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The buzz is back, and just like before, you don't have to sing it well, you just have to sing it right in CMT's take on musical chairs...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

Host Melissa Peterman
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Episode 2.11
June 9

The "Bee" is back! Season 2 picks up where we left off as we "Turn It Loose" again for $10,000 and the title of Singing Bee champion.


- 2002, Montgomery Gentry, "My Town"
BAND: Where I was born, where I was raised / Where I keep all my yesterdays / Where I ran off 'cause I got mad / And it came to blows...
Art: "With my old dad." Not quite.
Scott: "With my old man." RIGHT ON!

- 2004, Tim McGraw, "Back When"
BAND: Back when a hoe was a hoe / Coke was a Coke / And crack's what you were doing /
Pam: "When you were cracking jokes" GOT IT!

- 1980, Alabama, "Tennessee River"
BAND: Oh Tennessee River and a mountain man / We play together..
Andy: "Anytime we can". Woops...
Lauren: "In Mother Nature's band." YES!

- 1964, The Kinks, "You Really Got Me"
BAND: Girl, you really got me goin' / You got me so / I don't know what I'm doin' now / Yeah, you really got me now...
Kimberley: "You got me so I can't sleep at night..." THAT'S FOUR!

Four players... only one champion. Let's play the Bee!

Plainfield, IL
Pam Hicks
Whitwell, TN
finalist in a Kellie Pickler karaoke contest
wine consultant
Kimberley Britton
Los Angeles
once had Richard Pryor open for her

RANDOM SHUFFLE (5 points per lyric)

- 1992, Confederate Railroad, "Queen of Memphis" (Memphis love I of night the fell queen The with in)
Scott: "The night I fell in love with the queen of Memphis" COUNT IT.

- 1983, ZZ Top, "Gimme All Your Lovin'" (go it head you let your Will to)
Pam: "Will you let it go to your head." ZING.

- 2007, Carrie Underwood f. Randy Travis, "I Told You So" (say table's Or finally turned would the you)
Lauren: "Or would you say the table's finally turned." NICE!

- 2006, Rodney Atkins, "Cleaning This Gun" or "Come On In, Boy" (I'll this still cleaning gun Bet all be night up)
Kimberley: "Bet I'll be up all night still cleaning this gun". SWEEP!

After Round 2
Scott: 5
Pam: 5
Lauren: 5
Kimberley: 5

SINGING WITH THE ENEMY (5 points per line)

First, Scott & Pam.

- 2006, Trace Adkins, "Ladies Love Country Boys"

BAND: She grew up in the city in a little subdivision / Her daddy wore a tie Momma never...
Scott: "Fried a chicken" (RIGHT!)
BAND: Ballet, Straight A’s, Most likely to succeed / They bought her a car...
Pam: "after graduation" (RIGHT!)
BAND: Sent her down south / for some higher education / Put her on the fast track...
Scott: "To a law degree" (RIGHT!)
BAND: Now she’s comin' home to visit / holdin' the hand of a wild-eyed boy...
Pam: "with a farmer’s tan" (RIGHT!)
BAND: And she's ridin' in the middle / of his pickup truck / Blarin' Charlie Daniels yelling turn it up
Scott: "They raised her up a lady" (RIGHT!)
BAND: but there’s one thing they couldn’t avoid
Pam: "Ladies love country boys" (RIGHT!)

Sweep... and for you. That's 20 for 20 so far. Next up, Lauren & Kimberley...

- 1987, Highway 101, "Somewhere Tonight"

BAND: I've read that goodbye letter / at least a thousand times / He said I was the only one who almost...
Lauren: "Changed his mind" (RIGHT!)
BAND: But better homes and garden parties...
Kimberley: "Weren't just his thing" (They weren't his cup of tea)
BAND: Somewhere tonight he's running / wild and free / Somewhere tonight...
Lauren: "He's a live wire" (RIGHT!)
BAND: He's got his sights...
Kimberley: "On someone new..." (RIGHT!)
BAND: Somewhere tonight...
Lauren: "He's a wild fire" (He's a high flyer)
BAND: And I'm so lonesome
Kimberley: "I just don't know what to do" (Extra word)

Lauren has two...Kimberley has one.

