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The WB is looking for a new fresh face to move to "One Tree Hill"...

Enter this series.

Recaps by Gordon Pepper, GSNN

Katie Wagner
Judges: Faye Dunaway, Vivica A. Fox, Joseph Middleton
Creator: Mike Fleiss
EP: Scott Einzinger, Josh Etting, Mike Fleiss, Jamie Kennedy, Ellen Rapoport
Packager: Next Entertainment, Telepictures, Warner Bros. TV
Airs: Tuesdays at 9pm ET on WB

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"Chapter 2" - March 8

Did we all get through the first episode? Good - it wasn't that bad. The second episode, however, threatens to get infinitely worse, as we delve into a... LESBIAN scene. I have some pretty strong opinions on this - which I will talk about at the end of the recap.

First, though, we have to get through the recap - and we start with drama. We start with Catie, and all of the women complain that she won't shut up. And...that's all they talk about, as me get a montage of Catie and her mouth.

With that, we go to the Beverly Hiller Studio for a class in sexuality with someone that you may not have feel sexual chemistry with. Bernard Hiller is the teacher, and the person who he thinks does the best wins the Diva pass. Hiller talks about substitution, where you can substitute the person you are making out with for someone who you really want to make love with.

Bernard says that with the technique, you can make love to a tree - but the challenge is to seduce and make love to a teddy bear. We have some people taking it seriously - to not so seriously - to Catie rolling around with the bear - and the women's eyes rolling around as well.

With the bear gone, Bernard gives the women another chance - with 8 male models. Courtney and Mercedes have problems with this, but Donna, who is a model, has absolutely no problem with it and gets hot and heavy. Michelynne says that she is a virgin - and this is VERY uncomfortable for her. Still she did it and worked it like a pro. After the bears and the beauties, Bernard says that the person who did the best is...Michelynne. She is thrilled to get the suite - and thrilled to get a makeover as well.

She won't be so thrilled when she hears about the scene assignment. This scene is from the TV show Fastlane, and the romantic person that you have to kiss... is a female. To make things even more difficult, the person who you have to kiss is...your fellow contestant. Katie - 'Angelina Jolie, Hillary Swank, and Charlize Theron have all played roles where they've had to kiss other women. If they can do it, so can you.'

The women who come back are very frustrated as they discuss if they are actually going to go through with this. Cecile was wondering if she could do this in front of her family, while Donna isn't remotely attracted to any of the women. They decided to vote against picking names from a hat and have decided to select women. Catie wants to do the scene with Donna. Mercedes wants to do the scene with Cecile - and they practice kissing each other. Oooh, la laaaa. Lauren wants to do the scene with Neva. not selected and she is left alone at the dinner table.

She is alone because Michelynne is getting a makeover. I guess we know who Michelynne's partner is going to be. Heh. Meanwhile, Catie and Donna are talking over why Catie isn't liked by the group - and they decide that she can't try to be friends with everyone and they bond. Michelynne gets home and screams for joy with her new wardrobe. Her happiness is quickly tempered when Courtney comes in and breaks the news to her that Courtney is her new lover. Courtney - 'It's perfect because you have the lipstick lesbian and the butch with the short hair.'

Later on this afternoon, the women are greeted by Jamie Pressly, who was in that lesbian scene with Tiffani Thiessen. She explains that it doesn't matter what your preference is - you are who your character is - and you have to not take yourself too seriously. She gives the advice of just doing it, as the kiss is only a joyful moment away. Donna thanks her as she leaves to applause.

The women talk about how they would initiate the kiss. Some of the women try to do it while Neva is hoping that Lauren will go through with it. Catie and Donna decide to have fun with it instead of taking it seriously - which is something that Donna wasn't thrilled with. Cecile dragged Mercedes through the scene, adding that she lacks confidence. Cecile thought that she nailed it, but Mercedes thought she was awful.

Courtney got into it...perhaps a little too much, as Michelynne thought that Courtney came in too strong. She thought that she didn't like the kiss - and she is concerned that the dislike would come through in the shot. Neva and Lauren were both concerned about the kiss - but they thought that it came off well and they thought it was comfortable.

The women were wondering if it would be couples or singles who were leaving, and the consensus was that they wouldn't get rid of partners. Donna was unhappy, and she said that she would be upset if she was the one going home - especially if Catie was still there.

It's time to see what the judges think. The groups will be looked at as groups, but the people who will be eliminated will leave as individuals. Donna and Catie go first. Donna - Vivica thought it was improved, Joseph thought that she overacted and to not take an audition for a year. Yikes. Catie - Joseph thought she was awkward, Vivica tells her to get thicker skin and Faye tells Ca tie that she wants the same drama that she sees now to be in front of the lens.

Mercedes and Cecile - Joseph thought it was a great job and he wanted Catie and Donna to come back to see how it was done. He thought that Cecile stole the scene and Vivica and Faye wanted more from Mercedes - but the judges thought that they both did well. Cecile was glowing while Mercedes had that blank look on her face.

Lauren and Neva - Faye likes how Lauren acted and Joseph thought that she did a good job. Faye thought that Neva was wooden and Vivica thought that she was flat - but she was great in the kiss. Joseph says that he got excitement from Lauren - but not from Neva.

Courtney and Michelynne - Joseph burying his face in his hands tells the tale here. Courtney is called a monkey on crack by Joseph while Faye was wondering what happened. Vivica wonders why Michelynne was uncomfortable, but she said that she did a good job. Joseph that under the circumstances that Michelynne did a great job - and should be matched with someone more her equal. Bye-bye, Courtney.

My thoughts?

Ms. Starlet? Up in 5 - Lauren, Michelynne, Cecile
The Starlet's Extra? Up in 5 - Mercedes, Catie
Starlet's Coffee girl? The coffee sucks. Go away - Neva, Courtney, Donna

It's time for the eliminations. Vivica says that it's a tough role, Joseph says that he hated the role and Faye says that it's too uncomfortable for...Courtney, who is leaving. The second person is beautiful, but doesn't pop or sparkle and isn't jumping off of the screen. That person is...Neva.

Neva is disappointed, but can learn to deal with the rejection, while Courtney says that the judges have no clue. She has a lot of passion - and I think the problem is that she let her passion consume the intelligence needed to complete the set.

Now as for the scene. I don't mind lesbians - but there's no way you are going to get an audience to the show when you are dealing with that sort of material. This actually does make sense for an acting part - but the idea of a show is to garner ratings as well, and this sort of idea...well...won't.

Next week - and now a word from the girls - who are being spokesmodels for the sponsors. Join us in 7 days to see who will survive and who you may only see from now on in commercials.

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