hard on each other. Mercedes comes up - and none of the women say anything bad. Hmmm...Katie and Lauren go at each other's throats and Danny seems impressed - impressed enough to make Lauren the winner. A fuming Katie accused of Lauren getting it on her looks only as the cat fight continues...

We next move to the screen tests, where the product is a new item from Garnier Fructis Shampoo. The product is called 'Surf Hair', and the woman who does the worst job will see their chances get carried away on the waves.

Michelynne moves out of the diva suite and she congratulates Lauren for moving in. We see Lauren getting a makeover as the prepares to see Ocean's 12. We also see Matt knock on the door as he prepares to take Lauren out. Mercedes (who is now concerned that she has ground to make up) watches as Lauren walks the red carpet and prances to the movie premiere. As she is basked in the cameras, she says that this is everything that she has ever wanted it to be - which includes an interview for Extra and a paparazzi horse and pony dance. Ok, we all know that this is supposed to be special, but come on - an interview and photograph session? Wha?

While Laura is enjoying her night out, the other women put on their bathing suits and practice their posing. The women harp on their own imperfections as they welcome Lauren home. She tells the women what she experienced and Mercedes can only stare downwards. Afterwards, she talks to Michelynne, who convinces her that she is talented as they share a good cry, AwwwwBarf. Is her lack of confidence going to hurt her down the road?

The next morning, the women show up on the beach to film their commercials. Katie says that she isn't scared - but she mangles her lines fairly badly. Laura is building confidence off of Mercedes weakness and Katie's word mangling. Cecile is concerned about her accent, as she is warned to not extend her 'r's. She's not doing a good job, as it takes her over 10 tries to get it right.So much for this being an easy challenge.

Donna thinks that she has an advantage because she is a model - but she sounds flat and she also screws up her lines. She finishes the commercial without getting the words right, and that spells trouble. Michelynne doesn't do much better, as she can't get the words right either. Michelynne and Donna yell at each other after the shooting, with Donna convincing her that she isn't going home. Too bad neither of them had that much passion went into the commercial.

Michelynne was concerned with her body - so she wears a sarong. That will probably lose points as well as she is very concerned about leaving. She thinks that nothing worse could happen to her - until a bird flies down and poops on her food. Nice!

Meanwhile, here come the judges to poop on the contestants. Katie - Vivica was impressed with her commercial, Joseph finally gets the Katie that he wants and Faye agrees with both of them - but needs to articulate. Katie thanks the judges and the judges think that she is progressing nicely. Laura is going to be very disappointed with that ruling - and after Katie tells the women what happened, Laura looks like a VERY unhappy camper.

Michelynne - Faye didn't think that she sold the product, Joseph wants to see the compellingness in person on the screen. Vivica, on the other hand, says that she liked it and didn't oversell it. The judges continue to squabble as Michelynne leaves.

Mercedes - Vivica calls her on her lack of body confidence and tells her to work out if she wants to feel sexy, adding that the sarong shows her weakness. Faye says that she has a lot of work to do - so she better do it. Mercedes comes out of there in tears, and even though she knows she's a little out of shape, to hear it is harsh.

Lauren - Faye was...disappointed. Uh-oh. Vivica didn't like her posture and hand fidgeting, reminding her that pretending is not acting. Joseph, on the other hand, loved the commercial and he would have bought the product. Vivica - 'You got the male audience.' She leaves while Joseph wants to watch th commercial again and the judges squabble some more...

Cecile - Joseph says that she looks great, but her lack of confidence of her diction was carried into the ad. Faye says that she loves the accent - but you can't sell the product with people not being to understand you and Vivica supports Faye on that.

Donna - Vivica loves the body - but she didn't understand the words and she didn't like her hand movements. Faye says that the client said that she wanted to change the text. She admits that she did do that and Faye jumps on her, calling her a primadonna. Joseph says that it's hard to root for her. Donna says that she did do great tonight - but Joseph says that if she believes that, then she's delusional. I have to side with the judges on this one. A fuming Donna says that the judges didn't have a good comment on her and you may as well pack her bags.

The judges decide that....Lauren and Katie are safe. Joseph wants to get rid of Michelynn, but the women overrule her. Joseph then goes after Cecile, but the women overrule him too. He then suggests Donna..and you don't hear either of the women complaining. Hmmm...

Making this short and sweet, the Starlet wanna-be's approach the judges, who start immediately. Joseph that there was one woman who disappointed her. Vivica says that she pushed way too harsh and Faye calls her green and untrained. Mercedes thinks that it's her, but it's...Donna. She knew it, as she gets consoled by the other women. Donna says to never give up and to dream big, as the only person who stands in your way is yourself. Donna swears that she will continue to do what she loves as the other women toast Donna's dignity. She promises that she is going to be a star as we promise that the episode ends.

Next week - We go back to high school and the drama class. Join us in 7 days as we relive the angst of drama - and the angst of someone's elimination.

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