After Round 3
Scott: 20
Pam: 20
Lauren: 15
Kimberley: 10

KARAOKE CHALLENGE (2 points per word)

First up is Kimberley. She needs five to tie.

- 1998, Faith Hill, "The Secret Of Lie"

Kimberley's a singer... with flair, but does she have points? She has 11 for 22, giving her 32. Next is Lauren. She needs nine to take the lead.

- 1973, Bachman Turner Overdrive, "Takin' Care of Business"

Lauren was one of the first karaoke DJs when it came to the US. She proves her mettle with a sweep for 45.

Scott needs to get 13 for the lead and the lock.

- 2006, Jake Owen, "Starting With Me"

Scott continues his perfect game with 15 for 50! Can Pam match that? She needs just 13.

- 2003, Brad Paisley, "Mud on the Tires"

SWEEP! The two perfect scores move on to...


We tied at the end of the last round, so we go to whoever qualified first. That's Scott...

- 2003, Lonestar, "My Front Porch Looking In"

Scott: "There's a carrot top that can barely walk..." And he swings a whiffer. It was "Who".

Pam can put it away here...

- 1991, Alan Jackson, "Love's Got a Hold On You"

Pam: "I said My hands are sweaty / And my knees are weak / I can't eat and I can't sleep / It's turning me every way but loose / He said it sounds like love's / Got a hold on you / No doubt love's got a hold on you." ... WINNER!

Pam turned a perfect score into overall perfection. but can she win the big one? All she has to do is complete five songs correctly. Each one is worth $500 cash money. Five is worth $10,000. BUT, miss one and get a strike. Miss three... game over. But you do get to take home any cash you win, so no excuse not to go for it. Five, four, three two one... It's time to play...


Song #1: That justice is the one thing / you should always find / You got to saddle up your boys / You got to draw a hard line / When the gun smoke settles / We'll sing a victory tune / And we'll all meet back...

Pam: "At the local saloon." That's one!

(2002, Toby Keith with Willie Nelson, "Beer For My Horses")

Song #2: I've been lost in my own place / And I'm getting weary...

Pam: "How far is heaven." And another!

(2004, Los Lonely Boys, "Heaven")

Song #3: Everybody cheered when he scored / That last touchdown / Indian summer the wonder the hunger / and the sound...

Pam: "That he's making". .... And no longer perfect. It was "Of distant thunder."

(2009, Brooks & Dunn, "Indian Summer")

$1000 X    
Song #4: My wife wanted to kill me / but she tried to save me first / You're goin' if I have to drag / your butt to church / I love this crazy tragic / sometimes almost magic...

Pam: "Awful beautiful life." GOOD!

(2004, Darryl Worley, "Awful Beautiful Life")

$1500 X    
Song #5: Baby just look at us / all this time and we're still in love / Something like this just don't exist / Between a backwoods boy...

Pam: "And a fairy-tale princess." ONE MORE!

(2007, Jason Michael Carroll, "Livin' Our Love Song")

$2000 X    
Song #6: And you told me not to drive / But I made it home alive / So you said that only proves / that I'm insane / You may be right...

Pam: "I may be crazy." You may be a WINNER!

(1980, Billy Joel, "You May Be Right")

$10,000 X    

And so Tennessee is out in full force tonight as Pam becomes the latest $10,000 Singing Bee champion!

And season 2 is back in effect. More music and more money next time. Until then, remember... You don't have to sing it well... you just have to sing it RIGHT! Play us out, Steve.

To view this episode in its entirety, or to find out how to "bee" a contestant, go to singingbee.cmt.com.