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The buzz is back, and just like before, you don't have to sing it well, you just have to sing it right in CMT's take on musical chairs...

Recaps by Chico Alexander, GSNN

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Episode 2.10 (Season Finale)
March 19

It's the last chance of season 2, as six more stars in their eyes will try for $10,000. Five of them will have their "Achy Breaky Hearts" broken.


- 1991, Garth Brooks, "Rodeo"
BAND: It's boots and chaps it's cowboy hats / it's spurs and latigo / it's the ropes and the reins / and the joy and the pain...
Stephanie: "And they call the thing rodeo." I call it GOOD!

- 2008, The Lost Trailers, "Holler Back"
BAND: Holler back hey in the woods oh / where the country folks got it good / Homebrewed hey homegrown oh / where the wild seeds a-get sown / It's a blast from the past...
Nicole: "All the cowgirls singin' that sassafras." ... Close.
Dustin: "All them cowgirls shakin' that sassafras." ... Again, close.
Kyle: "All the cowgirls shakin' their sassafras." YES!

- 2006, KT Tunstall, "Suddenly I See"
BAND: Her face is a map of the world / Is a map of the world / You can see...
Paul: "All that you can see". Not even in the same time zone.
Abi: "She's a beautiful girl / She's a beautiful girl." YES!

- 1956, Johnny Cash, "I Walk the Line"
BAND: I keep a close watch / on this heart of mine / I keep my eyes / wide open all the time / I keep the ends out / for the tie that binds...
Nicole: "I walk the line / I walk the line I walk the line." No.
Dustin: "Because you're mine I walk the line". THAT'S FOUR!

Four players... only one champion. Let's play the Bee!

pediatric private duty nurse
married his high school sweetheart two weeks before the tryout
orig. South Africa
raised in London
worked in a music studio

RANDOM SHUFFLE (5 points per lyric)

- 2006, Jack Ingram, "Love You" (again give away Shoot ever if my I'll heart)
Stephanie: "I'll shoot away a heart...." No, it's "Shoot if I'll ever give away my heart again."

- 2003, John Mayer, "Bigger Than My Body" (me I'm than body credit for my gives 'Cause bigger)
Kyle: "'Cause I'm bigger than my body gives credit for." You forgot the "me".

- 1996, Reba McEntire, "How Was I To Know" (away it you Thought walked all when lose I'd)
Abi: "Thought I'd lose it all when you walked away." NICE!

- 2007, Miranda Lambert, "Gunpowder and Lead" (this here don't what's know time waitin' He)
Dustin: "He don't know what's waitin' here this time". That's a fiver!

After Round 2
Stephanie: 0
Kyle: 0
Abi: 5
Dustin: 5

SINGING WITH THE ENEMY (5 points per line)

First, Stephanie & Kyle...

- 2001, Martina McBride, "Blessed"

BAND: I get kissed by the sun each morning / put my feet on a hardwood floor / I get to hear my children laughing / down the hall through...
Stephanie: "The bedroom door" (RIGHT!)
BAND: Sometimes I sit on my / front porch swing
Kyle: "And I try to have a good time" (Just soaking up the day)
BAND: I think to myself I think to myself
Stephanie: "this world is a beautiful place" (RIGHT!)
BAND: I have been blessed / And I feel like I've found my way / I thank G-d for all I've been given...
Kyle: "At the end of every day" (RIGHT!)
BAND: I have been blessed / With so much more...
Stephanie: "Than I deserve" (RIGHT!)
BAND: To be here with the ones that love me / To love them so much it hurts...
Kyle: "I have been blessed" (RIGHT!)

Stephanie's perfect. Kyle... one short. Now, Abi and Dustin take the stage next.

- 2008, Brad Paisley feat. Keith Urban, "Start a Band"

BAND: I never was a straight-lace / straight-A student / teacher's pet...
Abi: "or child projedy" (or child prodigy)
BAND: I wasn't gonna get rich / throwin' a football / It take too long...
Dustin: "To get a law degree" (RIGHT!)
BAND: So I sat down / with momma and daddy / they tried to talk some sense into...
Abi: "My best friends" (my thick head)
BAND: But the best advice that I / Ever got was from ...
Dustin: "My sister's rock star boyfriend" (RIGHT!)
BAND: Just get you a guitar / and learn how to play / Cut up some jeans...
Abi: "Come up with a name" (RIGHT!)
BAND: When you're living in a world / that you don't understand / find a few good buddies...
Dustin: "Start a band" (RIGHT!).
BAND: Start a band start a band

Dustin takes the lead with 20 after his perfect run. Abi ties Kyle.

You tried, Brian. And Amanda... you're on the board!

After Round 3
Stephanie: 15
Kyle: 10
Abi: 10
Dustin: 20

KARAOKE CHALLENGE (2 points per word)

First up is Kyle. He needs five to tie.

- 2001, Kenny Chesney, "Don't Happen Twice".

For someone who likes Kenny, his kung fu is... adequate. He gets 13 for 26, giving him 36. Abi needs to match him to ... well, match him.

- 1996, The Cardigans, "Lovefool".

Not a sweep, but darn close. She gets 14 for 28, giving her 38.

Stephanie needs 12 to move on...

- 2005, Jamie O'Neal, "Somebody's Hero"

Stephanie's nobody's hero with 8 for 31. Not enough to move on.

Dustin needs eight tiny words right to move on.

- 1992, Confederate Railroad, "Trashy Women"

Broom time! Dustin sweeps the game for 30 more, giving him the honor against Abi in the...


Dustin will have the honor on the first song, and the song is from 1990 by Randy Travis... Dustin plays it!

- 1990, Randy Travis, "Hard Rock Bottom Of Your Heart"

Dustin: "So I keep waiting for you to forgive me..." Oops. Missed the "And". Shake it off.

Abi has a chance to upset...

- 2008, Taylor Swift, "Fifteen"

Abi: "'Cause when you're fifteen and / somebody tells you they love you / you're gonna believe them / and when you're fifteen feelin' / like there's nothing to figure out / Take a breath count to ten." Oooh... It was "Count to ten," THEN "Take a breath".

Dustin's got another chance...

- 1985, Robert Palmer, "Addicted To Love"

Dustin: "You're gonna have to face it / You're addicted to love." Skipped a few.

Last shot at it for Abi...

- 1997, Third Eye Blind, "Semi-Charmed Life"

Abi: "I want something else / To get me through this / Semi-charmed kind of life baby baby / I want something else / I'm not listening / when you say goodbye" .... UPSET!

Abi showed us that a perfect score means nothing if you can't score when it counts. Now Abi's going to make it count for cash. All she has to do is complete five songs correctly. Each one is worth $500 cash money. Five is worth $10,000. BUT, miss one and get a strike. Miss three... game over. But you do get to take home any cash you win, so no excuse not to go for it. Five, four, three two one... It's time to play...


Song #1: Now that we're done I'm / Gettin' right every night / With every single ever-lovin' / girl in sight so / how am I doin' / since you did what you...

Abi: "Done done to me." Oops, came in too early.

(2003, Dierks Bentley, "How Am I Doin'")

$0 X    
Song #2: I've been thinkin' bout / Catchin' a train / Leave my phone machine / By the radar range / hello it's me I'm not at home / If you'd like to reach me...

Abi: "Leave me alone." There's one!

(1996, Sheryl Crow, "A Change Would Do You Good")

$500 X    
Song #3: Come a little closer baby / We can talk without the words / Hang a sign on the door / Please do not disturb / Let's just lay here and be lazy / Baby drive me crazy...

Abi: "All I want to do-o-o-o-o-o-o-o". .... Seven oohs is good!

(2008, Sugarland, "All I Want to Do)

$1000 X    
Song #4: All you people can't you see / Can't you see / How your love's affecting...

Abi: "Our reality." GOOD!

(1999, Backstreet Boys, "Larger Than Life")

$1500 X    
Song #5: I've been thinking 'bout this / all day long / Never felt a feeling quite this strong / I can't believe how much / It turns me on...

Abi: "Just to be your man." ONE MORE!

(2006, Josh Turner, "Your Man")

$2000 X    
Song #6: Oh but her love is cold / Wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know / 'cause when it gets too much...

Abi: "I need to feel your touch." WINNER!

(1984, Bryan Adams, "Run to You")

$10,000 X    

Our first ever British South African just made American. Ten thousand American.

And that, my friends, is last call... Either season 2 continues later this year or we get a brand new season. In any event, we'll be back. Until then, remember... You don't have to sing it well... you just have to sing it RIGHT! Play us out, Steve.

To view this episode in its entirety, or to find out how to "bee" a contestant, go to singingbee.cmt.com.